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United For Peace and Justice…

Posted by jeremiasx on January 27, 2007



Friends, Romans, and Countrymen:

Today is the day that we as Americans…united in an overwhelming desire to end the war for oil, war profiteers, and “geopolitical interests”…come together as one to voice our dissent against the tyranny of our current administration, and it’s obvious unwillingness to listen to us, The People, either individually, en masse, or through our right of representation in the Congress.

There will be organizations sponsoring many of these events. One of them can be found here: The United For Peace and Justice Website which gives a schedule of peace marches nationwide. You can participate right here in Arkansas as well…(and if you can’t make it happen up here…make it happen WHEREVER YOU CAN…the local wal-mart parking lot, the state capitol, any university campus, etc.)

Bring signs, bring food, bring a spirit of nonviolent noncooperation and most of all bring a positive mental state because it is only with our collective consciousness, operating at it’s highest potential, that we can effect any change. Bring a friend. Bring two. Also, if you see Doug…tell him he’s DEFINITELY invited. We wouldn’t want to have them view us as hippies if we were acting like anything else. LOL

I know it’s short notice…but the time is late, and the hour is near…and I know most of my readers are up at this hour or will be up by the time this is all going on.

I love you all…namaste…peace.

-Jeremias X

2 Responses to “United For Peace and Justice…”

  1. earthpal said

    The best of luck to you all today. I’m from the UK and can’t be there but I have passed on my cyber-protest.

    Good luck and thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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