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Bush Budget Madness!

Posted by jeremiasx on February 3, 2007

Well…the long and the short of it seems to be that our beloved leader, the Decider, has made a decision to progress our economy further along the lines of those most successful nation-states like Russia, China, and North Korea…whose main budgetary agenda is apparantly to dump billions into a buildup of the military, and by proxy the military-industrial complex.

We need a bigger Army, says Bush…a bigger military all the way around. PSHAW! My question…why? Why do we need more money for more swords when if our foreign policy was worth a rat’s ass we wouldn’t be in all of these wars in the first place…but wait…that’s the catch.

It seems to me that the obvious reason for our failings in the foreign policy realm are in fact purposeful. Why, if our goal is actually global domination especially in the Middle East and South Asia, would we bother to talk to ANYONE about our actions other than…to keep the rest of the civilized world off our back. The policy of appeasement that the Neocons speak so much about as if it were even a plan? I don’t think America has bothered to “appease” anyone since Bush took office. Please…this is a policy of a warring state (our country, resembling the old Soviet Empire or British Empire) that obviously seeks more wars, more military might, and further conquest and control over the other lesser states of the world…especially if they have oil…or territory conducive to TRANSPORTING oil…like pipelines and such. LOL

 Anyhow…just thought I’d put in my two cents on this issue before I write my congressmen and tell them to “Just Say No” to military buildups which serve to impoverish our country and drive us further into the chaos of the world that The Decider wants us to dominate.

The other insult that adds to injury is the fact that Bush says quite plainly these days what most of us knew already…the domestic agenda means NOTHING to this man…he is hell-bent on “winning” and he’ll sacrifice virtually every major domestic agenda to do such. The suffering of the poor? Screw em…let them join the Army if they want health care and liveable wages…this is a SPARTAN state…it’s getting there…anyhow. So much for my little rant.

Here’s a link to the article that got me so hot…


2 Responses to “Bush Budget Madness!”

  1. hairybeast said

    You need a beer.

    We are at war after all – part of “supporting the troops” means giving them what they need to get the job done. Think back a year or two, did you ever comment on all those complaints coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan that the troops did not have enough armor on their bodies and vehicle?s Where do you think the funds for that stuff comes from – bake sales?

    When American lives are being sacrificed overseas it is appropriate to show concern for their welfare, even if that means you are inconvenienced a bit at home.

  2. jeremiasx said

    I do need a beer…AND…lol

    Two problems in my mind with that argument…the first is that the troops should not be “over there” in my mind…the second is…it’s not me that’s going to be inconvenienced…instead it’s going to be people like my grandparents…who are in the position with their health care that they have to make painful choices between the Medicaid system (which keeps getting chopped in each budget cycle, laying more of the burden of payment upon the recipients who have a few bucks more than the poverty level) and the VA system (which pays for some stuff but is much more discriminate against procedures they don’t feel like paying for or don’t consider “necessary”) so that’s kind of a personal beef but anyhow…

    I’ll post more on my next blog…maybe you’ll get more insight to where I’m coming from there…thanks for your comment.

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