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Ron Paul for President!!! (Who the Hell is Ron Paul?)

Posted by jeremiasx on February 20, 2007

Bless my stars…I’ve had Ron Paul on my MySpace friends list ever since I saw he had announced a candidacy via his website about a month ago. I noticed something “funny” about the media that I had noticed many times before shortly afterwards…this guy gets ZERO press. Not just in the conservative or liberal publications exclusively either…I mean he wasn’t listed anywhere! Why?

Here is a classic Ron Paul interview on FoxNews concerning IRAN from March of 06:

Now you KNOW why Ron Paul doesn’t get support from the Neocon Hawks.

Ron Paul is a TERRIBLE politician (among his contemporaries, he is nearly a pariah for sticking up for the principles of classic conservatism, and his staunch libertarian stance when it comes to issues of personal liberty, OH YEA…and he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve Act.) This next clip shows Ron Paul blasting the Fed for lack of transparency.

Lo and behold, a new day dawns for Ron Paul’s fledgeling efforts to get a spotlight in what could be one of the most interesting presidential elections to date. FOXNEWS has finally broken the code of almost deathlike silence that the media has adopted in regards to this brilliant man and his candidacy. Today on their website you can finally get a glimpse of the Ron Paul that many of the rest of us have been keeping tabs on…read the article here.

I linked to the author of the FoxNews article, Rodley Balko of Reason magazine, and found a pretty good blog that included this commentary as part of yesterdays post:

Which brings me to the most obvious refutation of Medved’s offensive post—President Bush. The same man who famously named Jesus Christ as the philosopher who most affected his thinking in the 2000 primaries has claimed the power to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant, arrest them without a charge, detain them without a lawyer, hold them indefinitely without an indictment, torture them, try them in secret without giving them access to the evidence against them, and convict them without a jury. Some in his administration even believe the government should be able to arrest journalists who dare expose these abuses, and charge them with treason.



8 Responses to “Ron Paul for President!!! (Who the Hell is Ron Paul?)”

  1. balkanbalkan said

    The last sentence explains a lot:
    ” Some in his administration even believe the government should be able to arrest journalists who dare expose these abuses, and charge them with treason”. About America, its press, etc…

  2. jeremiasx said

    Yep…I’ve blogged about this a few times, especially about imprisoning the media who transcribe the offenses of agencies through whistleblower sources.

  3. I like Ron Paul.

    He’s an old timer, crusty and unapologetic. Your right, he’s a lousy politicain. Great ideas and values he holds are lost in a cloud of drug legalization, among other not so good ideas.

    Who dropped the ball at Foxnews and allowed a little truthful reporting to slip thru?? Big trouble for somebody.

    As usual, you wrap up with a broad brush, sloppy insinuation that any man or woman serving the nation in this administration hides their true desire to opress, steal from and imprison anyone who gets in the way. Please.

    Name one imprisoned journalist. Name anyone locked up without trial and conviction. Just one.

    You always make sense. Always.

    You always add stilted accusations and trite recriminations which sour the message.

    Unless your efforts are for the already converted conspiracy theorist, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Bush is an idiot crowd.

    Then, your doing a great job.


  4. jeremiasx said

    Hank: Thank you for your comments…lol…I actually didn’t say the part about imprisoning journalists, that was in the blocked quotation from the article excerpt I reposted…however there have been several reporters jailed (and not by the Bush administration, but by various judges) for failing to disclose their sources in the case of leaks.

    Anyhow…my message is not a clear message to anyone, but a commentary that allows one to draw their own conclusions. I give no credence to current Illuminati theories because they invariably involve Masonic conspiracies, which I know don’t exist. (refer back to older posts) In any case, I’m glad you are still reading and I’ll hop over to your blog again soon. I’ve been kind of lazy and sticking to my own stuff over the last few days.

  5. Jayson Elliot said

    Ron Paul sounds great on a lot of issues, and I respect him for standing by his principles. Unfortunately, he’s just too right-wing for my liking. His anti-gay votes and desire to let states ban abortion are dealbreakers for me.

  6. jeremiasx said

    Well the truth of the matter seems to be that Mr. Paul actually has no stance on legislating those issues…pro or con. If anything, he’s actually far FROM right-wing authoritarian and he was actually a Libertarian candidate before realizing that third-party politics has no place in the American political arena, as of this moment.

  7. pratt leon said

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about Paul’s stance on gay rights. HR 2587 has been severely construed. Paul is against federal funding to support adoption and against the federal government from having authorities over these issues at all. this should be regarded as a promotion of civil liberties even though his personal opinion may not be inline with yours.

  8. […] why you didn’t get back to vote I am losing faith in you as a potential candidate. I’ve supported you strongly in the past, but are you a man of principle and integrity and do you walk the […]

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