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Video Blog: Impeach Bush!

Posted by jeremiasx on April 24, 2007


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Neocons and Israel

Posted by jeremiasx on April 4, 2007

What deludes Neocons (those militant, ultra-right wing, Jacobite, Zionist numbskulls whose leaders are people like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith, and ultimately GW Bush) into believing that they have ever been in any wise close to the mainstream of conservative thought?

They propose big government, global interventionism (usually on behalf of Israel or it’s interests while disguised as “Anti-Terror” campaigns), and the erosion of American civil liberties in Draconic measure and proportion while claiming that they are the voice of a responsible conservative group…this makes no sense to me. They are not defenders of individual liberty or freedom, and they would most likely enjoy seeing all of us under the eternal bondage of wage slavery or military indentured servitude if you follow their thinking to the obvious end, which is an apocalyptic bizarre-o-world where Israel soaks up the wealth of the world while all other nations fight to protect it’s existence.

What makes them successful in their corruption of the once largely democratic process of our constitutional republic? How and why are they allowed to continue to operate in plain view without more people rising up against their wicked plans and desires? Is it the billions of dollars that the Zionist interests and their counterparts in the military-industrial complex pump into the coffers of both major parties? Probably.

What manner of allegiance does the United States of America owe to Israel in any case? What have they done for us? We send them billions in foreign aid every year, we constantly defend them from the threat of virtual extinction, and how do they repay us? I’ve not seen one thing that Israel has done for the United States that deserves any of the aid which we bestow upon this radical nation of people who are, at best, living in a military theocracy…they are not a bastion of democracy…every policy they have made towards the Palestinians and Arabs, who are a majority of their population, seems to reinforce that sad fact. The Israeli Knesset recently passed a law very similar to the old Alien and Sedition acts here in our distant past…any Arab dissenter will lose their citizenship, just for criticizing the actions of their government. Is that democracy in action?

How far and how sad has been the fall from the once glorious kingdom of Solomon the Wise…a kingdom of conscience, a kingdom of peace. Yet such is the consistent history of Israel throughout the Old Testament…they can’t seem to keep moving in a positive direction for more than a generation. (Read Kings and Chronicles, if you doubt this assertion.)

I know of countless times that our government has saved the state of Israel from it’s own irrational actions and policies prior to the Bush regime, but it seems that we have completely reversed the trend towards conciliatory dialogue and peace initiatives that seemed to be the hallmark of the Clinton-Albright era of foreign diplomacy with the region. Basically, since Bush has been in office, we’ve had a “hands-off” approach with Israel and acted towards all its neighbors with a “gloves-off” approach.

I’ll post the usual disclaimer for you “one-trick pony” detractors who will call me an “Anti-Semite” or “Jew Hater” because that’s just patently false. I have many American friends who are Jewish and when I ask them how to defend Israel’s policies…they can’t, won’t…or don’t bother because in their hearts they know they are indefensible. However, to be totally frank with you, most of MY Jewish friends are not Zionists in any way. In fact, most of them could care less about Israel.

Your thoughts?

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The Strange Tale of David Hicks

Posted by jeremiasx on April 3, 2007

I’ve followed most of the proceedings down at Guantanamo with continued interest, as they represent the “first-fruits” of our trillion-plus dollar “War on Terror” and have produced very hazy, if indeed credible at all, results…allow me to submit to you, the reader, the strange case of David Hicks, the Australian Sheepherding Al Qaeda.

Mr. Hicks was detained while fleeing in Afghanistan in a taxi…he has admitted to (under threat of death and nearly certain torture) that he guarded a TANK for the Taliban in Afghanistan during the weeks following the 9/11 attacks in which the US Army distinguished itself during the three week war for military control of the Afghanistan Opium-Oil Pipeline territory. I have a friend who served in special forces who was training anti-Taliban forces over there and finally got back a little bit ago.

One of the methods employed in the pursuit of dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists was the “bounty system” of the old West days…you know, if you see an Al Qaeda and turn him in, we’ll give you a couple hundred bucks which will basically make you rich in an impoverished country like Afghanistan…plenty of folks took us up on that offer, and now we know that hundreds of Gitmo detainees have been released due to absolutely NO evidence of any wrongdoing…they were merely sold to the US for those aforementioned bounties…repatriated home years later after torture and solitary confinement, no trial, no hope of trial, no known date of return to their lives…I leave the rest to your imagination.

David Hicks is the FIRST person to be charged with any crime and brought to trial at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…several hundred inmates are incarcerated as enemy combatants and have still not been made aware of charges brought against them…I would think that the first case they chose to prosecute might be, you know…a “slam dunk” or something…but check this out…David Hicks decided that instead of going up against the adversarial US Military Tribunal System, a travesty of justice which has lowered the bar for it’s standards of judiciary conduct to the bottom rung, complete with one of the lowest standards of evidence (including hearsay and secret evidence) as a means to convict, Mr. Hicks wisely chose not to fight and instead to plead guilty to a charge of “lending material support to Al Qaeda” for his role in meeting with Osama Bin Laden, and ostensibly for guarding that tank we mentioned earlier. As part of the deal with Australia for expediting his trial and release from Club Gitmo (as Rush Limbaugh fans call it – they even sell T-shirts) he agreed to a media blackout and to not bring claims against the US Government for the nearly certain tortures he faced there.

Is this what all our taxpayer dollars and all our international image has suffered for? A charge of “lending material support” which is only punishable by less prison time than selling a rock of crack cocaine? It’s a seven year sentence…that would equate to something like a Class D felony…TAX CRIMINALS get stiffer penalties than this guy…lol…and here we’ve wasted all this money and allowed our sense of pride as keepers of liberty and justice to melt down in front of the whole world for it.

Now Mr. Hicks will face a new dilemna at home…he will serve the short remainder of his sentence (I believe about 9 months plus time served at Gitmo) at home in Australia…the problem for the US Government lies here…Mr. Hicks may not have to stay silent for fear of US reprisals, as the Aussie government doesn’t seem interested in enforcing any gag order, which was a slap in the face of freedom of speech in the first place. Even Mr. Hick’s own FATHER was covered under the gag rule, which is preposterous, as he is not charged with any crime and is only subject to the rules, edicts, and constitutions of Australian jurisprudence, and has not been indicted by the US at any rate, nor should he be allowed to be.

Full Story – Sydney Morning Herald if you’d like to read up on it…

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9/11 Truth Movement Goes Mainstream

Posted by jeremiasx on April 2, 2007

It’s been a long time coming, but it appears that the 9/11 Truth Movement is finally gaining more friends in the mainstream (who aren’t afraid to speak their minds when they get a forum) and I think our main sounding board is coming from quite an unusual place…The View television show with Barbara Walters and Rosie O’Donnel and a couple other women who I don’t know. Today Rosie went on a 9 minute rant about WTC 7 and some of the more glaring indiscrepencies surrounding the official 9/11 STORY. Her blog had another minute or two devoted to the same subject.

Mark Cuban, the owner of an MLB Baseball team is financing a studio version of “Loose Change” which is an interesting documentary made by a couple of kids (google it if you want to see it it’s free) who ask some pretty serious questions about holes in the story too…from the mouths of children. Charlie Sheen is set to narrate, and already the Neocon attack dogs like Bill O’Reilly are barking like crazy to try to bully and intimidate Sheen, Cuban, and others from spreading anything which questions the official government mantra: which is…that 19 radicals directed by a madman from the batcave in Afghanistan were able to systematically HOODOO the ENTIRE US DEFENSE STRUCTURE, INTELLIGENCE SECTOR, FBI, FAA, NORAD, and the COMMANDERS IN CHIEF (bush and cheney) for OVER TWO HOURS…(if you believe that BULLSHIT, then here’s a tin-foil hat…you need one.) I’ve never claimed to know the EXACT who, what, where, when and why…but I have a couple ideas…and LOTS of questions. So should anyone who takes an honest look at the whole stinking deal.

I personally do not care who is repeating our talking points on the air…I’m not a Rosie O’Donnel fan…I’m not even much of a “typical liberal” really…I just hope that people will listen and THINK about things because there is a great deal to think about, and questions that are long overdue for being answered honestly and investigated more thoroughly. I submit these earlier posts from my blog for your consideration.

A Call for a New 9/11 Investigation (Long Overdue)
Questions Remain On WTC 7 – SERIOUS QUESTIONS
9/11 Victims’ Families Press For Truth – Movie

PLEASE discuss the events of 9/11 with your friends and your family…I know it’s hard, and no one likes to open a can of worms because it’s tough when people accuse you of being a “loony” or a “conspiracy nut” but we need to honestly discuss the disparities between the obvious evidence and what was presented by the 9/11 commission…the obvious and disconcerting actions of government officials DURING AND AFTER that day…especially in regards to their refusal to answer questions under oath, with a transcript, or even allowing NOTES to be taken…there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with that approach to transparency…in fact, it’s UTTER SECRECY and the American people deserve the truth. We are grown enough to handle it and understand it. We are also prepared to prosecute all the parties involved, not just the convenient ones that we don’t know and won’t ever need to know. We must make a stand…for the sake of truth, for the sake of national integrity, and for the sake of all the dead. They deserve the truth to be told as well. God give us the strength and the wisdom to discern the truth. 

PS: Call or write your senator AND congressman TODAY and DEMAND a new inquiry be made into 9/11…fully independent and fully funded. I’ve written my Arkansas representatives and senators and asked the same, more than once. Perhaps if they get a mountain of constituent mail/email they will take us seriously. Leave no stone unturned, accept no substitutes, and never rest until we get the truth.

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You Call THAT Humiliation???

Posted by jeremiasx on April 1, 2007



Call that humiliation?

No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings. These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch

Terry Jones
Saturday March 31, 2007
The Guardian

I share the outrage expressed in the British press over the treatment of our naval personnel accused by Iran of illegally entering their waters. It is a disgrace. We would never dream of treating captives like this – allowing them to smoke cigarettes, for example, even though it has been proven that smoking kills. And as for compelling poor servicewoman Faye Turney to wear a black headscarf, and then allowing the picture to be posted around the world – have the Iranians no concept of civilised behaviour? For God’s sake, what’s wrong with putting a bag over her head? That’s what we do with the Muslims we capture: we put bags over their heads, so it’s hard to breathe. Then it’s perfectly acceptable to take photographs of them and circulate them to the press because the captives can’t be recognised and humiliated in the way these unfortunate British service people are.

It is also unacceptable that these British captives should be made to talk on television and say things that they may regret later. If the Iranians put duct tape over their mouths, like we do to our captives, they wouldn’t be able to talk at all. Of course they’d probably find it even harder to breathe – especially with a bag over their head – but at least they wouldn’t be humiliated.And what’s all this about allowing the captives to write letters home saying they are all right? It’s time the Iranians fell into line with the rest of the civilised world: they should allow their captives the privacy of solitary confinement. That’s one of the many privileges the US grants to its captives in Guantánamo Bay.

The true mark of a civilised country is that it doesn’t rush into charging people whom it has arbitrarily arrested in places it’s just invaded. The inmates of Guantánamo, for example, have been enjoying all the privacy they want for almost five years, and the first inmate has only just been charged. What a contrast to the disgraceful Iranian rush to parade their captives before the cameras!

What’s more, it is clear that the Iranians are not giving their British prisoners any decent physical exercise. The US military make sure that their Iraqi captives enjoy PT. This takes the form of exciting “stress positions”, which the captives are expected to hold for hours on end so as to improve their stomach and calf muscles. A common exercise is where they are made to stand on the balls of their feet and then squat so that their thighs are parallel to the ground. This creates intense pain and, finally, muscle failure. It’s all good healthy fun and has the bonus that the captives will confess to anything to get out of it.

And this brings me to my final point. It is clear from her TV appearance that servicewoman Turney has been put under pressure. The newspapers have persuaded behavioural psychologists to examine the footage and they all conclude that she is “unhappy and stressed”.

What is so appalling is the underhand way in which the Iranians have got her “unhappy and stressed”. She shows no signs of electrocution or burn marks and there are no signs of beating on her face. This is unacceptable. If captives are to be put under duress, such as by forcing them into compromising sexual positions, or having electric shocks to their genitals, they should be photographed, as they were in Abu Ghraib. The photographs should then be circulated around the civilised world so that everyone can see exactly what has been going on.

As Stephen Glover pointed out in the Daily Mail, perhaps it would not be right to bomb Iran in retaliation for the humiliation of our servicemen, but clearly the Iranian people must be made to suffer – whether by beefing up sanctions, as the Mail suggests, or simply by getting President Bush to hurry up and invade, as he intends to anyway, and bring democracy and western values to the country, as he has in Iraq.

(Article resposted from The Guardian UK, by Terry Jones, member of Monty Python Troupe, director, actor, and author)

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