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Bush’s Atrocities Enumerated

Posted by jeremiasx on March 18, 2007

In my history of following political scandals and interesting wrongdoings by various administrations I have never found a modern government which was as wantonly rife with corruption and despotism as the current administration. I have a hard time figuring out why exactly people voted for Bush in the first place, and an even harder time wondering why some THIRTY PERCENT of Americans actually bring themselves to say that they approve of the administrations performance overall. Where do these people live? What are they smoking? I think they get better stuff than I do…they must.

Here is a list of the current scandals which effectively still swirl around the Bush-Cheney team…not in any particular order, and not necessarily all crimes (normally) but they all certainly seem to ring true as serious diversions from upright political behavior. Some of them are merely guilt by association, but hey, that’s the same standard we have applied to so-called “enemy combatants” in Gitmo, and I think Bush deserves to be scrutinized with roughly the same “Justice” as he has seen fit to mete out to others…so here goes.

1. Stealing two elections…the first one through the cunning use of the SCOTUS, political influence in his brother’s state, and outright vote theft perpetrated by using Diebold machines to flop Ohio vote counts. The second one…by using Diebold again, and also running against his cousin and fellow Skull and Bones member John Kerry didn’t hurt his chances of re-election much either..

2. Imposing “No Child Left Behind” as a policy for supposedly bettering education systems nationwide, under funding it, and then putting the entire burden on the states without allowing them time to sift through the legal nightmares which any sane person would have assumed to have come from this juggernaut legislation.

3. Being warned that Osama Bin Laden was out of control, planning attacks against America, specifically being warned of impending attacks, and doing nothing to prevent them.

4. Participation in 9/11 through at the very LEAST gross neglect of duty and circumvention of common sense in responding to the attacks, though we’d like to see the whole situation thoroughly re-investigated to find out just how culpable the higher administration officials most likely are. The author thinks they’re guilty in more than one way, but time will be the judge on this one.

5. Capitalizing on the tragedy of 9/11 to usher through highly unconstitutional legislation known as the USA PATRIOT act…and creating another larger than life bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security instead of streamlining and coordinating existing government efforts to enforce all the laws we already had on the books for fighting terrorism.

6. Seeking to actively prevent a thorough investigation into 9/11 and delaying it for years after the event, thereby possibly allowing the ravages of time and the idiocy of men to obscure all the facts surrounding this highly needed accountability and fact-finding investigation concerning the largest mass murder in U.S. History…and only funding it with a fraction of what was spent by NASA to investigate the explosion of a space shuttle…a fraction of what was spent to investigate Bill Clinton’s blowjob…a fraction of what was spent in all on the OJ trial, for God’s sakes…I’ll get off it now, but this seriously pisses me off.

7. Lying to the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq.

8. Invading the sovereign country of Iraq in violation of the Geneva Conventions of War, of which the United States is a founding signatory. In the context of history, this is an ultimate irony because the first convention dealt with wars of aggression against nations…which is what we did to Iraq, and what we condemned the NAZIS for doing in Poland in 1939.

9. Violating the basic human rights of enemy POWs in Iraq at Abu Ghraib by putting out vague memos which seemed to justify extreme methods of interrogation and torture.

10. Violating the basic human rights of “enemy combatants” (who are actually POWs but the Bush regime refuses to acknowledge them as such because they didn’t have uniforms on) and torturing them, holding them for years without a military tribunal to determine their status as detainees, and denying actual U.S. citizens the right to habeas corpus, even though there is no insurrection or rebellion at present.

11. Circumventing existing FISA laws regarding domestic wiretapping, lying to Congress through subordinates about the actual application of the wiretaps, and the claim that the administration wasn’t seeking to circumvent FISA even though they obviously did by having the NSA put the taps on without a court order, and thereby violating the Fourth Amendment right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

12. Stacking the judiciary mid-term with loyal political hench who would do the bidding of the Bush administration when and how they were told…firing competent US Prosecutors, and then besmirching their names and careers by claiming they were fired for performance reasons, when they were obviously doing their jobs just fine…and had received multiple awards in recent memory, some of them…

I guess that’s the dirty dozen of Bush’s screw-ups…I won’t bother with Plame-gate and others that keep popping up…these have all been proven beyond a reasonable doubt…and that’s the Reader’s Digest version…I plan to update this post from time to time and keep you all clued in as to the progress on each of these horrid offenses. I hope that accountability might be restored to the American Government, and that we might thereby rest a little easier at night knowing that the Captain isn’t hell-bent on a collision course with an iceberg while we sleep. These guys have to go, folks…they’re going to destroy our country.


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