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It Ain’t Right.

Posted by jeremiasx on January 19, 2007

The antithesis of democracy and the beginning of Fascism is the rule of the elite, not rule by representation…or, what most people would call rule by the People, and for the People. I firmly believe this has too long been the case in our very own United States government. Any person of even minimal intelligence must make the assumption that as long as big money and big corporate influence keeps funneling its way into the coffers of the present “Republicrat” party system, the chances for diversity in political thought and action will not exist. I contend that the idea that America has two distinctive parties is an illusion that should be smashed presently. Both parties conspire together, while conspiring against each other, to dominate the minds and lives of the populace with a cunning so Machiavellian it will only be exposed and hopefully overthrown by the work of diligent men and women who are beholden to the cause of Truth and Freedom.


What truly fresh ideas and faces that have been offered by our government? How much government do we actually NEED? Are the politicians as ignorant of the simple, fundamental problems within our country that no real practical or lasting solutions can be offered or implemented for the GOOD of the governed? No, I believe they are mostly staged events with actors chosen to toe party lines and deliver contemporary party ideas, which they are quick to espouse and slow to implement. These same actors are either knowingly or unwittingly participating in a conspiratorial effort to elude public scrutiny in plane view, very quietly and very effectively. Our current governing body appears to most global spectators to be an imperialist regime run by corporate influences. It is an unholy alliance between those we believe and hope to be representing the common interest (but don’t) and the corporations and interests who control them so they can not. We must take action to rectify the situation before it’s too late.

In the interest of real reform, timing is of critical essence. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Recently, there has been a much more apparent loss of confidence in the government than was previously perceived by the general public, as a whole. The decayed political apparatus is ripe for change, and it needs changed. We don’t even have to adopt some experimental form of government…the original of the intent of the framers of our Republic spelled out their plans in plain English.


Money in politics is also a force for evil, whereas the Newspeak fascists will call it a freedom of expression. How can it be freedom of expression if the majority (the poor) don’t get to express themselves as freely? The largest donors to political campaigns are mostly corporate forces who seek to malignantly, or at least negligently (though that’s a charitable stretch) exploit the working class men and women of this country, and other countries, while maintaining a façade of benevolence all the while.


If people knew the TRUTH (not the Media version) about what is happening in global, national, and state politics there would be an overwhelming desire for meaningful and immediate revolution. A growing movement aimed at political reform may indeed set us on a path to redemption, if not at least the beginning of progress.


The government and the state of affairs in our nation, which our parents handed us…I’m not proud of it at this moment. This country, in this century already, but more particularly the last one, has made itself fat off of the exploitation of the whole world, including our own recent ancestors (your parents, grandparents, etc.) This exploitation stems from a perceived economic necessity which the system has created for us and operates symbiotically within our consumer culture gone awry. Furthermore, as a people we have been told to still be content regardless of moral consequence, and then pacified by fear. Insultingly enough we have been coerced by the corporations to buy cheaply made goodies and lick the sweat off of the suffering of the huddled masses throughout the world as a tribute to globalization and a so-called service economy.


The term the government likes to promote, “service economy”, has an interesting connotation that I don’t believe the majority of the public at large understands. It is a movement or economic philosophy that apparently seeks to globally redistribute wealth for the good of the governing corporate bodies and their unwitting (or complicit) co-conspirators, the shareholders. It arguably benefits them and possibly the impoverished souls who now have our old jobs overseas. Meanwhile, we as a people are told to be happy to serve hot coffee to the well-to-do at Starbucks while they set off to work in those same once-smoky rooms where they will probably plot our further demise as a country.


Have we sold our souls for the sake of the bottom line? There is evidence which condemns and indicts us on this count, irrefutably and consistently. Whole cities and states within our union have suffered the consequences, and the poor are the ones who suffer the brunt of this assault on our livelihoods. I’ve seen it firsthand, time and time again. Even if this process is viewed as a worldwide redistribution of duties and opportunity for the greater good, it’s plain to see that we have done VERY LITTLE to be a good neighbor within our global community.


Wars and rumors of wars have traditionally kept our allies and enemies in line, yet it seems that lately we can’t even topple a small government anymore without the whole world snapping at us and baring their fangs. In essence, some are calling us on our ruse.


North Korea and Iran are perfect examples. They don’t prescribe to our ideals, plots, or plans for their future and are obviously willing to protect their ideals, however different, at the threat of their very existence. Something seems almost noble about that to me.


If people looked beyond the so-called nuclear proliferations standoff they would see a clear plan by the current administration to destabilize Korea and the Middle East to remold them in the shape they see best fitting, probably the shape which allows the oil companies to fit in better and make higher profit margins. It’s also nice to have more leverage in South Asia and the Far East to deal with the rising superpower which is China. Either way, we are being misled into actions which are again immoral and potentially disastrous.


False flag operations, those which incite the American people to support “just wars” have been used in almost every major conflict of the 20th century, including WWI (Zimmerman letter, the Lusitania), WWII (Pearl Harbor, we knew it was coming) The Cold War (propaganda fueling mass hysteria about nuclear war at ANY moment), and Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin) have all been proven beyond reasonable doubt to essentially be false flag operations. This may sound like conspiracy kook talk, but these are real wars, and real events that compelled and propelled us into them…how much of a stretch is it to believe that 9/11 was in fact a false flag operation conducted by our government to spin us into a wartime economy and mindset? Do we really believe, as a people, that 19 Muslim men who could barely fly Cessnas were able to overtake Boeing 767s and successfully fly them into major buildings (and the Pentagon, especially) without being shot down by NORAD and the USAF, whom we were told publicly were ready to rapid deploy and take out nuclear-capable forces within 20 minutes of notice? Give me a break.


Our current administrations type of cowboy diplomacy, and it has been aptly named such if one recalls the bloody and inequitable settling of the Western territories in the settling of our own nation, is not moral, ethical, or even neighborly in any way. It is akin, on a microcosmic scale, to having a next-door neighbor whose methods of raising their family are in question. What is our solution as the self-righteous neighbor? We have chosen to starve, isolate, and publicly threaten and belittle that same neighbor, and naively expect them to fold their arms, scratch their head, and say, “Oh God, I guess I must be wrong.” The Amish haven’t folded to that line in our own country for hundreds of years. The Muslim populations of the world will not fold to it either, most likely.


The working model prior to the last century was that change should never be effected externally save when the necessity of global or regional security is truly threatened by a nation. There have always been those who have had their fingers in other people’s pies, of course. The main difference was that these types of interventions weren’t implemented with the same type of national hubris and overtly base and self-serving motives as they are today. Internal political reform should come from a mandate from the people of a country in any case. I hope it will be soon within our very own nation, unless we falter and then fail as responsible citizens.


If we are skeptical about our globally perpetrated injustices and miseries we need only look to recent history (Cuba, Haiti, Liberia, Venezuela, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and now Iraq as well) to see the results of this failed experiment in “nation building.” We install puppet governments which fail to survive more than a few years, or until we’ve used up the resources we want and are done with them. Perhaps there is something about a lack of willingness to adapt to an obviously selfish and usually malignant alien agenda that thwarts our so-called “charitable” or “humanitarian” efforts in these cases. Ironically, the countries which need international intervention due to humanitarian crises of genocidal proportions remain largely ignored. Why?


The situation in Iraq pleads for intense scrutiny. The freshly spilled blood of thousands of men, women and children cries out for justice from the soiled ground of a once potent and sovereign nation. The people of Iraq have suffered countless atrocities, most of which only history will reveal. Some of them, they suffered under a despotic dictator…many others, from the U.S. occupation. We, as a people, have stood by vicariously and dispassionately watching events unfold without an honest admission that what we have done there is wrong. While we don’t care to admit it, what we are planning to do in that entire region is a massive exploitation of people and natural resources which is aimed at benefiting corporate and Zionist interests (I’m not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist) and our own insatiable thirst for energy sources which could easily be attained through alternative technologies. Most alternative energy sources are unfortunately suppressed, ignored, or under-funded, by a government which would rather enslave the people to the contemporary model of fossil fuels. This model will remain in place as long as there remain only the voices of dissent within the scientific community who cry out that we are destroying our world at an alarming rate of speed. We, the people who passively accept this policy, are to blame.


Meanwhile, we continue our imperial march throughout the world, imprisoning children, humiliating and torturing prisoners, and operating under the convenience-oriented policies of regime change and first-strike diplomacy. How can we, as a people, stand idly by while our military attacks places of worship as a means of deterring violence? The contradiction, the irony, and the outlandishness of our actions draw international scorn and ire, yet we question the motives of those who dissent or oppose our policies. I pray that if the same types of policies are ever implemented here in our own nation that someone will speak out on our behalf. We, the people who passively accept these actions, are to blame.


Insanity has been defined by many wise people as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. As many times as we allow the government to persuade us to accept the idea of limited wars which have no end and mostly profit corporations, that many times we will fail, and lose, as a nation. Meanwhile, the war profiteers who count their money and laugh whether we WIN or LOSE these wars remain the driving influence for our atrocities and human losses, ours and theirs. This is the crucial reality.


If we look back and view our own country’s progress of late it should cause us to be extremely alarmed. If we could see the reality of the rise of a fascist regime within our midst, we would surely have a call to arms. We have ignored it long enough. Almost every event is planned by some entity, and there is an ample amount of evidence to suggest that we have been misled and suckered by the current administration, as well as those in the past century, into believing that what is ultimately good for our country’s security interests is good for us as a nation, or a people. They systematically erode our freedoms in front of our faces and disdain us to take notice, speak out against it, or try to change it. Both parties in the political spectrum are equally guilty of this condemnation, as they apparently conspire together to further their secret agenda which is most likely world domination and subjugation.


We the people, meanwhile, are absolutely letting go of freedom for supposed security. It is a phantom menace we “fight” against. Any novice yogi or spiritualist would probably state that when we fight against our neighbor, we war against the desire and fear that is within. This is said to be the essence of all human suffering, and it is evident in all that I have seen throughout my journeys and observations of the world about. Am I the only one who sees? No. Do I alone care about basic morality or justice, or liberty? Certainly not. Is the pursuit of happiness a long-lost dream, buried beneath the cynicism and tyrannical rule of the elite? I can’t bring myself to believe that it must always be so. I believe in people, not only on an individual basis, but as a whole when properly and justly governed. Sadly, I see all around me the sickness which has resulted from the current levels of injustice and corruption, which will grow in scope and measure if we don’t act quickly. We, the people, must act.


We, the people, are the ones who have suffered, and will continue to suffer because of the secrecies and injustices which have existed as an integral instrument of control far too long within the current political regime. I believe that all in leadership positions are guilty of either actively participating in or at least turning a blind eye to this oppressive governance. Exceptions are rare and notable.


Very few people have spoken publicly for openness and honesty in government affairs, probably out of fear for their personal safety or hopefully for the sake of holding their position secret for the chance of a future victory. These types of legislators, however, obviously constitute a usually silent minority within the halls of legislature, justice, and administration. They are, de facto, inept and ineffectual because the odds are stacked against them from the outset. The campaign reforms I spoke of earlier could possibly remedy a great deal of corruption. They would seem to be an immediate remedy if things weren’t so bad that they required immediate attention and action from us as a people.


Corruption, greed, despondent nepotism, and secretive political actions which support the current idealistic absolutism and despotism are a pandemic reality in our government. This must become clear to all people. It is critical that something changes or I believe the seeds of revolution which are deeply rooted within our collective consciousness will come to fruition and the outcome could be disastrous.


It isn’t necessary to frequent back rooms of coffee shops or art deco parlors of the eccentric liberal left to hear these mutterings. One doesn’t need to infiltrate the pews of conservative churches to hear whispers of malcontent and disdain from the holy rolling far-right either. Ordinary people are talking about needed reform and even military rebellion on an almost daily basis. The ones I’ve heard speaking of these things most of you would consider regular, sane, working class Americans. They’re not UFO chasers or kooks…they’re firemen, policemen, pastors, construction workers, and even your garden variety Wal-Mart employees.


It must no longer be the exclusive realm of the political ideologists to inspire people to think about political solutions to this problem. It should be our incumbent duty as citizens of a free country to inspire the people to action. We all must do our part to promote awareness and debate amongst ourselves the best way to proceed. The daily suffering of the people of this nation casts the shadowy threat of tyranny and injustice right in our faces. Ordinary Americans must take immediate and decisive actions to redefine our government as one which serves the people. Clear and present danger must necessitate reform, as usual.


If you, the reader, truly believe there isn’t a vast and global conspiracy to oppress, enslave, and dictate the quality and type of life to the common people of this and every other nation then you are truly blind, and woefully or blissfully ignorant. The harsh reality is these conspirators operate daily within plain public view. Sad but true, they function freely on their so-far sound reasoning that as long as no one is scrutinizing their every move, they may legislate their agendas in the halls of power (including those of Congress, Parliament, OPEC, Politburo, and especially the United Nations) with virtual impunity against any type of real oversight or even recognition which might hamper their unlawful and immoral activities.


The political shell game confuses the public, which is their goal. They control the majority of the media, and the media in turn controls the perception of the people. We must shine the light of Truth upon them so brightly that they have nowhere left to hide. After that, we must prosecute them severely and publicly to make them answer for the blood they have shed and the lives they have corrupted or destroyed. Presently I can not think of an Earthly punishment severe or righteous enough for the types of treason, war crimes, and domestic and global injustices they have ultimately perpetrated on our largely unwitting populace. We must let God above be the Supreme Judge of all, while we do our best in this life to make right what is obviously wrong.


There is a solution. The time has come for a massive inquest and full disclosure of the current situation. We deserve it as citizens, after all, aren’t we paying for it? However, this inquiry must NOT be performed by politicians, the foxes who guard the henhouse. It should be performed diligently and thoroughly by independent, non-partisan, and non-politically affiliated Inspectors General. This can and should be a priority for all concerned Americans, and it should happen sooner rather than later.


An illumination of the full nature and scope of all our nation’s affairs, foreign and domestic, would be the aim of the inquiry. Its goal shall be a complete and thorough disclosure to the American public regarding the truth concerning all of our government’s practices. This action is a vital starting point and we should demand it as our right as citizens of a supposedly free nation. Our government has far too many secrets which have nothing to do with national security. We should be more adamant about this type of immediate disclosure than people have prudently requested when demanding the ins and outs of an auto deal or even a divorce settlement.


We are often so bold to speak out when it concerns our individual well-being. I’ve seen it many times in my business dealings with people. Why won’t we question even more emphatically when our collective existence is being compromised and threatened by a disconnected and despotic government which has spun out of control of its own accord and has no shame about it! One could possibly overlook the trillions of dollars they have wasted, but never in good conscience the lives lost, the families torn apart, and the loss of our voice as a people. The future could indeed be a grim place if you project the outcome of the current policies and practices of our government if left unchecked.


These Inspectors General, men or women who will be given free reign to thoroughly probe every aspect of our government, most especially those branches who hide behind the supposed interests and veils of National Security, will be charged with finding out the whole truth. I think we’re all grown up enough to handle the truth, however ugly it ends up being. They must boldly expose it to the American citizens in a manner which will bring the ugly and festering boil to a head so we might lance it and then drain the infection of sickness within our current system. This purge of the current actors, charlatans, thieves, and other various insidious powers will certainly produce a vacuum which could easily be filled by the many available and hopefully honest participants who wish to truly represent the people. This ideal is what should have happened with the current apparatus but has obviously not thus far.


If we are so far gone as a country that tyranny and injustice prevail, revolution can and must be called for by the people to restore the dignity of our nation. Our forefathers, the men who founded this great nation, would implore us to do the very same. I do not personally desire this outcome, but it remains an option nonetheless. To paraphrase the words of those same founding fathers, a revolution would then be our responsibility and Divine Right.


Quite unfortunately for all involved, I don’t think the outcome of open military revolution, though swift and effective sometimes in the past, will be as harmless as fifty Gettysburg’s or a million Boston Tea Parties. A revolution in the current era will have a de facto bloody and destructive outcome. With the advances in technology and the military capability of the incumbent powers, it would be disastrous for our nation to deal with.


Our nation’s armed services are already trained in the ways of quelling domestic uprisings and insurrections. I felt a chill when our drill instructors jokingly quipped that some day we might get a chance to use these same tactics on our own people. We’ve had plenty of practice over the last century in other countries. We will probably not survive another civil war as a free nation if we fail. The most likely outcome of a failed civil war or open military coup at this point will be that of a far-right “overt” dictatorship under which we will most likely find our end at the point of the barrels of the other nations who will have been long fed up with our injustices as well.


However, no change can be effected as long as the people are forcefully and painfully disconnected from their political system, as a whole. Today we suffer through layers upon layers of rotten and corrupt bureaucracy hoping to effect change. We offer our opinions and input but very little is accomplished except what is in the interest of the most influential capitalists and their minions. The will of the many is ultimately outweighed by the resources of the few. I do not believe the current system can possibly be defined as a democracy. Our current government seems to be rule by corporation and minority interest.


Until we stand up to the people who would manufacture death, destruction, and misery on a global scale as a business for the sake of profit we will not advance as a civilization or as a people. I’m not sure if there is a political term for this type of governmental apparatus under which we currently labor. I truly hope a word doesn’t ever need to be invented to describe it on a permanent basis.


I call upon each and every person who reads this to do some serious soul-searching and brainstorming to come up with possible solutions. Do not be afraid to discuss these ideas with your peers, your fellow citizens. They can’t eat you yet. My desire for an inquest by independent Inspectors General would be a great place to start. I’m not sure how to get from here to there, though at the same time I know in my heart that a massive overhaul of the government is long overdue.


My hope is the longsuffering belief that out of all tumult comes an unparalleled opportunity for an honest self-appraisal as a nation. This change, if effected properly and in time, could be a chance for some truly remarkable and diverse ideas to be manifested within a political framework that doesn’t necessarily need to end in tragedy, bloodshed, or the disenfranchisement of the general populace which has occurred as a result of the status quo. In closing, I will combine the wisdom of so many troubled parents and people of faith throughout the world. “It’s just a phase…and this too, shall pass.”


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