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PC DoubleSpeak Strikes Again!!!

Posted by jeremiasx on February 13, 2007


This defies reason…not because I support the use of ANY derogatory slur…but because of the INSANITY of what is being said…Westchester County, New York State, has decided to legislate the usage of a word…guess which one. Pick from the following list…

Kyke, Coolie, Kaffir, Honkie, Cracker, Spic, Wetback, Chink, Paddy, Mick, Spook, Ni****

Ok…you probably guessed it…I helped a little bit.

Legislator Clinton Young, who is black and drafted the resolution, said in an interview, “I hear it just too much in my community and in other communities throughout America. No matter who uses it or how they use it, it’s demeaning.”

“If people knew the origin of the word, I believe they would stop using it,” he said.

Asked if the resolution, which passed unanimously, infringed on free speech, he said, “We can exercise free speech by choosing not to use this hateful word.” (Wow…what a novel concept…I think the laws ALREADY ALLOW FOR THIS)




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