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Reality TV Makes a Comeback

Posted by jeremiasx on February 26, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe again to go back about your old mannerisms of living without the constant surveillance which is so necessary to our national security, at least when not at an airport…

We have now learned from reliable sources (FoxNews Story HERE) that significant advances in remote surveillance technology, especially regarding pseudo-artificial “intelligence” software that will allow the critical data to be interpreted at almost “HAL-like” abilities…


are coming to production even now, as I sit here sipping homemade wine and listening to the Eagles on my headset…the wifey is reading a book.

I might as well fill you in on these mundane details of life, because if it were ever deemed necessary to have moments of privacy, one would assume they were in their personal life.

This, irregardless of the most seemingly unrational or eccentric of behaviors exhibited by probably each and every red-blooded American in these blonde-haired blue eyed corn-fed United States of Amuhricah…did you know that most each and every person in this nation is a criminal under some obscure piece of outdated legislation that is to be found on virtually any lexicon in any locale? We’re all criminals I’d safely bet if we carried out our lives in anything less than a robot-like fashion which might seem soothing to such figures as Pat Robertson or Bill O’Reilly (even though I secretly fantasize him as the strapping Bill O’Reilly fantasy machine one envisions in light of Steven Colbert’s shamelessly photoshopped pic of him on the Colbert Report…LOL)

We all despaired when shows like “The Osbournes” and “Big Brother” went into syndication…but now we’ll have every bit of material that anyone could ever have dreamed of…through the powers of technology. Hopefully the NSA will share…Hallelujah.

So beware if you slouch, or pick your nose, or scratch your crotch, or fan your farts….you might just be the next joke at the water cooler in the NSA…

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