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Too Many Secrets…

Posted by jeremiasx on January 22, 2007

It would seem that all governments, worldwide, seem to believe in the importance of keeping secrets…for various reasons, good OR bad. I am pleased to herald an new age of transparancy and truth for those who are pleased to see such things as revelation of wrongdoing, government abuses exposed, and truth in general. A new site has opened the doors for the flood of documentation to prove what many of us have long suspected.

Wikileaks, a new website coming out of New Zealand and Australia, was conceived with the idea in mind that most whistle-blowers are afraid of their governments, and therefore afraid to post documents to their personal websites. Well, now there is a forum available to do just such a thing with a greater chance of impunity, other than being caught read handed snapping photos or scanning docs or whatever people have to do to obtain them. LOL…I can see a rash of new legislation coming down the pipe already…the words sedition and treason come quickly to mind… maybe that’s what they want?

In any case, I just find it largely comical and extremely sad that these efforts are even required to attempt to force truth from governments who have been relying on secrecy to cover their asses for years…what’s wrong with the Truth? We can’t handle it? Are we all like little children to the rulers of the world? Apparently so…I’ll be interested to see where all this goes. 🙂

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