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VLOG 3-8-07

Posted by jeremiasx on March 9, 2007

Enjoy, feel free to comment…but don’t be too harsh…I’m not a TV personality and this is my first foray into the video blogging world. I mainly put out my most important talking points in this first one. Expect more in the near future, with further explanations of the subjects I’ve discussed.

5 Responses to “VLOG 3-8-07”

  1. Hi,

    Overall, not bad at all. Causally looking up and down at the script worked. Generally, your eyes weren’t too busy and you spoke well, with only a minor glitch here or there, and no over acting. I would read it aloud at least three times, inserting any words you add while doing so for clarity. You might try smiling, at the beginning, or end, you choose. Solemn is good, glum and foreboding isn’t, if the idea is to reach the largest audience possible.

    Compositionally, other than Clinton, who’s long gone, your points sounded like a cross between Reid/Pelosi and Noam Chomsky. Not exactly a non partisan wish list.

    BTW, US attorney’s serve at the will of the president. Clinton fired 100% of Bush#1’s group. Bush#2 did not, and like other get along moves, this one failed.

    Waiting for #2.


  2. jeremiasx said

    Thanks for your comments…while the people you mentioned might hold a FEW of my views…by and large I don’t agree with many of the planks of the Democratic Party platform…especially on matters of conscience and freedoms for the individual.

    I have stated before as in the video that I have no political affiliation to any party because no party accurately represents the majority of my beliefs…I am an American first and foremost…to hell with being pigeon-holed into extremist ideologies.

    As far as the attorney scandal goes…it’s the reasons that they were fired (late into the administration, as opposed to a mass sweep which happened under Clinton) and the attempt to circumvent the usual 120-day temporary appointment prior to Congressional confirmation that was disturbing.

    Interestingly enough, today Gonzales and the Justice Department are waging a war against the FBI over Patriot Act abuses which leads me to believe that they are trying to deflect a lot of the criticism over the attorney firing scandal. It’s an obvious political move, and won’t go anywhere other than enlightening the public to the fact that the problems in the Executive Branch are pandemic in regards to the abuses against civil liberties.

    Glad to see you back in the comment box.

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  5. stoneforest said

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