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WHO is this “Fed?”

Posted by jeremiasx on January 26, 2007

Some questions one might ask to find out…

1. Is the Federal Reserve an official government entity? Is it privately owned?

2. How did the Federal Reserve come to be? Did anyone vote on it?

3. What is the history of fractional reserve banking? Who invented it? Why?

4. Who are the Rothschilds? Are they some fictional “conspiracy family” the KKK made up to get people to hate Jews?

5. What powers does the Federal Reserve have over our economy? Can they crash our economy? If so, has it ever been done before? Could it happen again?

6. What have international bankers done historically in times of peace? In war?

7. What are they doing right now? Who are they? Where do they operate? Do they have worldwide influence? If so, through what entities?

8. How much gold is in Fort Knox? How much is supposed to be there? When was it last audited?

9. Who wrote the James Bond movie “Goldfinger?” and what was his previous occupation before becoming an author? Have authors ever tried to warn people through fiction of what might come to pass in reality?

10. Was he trying to tell us something? If so, what?

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