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This is Funny…Global “Warmings”

Posted by jeremiasx on February 13, 2007

It’s probably not far from what Dubya ACTUALLY believes…sadly enough.


One Response to “This is Funny…Global “Warmings””

  1. Andrewft65 said

    I wouldn’t be so sure about the facts behind global warming, in-so-much as carbon dioxide. Have a look at “The Great Carbon Swindle” by British television’s Channel 4, (on Google video). Carbon Dioxide increases with temperature rise, the planet going through cool and warm phases. CO2 lags temperature rise! Carbon dioxide is a very small quantity of a naturally occurring gases in the atmosphere, required for life! A temporary state of Carbon and Oxygen (cycle).

    Genuine pollution, and particularly depletion of world resources is a far bigger issue, bigger still over-population of this planet. I have no answer for this one. We will all be old one day and will require looking after. Yet another pyramid much as the Federal Reserve!

    “Carbon Trading?” Que Bone? Another way to control a population (esp. developing countries who don’t have nukes!) Another “nothing” to be traded!

    The people who control the financial system and politicians have agreed an agenda, that is why they back it!. Global warming will become “big business” and an excellent form of control over the masses. We are getting environmental zealots, wanting to burn anyone who disagrees. The stupid don’t see the Orwellian double think being used!

    The answer to over-population is for some of us to die. I’m glad to be mortal and live in the west ! If we abuse our planet we will only kill ourselves, much as the 99.9% of spices that have become extinct! Like everyone else, postponing the day when I finally “meet my maker”!

    Good web site, great video blog!

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