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Neocons and Israel

Posted by jeremiasx on April 4, 2007

What deludes Neocons (those militant, ultra-right wing, Jacobite, Zionist numbskulls whose leaders are people like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith, and ultimately GW Bush) into believing that they have ever been in any wise close to the mainstream of conservative thought?

They propose big government, global interventionism (usually on behalf of Israel or it’s interests while disguised as “Anti-Terror” campaigns), and the erosion of American civil liberties in Draconic measure and proportion while claiming that they are the voice of a responsible conservative group…this makes no sense to me. They are not defenders of individual liberty or freedom, and they would most likely enjoy seeing all of us under the eternal bondage of wage slavery or military indentured servitude if you follow their thinking to the obvious end, which is an apocalyptic bizarre-o-world where Israel soaks up the wealth of the world while all other nations fight to protect it’s existence.

What makes them successful in their corruption of the once largely democratic process of our constitutional republic? How and why are they allowed to continue to operate in plain view without more people rising up against their wicked plans and desires? Is it the billions of dollars that the Zionist interests and their counterparts in the military-industrial complex pump into the coffers of both major parties? Probably.

What manner of allegiance does the United States of America owe to Israel in any case? What have they done for us? We send them billions in foreign aid every year, we constantly defend them from the threat of virtual extinction, and how do they repay us? I’ve not seen one thing that Israel has done for the United States that deserves any of the aid which we bestow upon this radical nation of people who are, at best, living in a military theocracy…they are not a bastion of democracy…every policy they have made towards the Palestinians and Arabs, who are a majority of their population, seems to reinforce that sad fact. The Israeli Knesset recently passed a law very similar to the old Alien and Sedition acts here in our distant past…any Arab dissenter will lose their citizenship, just for criticizing the actions of their government. Is that democracy in action?

How far and how sad has been the fall from the once glorious kingdom of Solomon the Wise…a kingdom of conscience, a kingdom of peace. Yet such is the consistent history of Israel throughout the Old Testament…they can’t seem to keep moving in a positive direction for more than a generation. (Read Kings and Chronicles, if you doubt this assertion.)

I know of countless times that our government has saved the state of Israel from it’s own irrational actions and policies prior to the Bush regime, but it seems that we have completely reversed the trend towards conciliatory dialogue and peace initiatives that seemed to be the hallmark of the Clinton-Albright era of foreign diplomacy with the region. Basically, since Bush has been in office, we’ve had a “hands-off” approach with Israel and acted towards all its neighbors with a “gloves-off” approach.

I’ll post the usual disclaimer for you “one-trick pony” detractors who will call me an “Anti-Semite” or “Jew Hater” because that’s just patently false. I have many American friends who are Jewish and when I ask them how to defend Israel’s policies…they can’t, won’t…or don’t bother because in their hearts they know they are indefensible. However, to be totally frank with you, most of MY Jewish friends are not Zionists in any way. In fact, most of them could care less about Israel.

Your thoughts?

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