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The Death of Thomas Paine Day

Posted by jeremiasx on February 13, 2007


It boggles my mind to believe that nearly a third of the Arkansas statehouse fell for the grandstanding religious zealotry of Sid Rosenbaum (R-Little Rock) by failing to pass an act as simple as a commemoration of a day of recognition of one of the most influential minds in the history of American political thought. Sid proved Paine’s assertion by his own actions; that religion and politics are in fact mutually exclusive entities which do not feed off of each other, nor should they feast at the same table, especially in the halls of legislature.

But Rep. Sid Rosenbaum, R-Little Rock, quizzed Smith (the bills sponsor) about Paine and quoted passages from Paine’s book, “The Age of Reason,” which Rosenbaum criticized as anti-religion.

“He did some good things for the nation, but the book that he wrote (as if it were only one book that he ever wrote) was anti-Christian and anti-Jewish,” Rosenbaum said. “I don’t think we should be passing things out like this without at least debating it and letting people in the House know what we’re voting on.”

When Fundies Attack: The Full Article on The Demise Of Thomas Paine Day


In these days of radical polarization through the abuses of religious zealotry and fundamentalism for the sake of retro-ultrareligious rhetoric, especially in light of the recently coined term, “Islam-o-fascism,” and legislation by the World Government of the criminality of “Holocaust Denial” it seems to me that the political machine seems hell-bent on promoting and pandering to Tyranny on behalf of at least TWO major religious philosophies in an overly zealous and naturally DANGEROUS way…that would be Christianity and Judaism for any of you who can’t keep score. Wherein is the danger? It is not in promoting a religion, which is relatively harmless…it is the oppression of OTHER religions through direct or indirect means coupled with forced apologetics by the infringement of speech; when one tells people what they can or can not say concerning their views of history, however misguided or insane…it is a violation of the Freedom of Speech…period.

Why is it even considered an affront or offense to believe in a faith that deviates from these two ancient dogmas? What evidence is offered to construct, even from a theological standpoint, that strict adherence to ONLY these two modes of religion is acceptable, or likewise, tolerable? When did America become a Christian-Jewish Empire? I don’t seem to recall ANY of the founding fathers promoting religious zealotry of any kind.

However, the FUN-D’s and their friends at Chick publishing are doing their very best to demonize the very men who founded this great nation by variously claiming that they were “Anti-Christian” or “Anti-Jew” and these claims are as baseless as they are socially relevant to the big picture. Some go a step further and claim they are “Baphomet worshippers” and “Pagans” because of their affiliation with Freemasonry. These lies herald from the time of the old Anti-Masonic party and folks like Leo Taxil (a disgruntled French EX-Mason who never even passed the beyond the first degree of Masonry, let alone any of the others.

This is an affront to my senses, being a Freemason myself…nowhere in my obligations or studies of my fraternal history did any of these patriarchs speak out in their treatises on any of these subjects to lead me to believe that they believed that it was Right or Just to ATTACK other faiths or even those who lack faith of any kind…it’s contrary to reason, and it’s contrary to the universal causes of Individual Liberty and the Freedom of Religion which have helped us avoid the ills of oligarchies and indirect religious tyrannies of other churches which the Fathers railed against incessantly…yet here is Sid Rosenbaum, in 2007, championing the cause of Judeo-Christian self-awareness in government, this self-proclaimed church pew dilligentsia, telling We The People to discount the great works of the political philosophy of Thomas Paine. Do we never learn? Have the People forgotten? I believe it must be so, or not even one educated member of the state legislature would have stood side by side in voting down Thomas Paine Day with this willfully ignorant spiritual and intellectual Cyclops.

2 Responses to “The Death of Thomas Paine Day”

  1. This is a classic example of what I call a ‘stupid person’. They have supreme tunnel vision and everything that doesn’t exist inside that narrow view is inherently wrong. These ‘stupid people’ try to appeal to the idea that God would vote conservative republican and will get pissed off if you aren’t a Neo-Con like them.

  2. Take heart that so many today are even able to recognize the emptiness and ignorance of loveless faith. I was just researching Yeats this is something he used to read, it of course reminded me of the modern fundamentalist;

    And the earth was a void and emptiness, and darkness was upon the faces of the deep (abyssi); and the Spirit of God was brooding upon the faces of the waters. Before his regeneration, man is called the “earth void and empty,” and also the “ground” wherein nothing of good and truth has been sown; “void” denotes where there is nothing of good, and “empty” where there is nothing of truth. Hence comes “thick darkness,” that is, stupidity, and an ignorance of all things belonging to faith in the Lord, and consequently of all things belonging to spiritual and heavenly life. Such a man is thus described by the Lord through Jeremiah:–

    My people is stupid, they have not known Me; they are foolish sons, and are not intelligent; they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. I beheld the earth, and lo a void and emptiness, and the heavens, and they had no light (Jeremiah 4:22, 23).

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