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9.11 Press for TRUTH

Posted by jeremiasx on February 18, 2007

PLEASE watch this movie REGARDLESS of how you feel about “conspiracy theories” and just give it a chance. There are SERIOUS questions which have obviously not been answered and NEED to be answered.

America, and Americans…deserve the truth; nothing less is acceptable.


6 Responses to “9.11 Press for TRUTH”

  1. […] Hat Tip to jeremiasx. […]

  2. You do this documentary injsutice by tagging it “conspiray theory”. But thanks for sharing it, I’ve posted it on my blog as well.

  3. jeremiasx said

    Lethologica: I post it as conspiracy theory because the government’s official story is just that…a conspiracy theory, by definition. There was no convincing evidence presented to conclude that 19 Arabs led by a man in a cave were able to completely hoodoo the entire US aviation/defense sector plus administration in the space of an hour and a half. I don’t buy it.

  4. You may be technically right, but in terms of getting this doc taken seriously, I think that labeling it as such will do more harm than good. This is at its core a comment on our failed establishment media. There isn’t one iota of speculation in the piece, no ‘theory’ as such. It never tries to push an answer on the viewer, but merely poses questions.

  5. btw, don’t bother trying to post this on dailykos. i was attacked as if i have some nutball agenda and threatened with being banned. there are some real reactionary pricks over there.

  6. jeremiasx said

    Oh I’m sure there are plenty of forums that are dominated by the right-wingers…it’s what they do.

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