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Impeachment Vs. Revolution

Posted by jeremiasx on March 9, 2007


2 Responses to “Impeachment Vs. Revolution”

  1. stoneforest said

    Hey jermiasx. I listened to your video blog. Very well written and spoken. Good points and excellent historical references. I don’t think the president should be impeached though. Just like Clinton shouldn’t have been over an affair (not to equate the circumstances themselves).

    I don’t think he deliberately misled the public. Was he wrong in the information he used, probably. Was it guided by “group think”? Probably. We don’t impeach for bad decisions, we just don’t re-elect, even if it’s considered to be monumental by many. What you state as intent is conjecture based on rhetoric from both sides of the aisle, like the conversations on “cross-fire”. It’s one thing to say its illegal, it’s another to say there was inent without proof.


  2. matt said

    Good video! These criminals deliberately misled us into a war for profit. They would love nothing more than to extend it to Iran too. There have already been way too many inconsistencies in stories and questionable (and blatantly criminal) actions performed by this administration. Bush leads us into war on lies, awards no-bid contract to his cronies in the oil industry, spies illegally on Americans then admits to it, commits WAR CRIMES (torture…), removes Habeas Corpus, plays the media patsies to drum up support for an attack in Iran (looming now, boys and girls), and so many more criminal acts. I will not even go into 9/11 and the blatant inconsistencies in the “official report” and the fact that facts were removed preventing proper analysis… Anyway, Dick then Bush should be impeached, tried and punished for their crimes against America, The World and Humanity in general…

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