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The Waco File

Posted by jeremiasx on January 30, 2007

Notable cult comedian Bill Hicks made a comment after the smoke cleared around the situation in Waco, Texas. He and a producer had personally covered during the scene as amateur journalists (yea, it really happened…I’m gonna show you) in what might prove to be one of the most poignant statements I’ve heard anyone make about the whole mess.

“If the FBI’s motivating factor for busting down the Koresh compound was child abuse, how come we never see Bradley tanks smashing into Catholic churches?”

Knowing Mr. Hicks’ style of comedy, I’m sure that he and his friend showed up on the scene hoping to obtain the future stuff of great comedy routines…as you can see from this short but uninteresting video. I post it to establish that he was actually there.


As Bill found out, to his obvious dismay…the situation ended up being very tragic instead of comical…almost a hundred men, women, and children died through the actions of the government that day. Here is a clip of Bill talking about Waco in his last video interview given before his untimely death at the age of 32 (pancreas cancer).


There were TWO congressional investigations, both conducted during the Clinton administration, neither of which found government agents culpable or complicit for the deaths of the men, women, and children in the Waco siege. I’m posting a video of a movie that every interested person should see…it is the documentary that sparked the second investigation by John Danforth (who would later be appointed by Mr. Bush to be our ambassador to the UN) which came to the AMAZING conclusion that the ATF and Army present did not violate posse comitatus, and did not start the fire, and did not fire weapons into the Mt. Carmel complex during the siege. Watch this video for yourself, and then try to rationalize in your own mind (if you can…I could not) how they came to these daft and obviously errant conclusions.

Watch for the familiar faces involved in the case. (Vince Foster, HILLARY CLINTON, Webb Hubbell, Michael Chertoff, John Danforth, Chuck Schumer…a veritable who’s who of the washington power structure, past and present.)

For your consideration…I submit:

Waco: A New Revelation (Part 1)

Waco: A New Revelation (Part 2)

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