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BBC debunks BBC complicity in 9/11…

Posted by jeremiasx on February 28, 2007

The head of BBC news has come out publicly, bravely…to defend his assertion that the BBC was NOT part of the 9/11 “conspiracy” other than reporting what they felt was news at the time…you know, reporting a building had fallen 23 minutes in advance.


I’m personally glad that they came out with such a STRONG defense and a potential way to call the video archived footage fraudulent because they of course DON’T HAVE a single copy of original 9/11 footage available anymore. Thank you sir…I want to send you a Christmas card. You have NO idea what you have just done for us.

8 Responses to “BBC debunks BBC complicity in 9/11…”

  1. James said

    You call their a response a “strong” defense? Seriously, they claimed they had lost the tapes on the most infamous day of them all.

    He gives no proof at all how about looking around a bit?

  2. jeremiasx said

    I use sarcasm a lot James…lol…if you view all my other posts you’ll understand.

  3. Channing said

    Yes, indeed, the response of this BBC person was the real “cock up”.

    Seems like once you have the guys one the run, they are likely to make more mistakes. We must therefore keep up the pressure!

  4. hairybeast said

    now that PL9 has been all botted to shit by the lunatic Lubbock we have taken to gathering in “Washington Watch 6” BTW

  5. jeremiasx said

    Thanks man…appreciate the tip.

  6. Andrewft65 said

    I think the BBC involvement is cock-up rather than conspiracy. The reporter in New York was waffling, the studio had all the info.

    As a matter of interest, I used to listen to the London Police radio transmissions, often breaking news reports would be accurate (from similar interception of Police radio) only to be fudged later, buy official press releases.

    My take on WTC7 is that the decision was made to demolish the building (for what ever reason, and by whom?) at a very late stage, and on the hurry-up. The senior officials in the fire department being complicit, everyone wanting to avoid uncomfortable questions. Obviously there is a cover-up going on. But how far it goes… “God help us all !”

  7. J Richards said

    The BBC blog that carried that “strong defence” has garnered an overwhelmingly negative response. How much longer they’ll let this corner of their machine be polluted by such truth-seeking remains to be seen, but it does show a lot of us have become informed and done our research despite the Beeb’s best efforts.

  8. […] the event that he has since used as his reason for the program. Uncanny…kind of like the BBC reporting that WTC 7 collapsed twenty minutes early. The whole business is just unraveling now, isn’t […]

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