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New OKC Bombing Revelations!!!

Posted by jeremiasx on February 26, 2007

The following DEPOSITION EXCERPTS come from material released a little over a week ago by the lawyer for the OKC bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols, about whom much has been speculated and reported since the event…but it remains interesting nonetheless when viewed in the larger context of the War on Terror and the execution of “Justice” within our nation concerning these types of tragedies. Why don’t we hear about these newsworthy items of interest, which are just as titillating as Anna Nicole Smith, in the mainstream media? Again, it just seems to add fuel to the fire. Speaking of which…just how many bombs were there in the Murrough building incident??


Here are selected excerpts that I found highly interesting:


33. McVeigh was extremely upset and angry. There, in what I believe was an accidental slip of the tongue, McVeigh revealed the identity of a high-ranking FBI official who was apparently directing McVeigh in the bomb plot. The name McVeigh let slip was Larry Potts – lead FBI agent at Ruby Ridge. McVeigh said he believed Potts was manipulating him, and forcing him “to go off script,” which I understood meant to change the target of the bombing. That was the only time I ever heard McVeigh refer to Larry Potts in that context.


42. Not only did the bomb McVeigh described in American Terrorist not resemble the one we built on the morning of April 18, 1995, the bomb McVeigh described is larger and thus required more bomb making materials than what was in the Herington storage shed. The bomb McVeigh described also displayed a level of expertise and sophistication which neither McVeigh nor I had in building a bomb.


Terry Lynn Nichols

No. 08157-031


Again…why the government would not do more than sick one small congressional committee armed with a likewise small cadre of investigators and a (probably) limited budget to conduct those investigations on as large of an investigation as this OUGHT to be…is beyond me. They better follow up on this…after all, how many people died in Oklahoma City that day? Are their lives to be tossed into the dust bin of history because we don’t have the time or resources to see “Justice” served…and not just partial justice including a premature execution of Timothy McVeigh, according to Rohrabacher’s report…we’re obviously being given half-truths in this case, and that is huge aggravation upon the sensibilities of the concerned American Public. Like so many other recent incidents…this case should be fully re-investigated.

Congressman Rohrabacher’s findings in the “Chairman’s Report” are dismissive of Nichol’s assertion of FBI involvement, yet he casts strong suspicions upon the FBI’s quickness to dismiss a John Doe Two connection to any larger group of possible conspirators. This professing of doubt upon Nichols’ statement followed by a virtual damnation of FBI investigative process AGAIN adds fuel to the fire…and though at the time of the report of the chairman on this event he has been kept in silence…Nichols HAS come out to reveal the name of at least one potential FBI agent provocateur in his mid-February deposition…I wonder if anyone will follow up?


PS: In the chairman’s report, you’ll also get a glimpse at Operation Bojinka, a plot hatched way back in 1995 (or earlier) to hijack and fly airliners into government buildings…I’m most interested in the significance of the time frame in which this plot was discovered…and why this idea of using plane’s to knock over buildings was still “foreign” to people who claim in the 9/11 investigation that airplanes had never been thought to be used in that manner…again, just curious.

UPDATE #1: This link was submitted in response to the Digg article and I think it has highly relevant and interesting information.

This is an analysis performed shortly after the incident…interesting material.


6 Responses to “New OKC Bombing Revelations!!!”

  1. balkanbalkan said

    The more I live, the more I look around, the more I doubt. Especially in neocons way of ruling the country and the world. I often ask myself, what happened to Osama, is he alive or dead, what has this government done to stop terrorism, is the treat not greater now than it was ever before. Terrible!

  2. jeremiasx said

    Well we obviously started off on the wrong foot back in the beginning of the “War on Terror” by not prosecuting and exposing the complicity of the Pakistani ISI in regards to the 9/11 events. I hope more is revealed on that significant bit of info that most people have glossed over, giving Pakistan carte blanche until just this week when Cheney finally dogged them out (for the good of his public image I guess.)

  3. dogster said

    I don’t understand how the FBI can keep the video evidence sealed for so long.

    On what grounds is this evidence sealed?

  4. DaveS said

    Meh… it isn’t shocking that a defense lawyer would plant the seeds of belief in a bigger conspiracy. I’m not saying that there may not have been one, but… you know… conflicts of interests, etc.

    If you want a good conspiracy theory, go read on the Iraq/Hussein-OKC conspiracies. Those are actually pretty compelling. There is a book, which I haven’t read, that is supposed to be pretty good.

    I don’t know if I endorse the theories or not, but I may read it at some point.

  5. jeremiasx said

    Dave: You are just glimpsing one part of a much larger play…keep digging through my posts…they all have the same theme. The actors faces change…but the game remains the same.

  6. Alex said

    Thank You

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