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Solidarity for Peace

Posted by jeremiasx on January 27, 2007



In a remarkable display of patriotism and solidarity for peace coinciding with nationwide protests against the war in Iraq…here are our local friends protesting in front of the Newton County courthouse…this was about noon today.


I think this kid has a bright future ahead of him…I should like to think so…he’s my son!

I do most of what I do on this blog for people like these, and for my family, and even for those who don’t know what “wrong” is or how to stand up for what’s “right.” *wink*




9 Responses to “Solidarity for Peace”

  1. afterechoes said

    When the moon is in the seventh house
    And Jupiter aligns with mars
    yada yada yada.

    I agree actually. Let’s just make sure we support the men and women over there and not drag them into our political debates. I oppose the “surge” and any unauthorized actions against Iraq.

    But be carefull about falling off the LEFT side of the cliff trying to change the NEOCON rightwing agenda.

  2. I think the best thing we can do to help our troops is bring them home. I thought the days of imperialism and colonialism were far behind us–apparently not.

    Surely it is better to stumble off the cliff trying to save innocent lives, rather that to throw ourselves willingly off after Bush’s transparent carrot?

  3. afterechoes said

    I understand.

    But the broad center of American politics is fiercely patriotic, and rightfully so.
    The freedoms we have to debate are cherished by all. But effective political power is derived from the consent of the governed.

    I will no more support a leftwing nutcase unwisely persuing and ostritch strategy than I do the NEOCON Democratic Imperialism. Don’t throw this dissent into the hands of Hanoi Jane and Swift Boat Kerry.

    I hope Hillary runs as fast as she can away from these nut cases and stays on track to the middle.

  4. Are we as free as we think we are? I doubt that these days. It seems that this conflict is providing an interesting case study as to why the two party system is largely ineffective. Where are our choices?

    And what of the people of Iraq? The innocent civilians who are being killed in their hundreds every day, what of them and their choices?

    I really think their needs to be a massive shake up in the governmental system here. Nevertheless, while we sit casually at home our children are dying fighting a capitalist and illegal war.

  5. madmouser said

    I just wonder if everyone who questions our presence in this war, feels the same way about WWII. If not, why not? What do you find to be the major differences between the two wars?

  6. afterechoes said

    i am for a strong new and dynamic third party of the middle.

  7. is there a “peaceful” way out of this war now that we are in it? (By we I mean those of us who live in America.)

  8. jeremiasx said

    Those of you who now will venture back into my blog will understand that I am undoubtedly a liberal…but I am a true liberal: I am not afraid to defend our country and the people and our collective right to exist with all of the inalienable rights that our forefathers fought and died for during the settling of this “undiscovered country.” These rights are not granted by any government. They are the divine will of God.

    Freedom is not something one seeks to obtain for another culture as each people must learn to live without fear of change…have the courage to change, and live each day of their lives as if it mattered where you were and what you did to make the world a better place for your having been in it.

    I indict both those who would seek to cunningly attempt to remove our liberty as those who are afraid to speak up about what is right and what is wrong and do their best to effect a change, in whatever measure they felt compelled to benefit the world without.

    It is for the interest of my family, my neighbors, and my children, and all the good people of the world to earnestly seek the Truth and whatever I find and believe rightly to be relevant, I will speak the same. One must be bold to speak and not fear the darkness without.

    I pray that the voices upon high will cease their mindless chatter but for a moment to take the time to decide for themselves whose side they are on…to put it mildly…do you work for the People…or do you work for a Government?
    Not a country…not a nation…let me clarify this statement: a government.

    I could not bring myself to make the letters smaller on the word “government” because I don’t want to offend any whose sight may be a little impaired. A government, is a word…it is a symbol of the People who live within it. All people, throughout time, have, unwaveringly and unwittingly had the mistaken notion that a group of elected (we hire them) officials can seek to completely ignore the source of their power (the People) and hold mistaken ideas that the People are ignorant…

    For many years, this may seem the case. People are generally content with their lot so long as they don’t perceive a blatant and insidious organism at the wheel (wheels…) of our ship…as it seems to careen towards a large iceberg. We feel it to be our obligation to yell from steerage to captain’s table, “Wake up you lazy fat bastards…you better listen.”

    In any case…the path to the truth is paved in Light. In the darkness there can be no truth, for even if it were there to be found, what would one know what it was? How might we perceive truth which is in darkness? I wager that it can not be done…nor will I accept that I will accept no other substitute than the truth experienced within the Light…for another man’s account may mislead me as to possibly defend his charitable deeds as done in secret so as not to boast…or on the other end (how extreme?) hide some DASTARDLY, CROOKED, FALSE, DECEITFUL, EVIL…we know evil exists in this world…we’re ready to face it as a people…if it is there. However, until the Light shines brightly upon the Truth we will never know it for ourselves to be able to educate our children so that our People, Our Country, and our Liberty ever endure.

    In God We Trust…

  9. It’s great to see protests happening all over the country, and not just in Washington. This inspires me to try the same thing where I am. I don’t think you need a big crowd to be seen and heard.

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