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CIA Torture Flights Condemned by EU

Posted by jeremiasx on February 15, 2007


I would like to point your attention to a couple troubling things I read in this article from the BBC website today…

The UK, Germany and Italy were among 13 states which allowed the US to forcibly remove terror suspects, lawmakers said.

The EU parliament voted to accept a resolution condemning member states which accepted or ignored the practice.

The EU report said the CIA had operated 1,245 flights, some taking suspects to states where they could face torture.

The report was adopted by a large majority, with 382 MEPs voting in favour, 256 against and 74 abstaining.

A few things are troubling in my mind…first of all…who voted for it and who voted against it, exactly…you, the reader, could be of great assistance to me because I have to admit I’m quite ignorant in finding EU information. Feel free to link me in the comments section.

The fact that a large portion voted against adopting a resolution to condemn these flights is as troubling as the fact that it passed with the 382 “yea” votes…who would vote against a resolution which condemned these obvious and unethical actions. I’d like to see exactly how the voting broke down…please feel free to enlighten me.


4 Responses to “CIA Torture Flights Condemned by EU”

  1. Raza Rumi said

    You have raised interesting and poignant questions…But this whole torture business…? This is most disturbing as resort to uncivilized methods undermines the claims of civilization, freedom and liberties…principles are meant to be absolute and universal.

  2. jeremiasx said

    If only it were so…unfortunately not. Our administration thinks human rights only apply to US citizens…and even those are trampled upon if you are declared an “enemy combatant.”

  3. scanlyze said

    The title page and conclusions, and link to full text here:

    European Union: Report on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners.

  4. jeremiasx said

    Thanks so much for posting the link! Very informative, and spells it out quite clearly that none may be duped into believing that this isn’t a sure condemnation of CIA practices…

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