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The Strange Tale of David Hicks

Posted by jeremiasx on April 3, 2007

I’ve followed most of the proceedings down at Guantanamo with continued interest, as they represent the “first-fruits” of our trillion-plus dollar “War on Terror” and have produced very hazy, if indeed credible at all, results…allow me to submit to you, the reader, the strange case of David Hicks, the Australian Sheepherding Al Qaeda.

Mr. Hicks was detained while fleeing in Afghanistan in a taxi…he has admitted to (under threat of death and nearly certain torture) that he guarded a TANK for the Taliban in Afghanistan during the weeks following the 9/11 attacks in which the US Army distinguished itself during the three week war for military control of the Afghanistan Opium-Oil Pipeline territory. I have a friend who served in special forces who was training anti-Taliban forces over there and finally got back a little bit ago.

One of the methods employed in the pursuit of dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists was the “bounty system” of the old West days…you know, if you see an Al Qaeda and turn him in, we’ll give you a couple hundred bucks which will basically make you rich in an impoverished country like Afghanistan…plenty of folks took us up on that offer, and now we know that hundreds of Gitmo detainees have been released due to absolutely NO evidence of any wrongdoing…they were merely sold to the US for those aforementioned bounties…repatriated home years later after torture and solitary confinement, no trial, no hope of trial, no known date of return to their lives…I leave the rest to your imagination.

David Hicks is the FIRST person to be charged with any crime and brought to trial at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…several hundred inmates are incarcerated as enemy combatants and have still not been made aware of charges brought against them…I would think that the first case they chose to prosecute might be, you know…a “slam dunk” or something…but check this out…David Hicks decided that instead of going up against the adversarial US Military Tribunal System, a travesty of justice which has lowered the bar for it’s standards of judiciary conduct to the bottom rung, complete with one of the lowest standards of evidence (including hearsay and secret evidence) as a means to convict, Mr. Hicks wisely chose not to fight and instead to plead guilty to a charge of “lending material support to Al Qaeda” for his role in meeting with Osama Bin Laden, and ostensibly for guarding that tank we mentioned earlier. As part of the deal with Australia for expediting his trial and release from Club Gitmo (as Rush Limbaugh fans call it – they even sell T-shirts) he agreed to a media blackout and to not bring claims against the US Government for the nearly certain tortures he faced there.

Is this what all our taxpayer dollars and all our international image has suffered for? A charge of “lending material support” which is only punishable by less prison time than selling a rock of crack cocaine? It’s a seven year sentence…that would equate to something like a Class D felony…TAX CRIMINALS get stiffer penalties than this guy…lol…and here we’ve wasted all this money and allowed our sense of pride as keepers of liberty and justice to melt down in front of the whole world for it.

Now Mr. Hicks will face a new dilemna at home…he will serve the short remainder of his sentence (I believe about 9 months plus time served at Gitmo) at home in Australia…the problem for the US Government lies here…Mr. Hicks may not have to stay silent for fear of US reprisals, as the Aussie government doesn’t seem interested in enforcing any gag order, which was a slap in the face of freedom of speech in the first place. Even Mr. Hick’s own FATHER was covered under the gag rule, which is preposterous, as he is not charged with any crime and is only subject to the rules, edicts, and constitutions of Australian jurisprudence, and has not been indicted by the US at any rate, nor should he be allowed to be.

Full Story – Sydney Morning Herald if you’d like to read up on it…

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