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Andrew Card Gets Proper “Honors” At UMass…

Posted by jeremiasx on May 26, 2007

Former Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card found out what those in the days of yore must have felt when they had rotten tomatoes hurled at them by the masses. I hope he got a good dose.

The clip gets good about halfway through as a majority of the honors students and a number of faculty on stage join in the lambasting of this villainous viper. Enjoy.


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We’re Using MORE Gas?!? Huh?

Posted by jeremiasx on May 22, 2007


Ok, which of you assholes out there is being a hog and driving MORE now that gas has risen by another 15 cents a gallon JUST OVER THE WEEKEND? Oh you say you aren’t driving more, but less now? Well that’s not what the oil companies are saying…check it out.

The oil companies are giving the following three reasons for increased gas prices.

  1. Refinery Outages
  2. Lower Fuel Imports
  3. Higher Consumption by Consumers

Ok…so we’ve all paid in an extra $20 BILLION dollars this year in added fuel costs, as a nation…what are they doing with all that extra money? Are they building refineries? Are they repairing existing facilities? What the hell is going on here?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The jump in U.S. gasoline prices this year has so far drained consumers of an extra $20 billion, or about $146 for each passenger car in the country, the Government Accountability Office told Congress on Tuesday.

The national price for regular unleaded gasoline hit a record $3.22 a gallon this week, and is up $1.05 since the beginning of February, according to the Energy Department.

It makes me sick to think of all the money we are collectively being forced to turn over to these robber barons who are bending us over and making us like it. Somehow I don’t think that the present administration is going to do much about it. Enjoy the high gas. Suckers.

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Scientists Gather To Blast Bush Administration…

Posted by jeremiasx on May 14, 2007



The Bush administration has interfered with the work of scientists to such a degree that they have rebuked his efforts in one of the strongest shows of patriotism and fervor for the truth that I have seen in many years. They gathered in a forum today in Washington to discuss the need for more protection for whistleblowers and to attempt to shine the light of accountability upon the villainy of the current and past administrations and its corporate cronies.

The collusion of the US Government and various industries (tobacco, health care, and many other various product industries) stretches the line between criminality and complacency to new limits from time to time, and some of the most celebrated cases were again brought out to tell us what we’ve known but not seemed willing to do much about for years. We’re all being duped and lied to and the current administration along with many in the past have set up the population to remain uninformed or misinformed about a variety of simple truths.

Historical allegations aside, I’m trying to remember a time when I ever heard of any type of serious interference on such a level throughout the scientific community, other than localized instances and even then usually dealing with well-known ethical issues or the government generally refusing to fund projects. Those effects were damaging enough to the pursuit of science, but to understand the scope of the current level of interference I think we should pay attention when we are told by credible academics and other notable members of the scientific community that over 450 climate scientists claimed there was a demonstrable interference with their work for obvious political reasons by the Bush administration. That is just ONE sector of the scientific community, and those numbers along with thousands of others from several agencies paint a grim picture of a government which is not acting in the interest of the people by suppressing and altering the truth. The Bush administration was the focus today, and the evidence overwhelmingly indicts them as meddling partisan dimwits who believe the scientific community is filled with pushovers and geeks who would quietly submit to its egregious and unsolicited influence.

In a free society, how can the truth be known if the truth can not be sought out without the manipulation of partisan political influence? In matters of public interest, when there is a compelling reason to do so (such as not allowing the live dissection of death row inmates…I know that’s preposterous but it illustrates my point while not being as “grey” as stem-cell research) only in those instances should the government interfere in ANY level of the scientific process.

The other factor alluded to by today’s participants, and I reiterate it because it is applicable to the lives of some of my friends…is a chilling effect when it comes to pursuing careers in the scientific disciplines. Imagine you are a recent graduate of a university with a science degree and an ambition to study the world and report newly discovered truths or evidences to your fellow man…if you are entering the job market in the next two years of the Bush reign of intellectual perversion and subversion what can you expect to encounter upon your quest? Maybe something like what’s happened to most of your contemporaries who make these continual allegations…grants being pulled without cause or notice, people with questionable academic credentials refuting your work for the sake of political commentary, or just getting completely shut down with ideologically misguided legislation or even simple signing statements by the Executive Branch…is this a viable milieu for the fostering of scientific progress? Who wants to grow up to be part of a phony political agenda as a puppet or a paid (or muted) mouthpiece in the scientific community instead of being allowed to pursue the dream of all those who dream of exploration, discovery, and innovation? The inherent danger is that the will of the government might supplant the necessity of discovery and the dissemination of truth with its own questionable agenda and that is unacceptable on any logical level in the context of education or scientific research.

I’ve traditionally imagined what a government-manipulated scientific community would look like as something distant such as in the times of the Inquisition or the repression of the schools in ancient Athens. There was obvious exertion of undue influence by the government in those eras upon the wills and characters which were involved in those times and instances…history accounts, indicts, and forewarns of all these mishaps and travesties… I never imagined such a repressive environment existing in my own time and generation. It’s like a bad Twilight Zone episode. Though we may sometimes be unaware of our destiny, it’s not hard to envision the consequences of allowing this type of evil to continue without rebuke and revolt. The scientists who gathered today to speak out against it are heroes.

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Attorney-Gate Continues

Posted by jeremiasx on May 12, 2007

WELL…we’re into several months now of the scandal which has been dubbed “Attorney-Gate” by the majority of the blogosphere and MSM…and what do we know so far?

1. 8 U.S. Attorneys were fired in an unprecedented mid-term “Saturday Night Massacre” style by the Department of Justice, headed by former Bush counsel Alberto Gonzales.

2. In attempting to explain the misrepresentation of an interim appointment to Arkansas senator Mark Pryor, Alberto Gonzales and the higher-ups at the Justice Department lied to a member of Congress about their intentions for the placement of Tim Griffin, close friend and associate of Karl Rove. Mark Pryor has called Alberto Gonzales a liar on the floor of the U.S. Senate, a charge which Mr. Gonzales has denied vehemently, saying he did not “lie” but “misspoke.”

3. Attorney General Gonzales “misspoke” to the entire nation in a press conference that HE called to claim complete ignorance of the attorney firings, a charge which he now admits to, after reviewing the mountain of evidence which points to the fact that HE knew and OTHERS knew both in the White House and the DOJ that the attorney firings were going to cause, “political fallout.” Senator Arlen Specter called Gonzales to task and called him everything but a liar in a congressional inquiry.

4. Monica Goodling, graduate extraordinaire of Regent University, a right-wing college founded by Pat Robertson which ranks in the lowest tier of law schools yet boasts the highest number of Bush administration appointees, will be compelled to testify after being granted immunity by Congress and pleading the Fifth Amendment. (Presumably to prevent herself from being prosecuted for CRIMES in the firings or their cover-up.)

For those of you who haven’t kept track, it’s been an interesting play and there have been plenty of bombshells and resignations, but the ultimately guilty parties still walk around in the halls of power with impunity. C’est la vie.

I hope for a little more illumination and a little less bullshit in the coming week of the investigation. Let’s see if Goodling can deliver the goods on Gonzales. (I like that.)

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How To Contact Most Mainstream Media Outlets

Posted by jeremiasx on May 3, 2007

Are you tired of the mainstream media not reporting what YOU think is major news? Call them or write to them…do something proactive instead of just bitching about it. Good Luck!

Media Contact Info:

(Newspapers’ Rankings by Circulation Appear in Parentheses)

Arizona Republic (14)
Address 200 E Van Buren St, Phoenix AZ 85004
Tel 800-331-9303 or 602-444-8000
Fax 602-444-8044
Ombudsman John D'Anna 602-444-2890
Editorial Editor Keven Willey 602-444-8660
Deputy Editorial Editor Ken Western 602-444-8138
Deputy Editorial Editor Paul Schatt 602-444-7718
Deputy Editorial Editor Phil Boas 602-444-8292 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (29)
Address 72 Marietta St NW, Atlanta GA 30302
Tel 404-526-5151
Fax 404-526-5746
Letters (Jim Wooten, letters editor 404-526-5308)
Editorial Page Editor Cynthia Tucker 404-526-5084 
Baltimore Sun (28)
Address 501 N Calvert St, PO Box 1377, Baltimore MD 21278
Tel 800-829-8000 or 410-332-6000
Fax 410-752-6049
Ombudsman Ed Hewitt 1-800-829-8000 Ext 6495 or 410-332-6495
DC Bureau Chief Paul West 202-416-0280
Editorial Page Editor Jacqueline Thomas 410-332-6783 
Boston Globe (12)
Address 135 Morrissey Blvd PO Box 2378, Dorchester MA 02107-2378 
Tel 617-929-2000
Fax 617-929-2098
Ombudsman Christine Chinlund 617-929-3020 Ext 3022
DC Bureau Chief David Shribman 202-857-5137
Deputy DC Bureau Chief John Farrell 202-857-5121
DC Bureau Correspondent Anthony Shadid 202-857-5131
Editorial Page Editor Renee Loth 
Op-Ed Editor Marjorie Pritchard Fax: 617-929-2098/3041
Foreign Editor James Smith 617-929-3018 
Charlotte Observer (42)
Address 600 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28202
Tel 704-358-5000
Fax 704-358-5036
Editorial Page Editor Ed Williams 704-358-5040
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jane Pope 704-358-5059 
Chicago Sun-Times (11)
Address 401 N Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60611
Tel 312-321-3000
Fax 312-321-2120
DC Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet
Editorial Page Editor Steve Huntley  
Chicago Tribune (7)
Address 435 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60611
Tel 312-222-3232
Fax 312-222-2598
Ombudsman Don Wycliff 312-222-3348
DC Bureau Chief William Neikirk 202-824-8214
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Vickie Walton 202-824-8254
Editorial Page Editor R. Bruce Dold 312-222-4440
Deputy Editorial Page Editor John McCormick 
Foreign Editor Colin McMahon 
Deputy Foreign Editor John Adkins  
Christian Science Monitor
Address 1 Norway Street, Boston MA 02115 
Tel 617-450-7034
Fax 617-450-2317
Op-Ed Editor Linda Feldmann or 
DC Bureau Chief David Cook 
Foreign Editor David Clark Scott 
Deputy Foreign Editor Faye Bowers 
Cleveland Plain Dealer (22)
Address 1801 Superior Ave NE, Cleveland OH 44114
Tel 216-999-4500
Fax 216-999-6323
DC Bureau Chief Stephen Koff 
Op-Ed Editor Brent Larkin 216-999-4252 
Dallas Morning News (10)
Address 508 Young St, Dallas TX 75265
Tel 214-977-8222
Fax 214-977-8319
DC Bureau Chief Carl Leubsdorf 
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Kathy Lewis 202-661-8415
Editorial Page Editor Rena Pederson 214-977-8259 
Denver Post (17)
Address 1560 Broadway, Denver CO 80202
Tel 303-820-1010
Fax 303-820-1369
DC Bureau Chief Bill McAllister 
Editorial Page Editor Sue O’Brien 303-820-1935 
Detroit Free Press (21)
Address 600 W Fort St, Detroit MI 48226
Tel 313-222-6600
Fax 313-222-5981
Editorial Page Editor Ron Dzwonkowski  
Detroit News (44)
Address 615 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit MI 48226
Tel 313-222-2300
Fax 313-222-6417
DC Bureau Chief Alison Bethel 202-662-7370
Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley 
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Richard Burr 313-222-2542 
Rocky Mountain News (16)
Address 400 W Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80204
Tel 303-892-5000
Fax 303-892-2568
Editorial Page Editor Vincent Carroll 303-892-5477 
Houston Chronicle (9)
Address 801 Texas Ave, Houston TX 77002
Tel 713-220-7171
Fax 713-220-6806
DC Bureau Chief John Henry 202-393-6880
Editorial Page Editor Frank Michel 713-220-7077
Op-Ed Editor Judy Minshew 713-220-7730 
Indianapolis Star (40)
Address 307 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis IN 46204
Tel 317-633-1240
Fax 317-444-6600
Editorial Page Editor Andrea Neal 317-633-6177 
Los Angeles Times (4)
Address 202 W First St, Los Angeles CA 90012
Tel 800-528-4637 or 213-237-5000
Fax 213-237-4712
Ombudsman 213-554-4000
DC Bureau Chief Doyle McManus 202-861-9231
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Tom McCarthy 
Editorial Page Editor Janet Clayton 213-237-7931
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Judy Dugan 
Op-Ed Editor Bob Berger 
Deputy Op-Ed Editor Claudia Luther  
Miami Herald (25)
Address 1 Herald Plz, Miami FL 33132-1693
Tel 305-350-2111
Fax 305-376-5287
Editorial Page Editor Joe Oglesby 305-376-3505 
Minneapolis Star Tribune (26)
Address 425 Portland Ave, Minneapolis MN 55488
Tel 612-673-4000
Fax 612-673-4359
Ombudsman Lou Gelfand 612-673-4450
DC Bureau Chief David Westphal 202-383-0002
Editorial Page Editor Susan Albright 612-673-4777 
Newsday (8)
Address 235 Pinelawn Rd, Melville NY 11747
Tel 631-843-4000
Fax 631-834-2953
DC Bureau Chief Timothy Phelps 202-626-8475 
New York Daily News (6)
Address 450 W 33rd St New York, NY 10001
Tel 212-210-2100
Fax 212-643-7831
DC Bureau Chief Thomas DeFrank 202-467-6670
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Helen DeFrank 202-467-6670
Editorial Page Editor Richard Schwartz 212-210-2322
Op-Ed Editor Bob Laird 212-210-1614 
New York Post (15)
Address 1211 Ave of the Americas, New York NY 10036
Tel 212-930-8000
Fax 212-930-8540
DC Bureau Chief Deborah Orin 202-393-1787
Editorial Page Editor Bob McManus 212-930-8536 
New York Times (3)
Address 229 W 43rd St, New York NY 10036
Tel 212-556-1234 (DC bureau: 202-862-0300)
Fax 212-556-3690/3622
Foreign Editor Andy Rosenthal 
Asst Foreign Editor Len Apcar 
DC Bureau Chief Jill Abramson 202-862-0324
Editorial Page Editor Gail Collins 
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Philip Boffey
Op-Ed Page Editor Katherine Roberts 212-556-3652 
Orlando Sentinel (35)
Address 633 N Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32801
Tel 407-420-5000
Fax 407-420-5286
Editorial Page Editor Jane Healy 407-420-5406 
Philadelphia Inquirer (19)
Address 400 N Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19130
Tel 215-854-2000
Fax 215-854-5099
Ombudsman Kevin Ferris 215-854-2000
Editorial Page Editor Chris Satullo 215-854-5943
Op-Ed Editor John Timpane 215-854-4406 
Sacramento Bee (32)
Address 2100 Q St, Sacramento CA 95816
Tel 916-321-1000
Fax 916-321-1109
Editorial Page Editor David Holwerk 916-321-1851
Op-Ed Editor Jewel Reilly  
San Diego Union Tribune (20)
Address PO Box 120191, San Diego CA 92112
Tel 619-299-3131
Fax 619-293-1440
DC Bureau Chief George Condon 
Editorial Page Editor Robert Kittle  
San Francisco Chronicle (13)
Address 901 Mission St, San Francisco CA 94103 
Tel 415-777-1111
Ombudsman Dick Rogers 415-777-7870 
San Jose Mercury News (33)
Address 750 Ridder Park Dr, San Jose CA 95190
Tel 408-920-5000
Fax 408-288-8060
Foreign Editor Dan Sneider 408-920-5627
Editorial Page Editor Rob Elder 408-920-5532
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Barbara Vroman 408-920-5542
Op-Ed Editor Jim Braly 
Seattle Times (47)
Address PO Box 70, Seattle WA 98111
Tel 206-464-2111
Fax 206-382-6760
Letters (Diane Albert, letters 
editor 206-464-2050)
Editorial Page Editor James Vesely 206-464-2323
Foreign Editor Jim Mallery 206-464-8268 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (31)
Address 900 N. Tucker Blvd, St. Louis MO 63101
Tel 800 365-0820 or 314 340-8000
Fax 314-340-3139
Ombudsman Carolyn Kingcade 314-340-8250
Letters (Ray Gunter, letters 
editor 314-340-8392)
Editorial Page Editor Christine Bertelson 314-340-8387
Commentary Page Editor Donna Korando 314-340-8391
DC Bureau Chief Jon Sawyer 
Foreign Editor Linda Lockhart 314-340-8298
Foreign Editor Timothy Poor 314-340-8298 
USA Today (2)
Address 7950 Jones Branch Dr, McLean VA 22108
Tel 800-872-0001 or 703-854-3400
Fax 703-
Op-Ed Editor Glen Nishimura  
Wall Street Journal (1)
Address 4300 N Rt. 1, S New Brunswick NJ 08852
Tel 609-520-4000
Fax 609-520-7272
DC Bureau Chief Gerald Seib 202-862-9225
Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot 917-510-2825
Foreign Editor John Bussey  
Washington Post (5)
Address 1150 15th St, NW, Washington DC 20071
Tel 202-334-6000
Fax 202-496-3883
Letters (Martha McAteer, letters editor)
Ombudsman Michael Getler 202-334-7582
Foreign Editor David Hoffman 202-334-5553
Asst Foreign Editors Philip Bennett , 
Andy Mosher 
Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt 
Deputy Editorial Page Editors Colbert King 202-334-7475 , 
Jackson Diehl 202-334-7467
Media Critic Howard Kurtz 202-334-7535 
Washington Times (98) 
Address 3600 New York Ave NE, Washington DC 20002
Tel 202-636-3000
Fax 202-832-2982
Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankley 
Deputy Editorial Page Editor Deborah Simmons
Commentary Page Editor Mary Lou Forbes 202-636-3015
Foreign Editor David Jones 202-636-3222
Media Reporter Jennifer Harper 202-636-3085 
Associated Press Headquarters 
Address 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020  
Tel 212-621-1500 
Fax 212-621-7523  
AP Washington Bureau
Address 2021 K St NW, Washington DC 20006
Tel 202-776-9400
Fax 202-776-9570
Reuters Washington Bureau (Headquarters)
Address 1333 H St NW, Washington DC 20005
Tel 202-898-8300
Fax 202-898-8383
DC Bureau Chief Robert Doherty 202-898-8366 
Address 251 W 57th St, New York NY 10019  
Tel 212-445-4000/4451  
Fax 212-445-5068  
DC Bureau Chief Dan Klaidman 202-626-2073
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Matt Cooper  
Address Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York NY 10020  
Tel 212-522-1212/3551 
Fax 212-522-0323  
DC Bureau Chief Michael Duffy 202-861-4059
Deputy DC Bureau Chief Mathew Cooper 202-861-4046 
U.S. News & World Report  
Address 1050 Thomas Jefferson St., Washington DC 20007  
Tel 202-955-2000  
Fax 202-955-2049  
Editorial Board Editor Mortimer Zuckerman  
ABC News Headquarters 
Address 147 Columbus Ave New York, NY 10023 
Tel 212-456-1000 (DC Bureau 202-222-7777)
Fax 212-456-5962 
ABC News Washington Bureau
Address 1717 DeSales St NW, Washington DC 20036
Tel 202-222-7300
Fax 202-222-7684
DC Bureau Chief Robin Sproul 202-222-7200 
World News Tonight with Peter Jennings 
Tel 212-456-4040  
Fax 212-456-2795  
Anchor Peter Jennings 212-456-4025
Executive Producer Paul Friedman  
Address 1717 DeSales St NW, Washington DC 20036  
Tel 202-222-7000 
Fax 202-222-7976 
Anchor Ted Koppel 202-222-7364
Executive Producer Tom Bettag  
Address 147 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023  
Tel 212-456-2020  
Fax 212-456-0533/1470 
Anchors Barbara Walters 
212-456-7050 , Sam Donaldson , 
Good Morning America 
Address 147 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023  
Tel 212-456-5900  
Fax 212-456-7257/7290
Anchors Charles Gibson , 
Diane Sawyer  
CBS News  
Address 524 W 57th St, New York NY 10019  
Tel 212-975-4321 (DC Bureau 202-457-4385) 
Fax 212-975-1893  
CBS Washington Bureau
Address 2020 M St NW, Washington DC 20036
Tel 202-457-4321
Fax 202-659-2586
DC Bureau Chief Janet Leissner 202-457-4401 
Evening News with Dan Rather 
Tel 212-975-3691 or 202-457-4385  
Fax 212-975-1893 
Executive Producers Jim Murphy, James McGlinchy (DC) 
The Early Show
Address 555 W 57th St, New York NY 10019 
Tel 212-975-2824  
Fax 212-975-2115
Executive Producer Steve Friedman 
60 Minutes 
Address 555 W 57th St, New York NY 10019 
Tel 212-975-2006/3247 
Fax 212-757-6975/2019
Senior Producers Josh Howard, 
Esther Kartiganer, Merri Lieberthal 
60 Minutes II
Address 555 W 57th St, New York NY 10019 
Tel 212-975-6200 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Fager 
CNN Headquarters 
Address One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta GA 30303 
Tel 404-827-1500 
Fax 404-827-1906 
CNN Washington Bureau  
Address 820 First St NE, Washington DC 20002  
Tel 202-898-7900  
Fax 202-898-7923 
DC Bureau Chief Kathryn Kross 
DC Booking Unit (Political) Jill Neff 202-898-7926/7667 , Mark Allen 
Address 820 1st St NE, Washington DC 20002 
Tel 202-898-7655  
Fax 202-898-7611 
Anchors Robert Novak , 
Tucker Carlson , Paul Begala , James Carville 
Executive Producer Jennifer Zeidman  
Larry King Live 
Address 820 1st St NE, Washington DC 20002
Tel 202-898-7690  
Fax 202-898-7686 
Executive Producer Wendy Walker Whitworth  
Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer
Address 820 1st St NE, Washington DC 20002 
Tel 202-898-7621
Fax 202-515-2919
Anchor Wolf Blitzer 202-898-7622
Executive Producer Sam Feist 202-898-7622 
Reliable Sources 
Address 820 1st St NE, Washington DC 20002
Tel 202-898-7620
Fax 202-898-7611
Anchors Howard Kurtz 202-334-7535 , 
Bernard Kalb 
Senior Producer Jennifer Avellinio 
NBC Headquarters 
Address 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112  
Tel 212-664-4444  
Fax 212-664-4426  
NBC Washington Bureau  
Address 4001 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016  
Tel 202-885-4200  
Fax 202-362-2009 
DC Bureau Chief Tim Russert 202-885-4548 
Nightly News with Tom Brokaw 
Address 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 
Tel 212-664-4971/4691 or 202-885-4259  
Fax 201-583-5453  
Anchor Tom Brokaw 212-664-4691
Executive Producer David Corvo 212-664-4850 
Meet the Press
Address 4001 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington DC 20016
Tel 202-885-4598
Fax 202-966-4544
Executive Producer Nancy Nathan  
Today Show 
Address 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 
Tel 212-664-4249 
Fax 212-664-2914  
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Matt Lauer 
Executive Producer Jeff Zucker 212-664-2830 
Dateline NBC
Address 30 Rockefeller Plz, New York NY 10112 
Tel 212-664-7501  
Fax 212-664-7864/7073 
Anchors Jane Pauley , 
Stone Phillips  
Address One MSNBC Plaza, Secaucus NJ 07094  
Tel (201) 583-5000  
Fax (201) 583-5453/5584 
News w Brian Williams 201-583-5030 
(Steven Capus, exec producer 201-583-5102)
Hardball w Chris Matthews 202-783-2615
Ashleigh Banfield  
Address 2200 Fletcher Ave, Fort Lee NJ 07024  
Tel 201-585-2622  
Fax 201-585-6244  
DC Bureau Chief Alan Murray 201-585-2622
Tim Russert Show 202-885-4548 
Barbara Fant, sr producer 202-885-4646)
Rivera Live 201-585-2622 (Bob Fasbender, 
exec producer ) 
Fox News Channel 
Address 1211 Ave of the Americas, New York NY 10036  
Tel 212-301-3000  
Fax 212-301-4229  
Fox Washington Bureau
Address 400 N Capitol St NW Washington, DC 20001
Tel 202-824-6300
Fax 202-824-6426
DC Bureau Chief Kim Hume 
National Public Radio  
Address 635 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20001 
Tel 202-513-2000  
Fax 202-513-3329 
Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin
Foreign Editor Loren Jenkins 202-414-2298
Israel/OT Correspondent Linda Gradstein
Diane Rehm Show 202-885-1200
On The Media (Brian Lehrer, host 212-669-7800) 
Address 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria VA 22314  
Tel 703-739-5000  
Fax 703-739-8458 
News Hour with Jim Lehrer 
Address 3620 South 27th St, Arlington VA 22206  
Tel 703-998-2150  


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Open Letter To My Congressman

Posted by jeremiasx on May 2, 2007

To The Honorable John Boozman,

George Bush has suggested sweeping changes the the 1978 FISA act that he CLAIMS will allow our national intelligence resources greater leverage and latitude in pursuing “terrorists” to “secure the homeland.” I strongly oppose this amendment to FISA…the administration of George Walker Bush has already proven itself UNWORTHY of the tools which were given to it to “fight terrorism.” The war on terror has largely been a farce (it’s a snazzy name for doing things we’ve been doing for years, coupled with a staunch militaristic nationalism that borders on overzealous neo-fascism.)

We have seen the FBI abuse National Security Letters, we’ve seen the NSA abuse wiretapping cases without operating through existing FISA laws (even though FISA turns virtually NO one down for a warrant) and it seems to most level-headed Americans that this Executive Branch has overstepped its authority and constitutional powers by a level which confounds reason and inspires great distrust by the common citizen against his own government. Was this an intentional outcome?

George Bush is a criminal and MUST BE IMPEACHED (I thank you for your response to my suggestion in my last correspondence, and though I know you’re probably walking that partisan line – at least you honored me with a response, and I appreciate that.) If you in Congress are hell-bent on allowing him to stay in power, then he must not be allowed to further subvert the civil liberties of our citizens by yet another attempt at shredding safeguards like FISA. If he is successful…if you allow this…there WILL be consequences. People are getting VERY fed up. I have written our Arkansas senators to let them know that they stand on the verge of losing the confidence of the American People if they can not stand up to this petty tyrant, and I’m going to extend that promise to you personally.

Congress needs to do it’s job…the upper echelon of society is doing well enough and the military-industrial complex is fat and happy, and the investors are doing cartwheels…now, so the legislature should turn it’s attention on how to help the other 90% of society… NOW…you’ve alienated the REST of the country, and WE are the majority. Some of us are NOT silent, and will not be. Justice shall be served. I swear by my own blood that I will not rest until the level of criminality that is pandemic within our current government apparatus is exposed to the masses and rectified by the same…that Truth and The People may prevail. (By the way, I always use nonviolent methods of expression so don’t worry about my fiery rhetoric…it’s harmless until people who listen to me decide they’ve all had enough of this game as well and refuse to operate within the due bounds of law…but I always suggest people obey the law, of course.)

Thank you for your service to the people of Arkansas and I thank you in advance for your defense of the principles which were clearly laid out in the Constitution of the United States of America. We The People deserve adequate representation, and that means that YOU will have to stand your ground against the Executive Branch to insure a reasonable expectation of privacy for all law-abiding US Citizens (which is the problem with the new “anti-terror laws” which devolve our society another step closer to a POLICE STATE…they allow too many transgressions upon the rights of the people without oversight or any type of NORMAL jurisprudence.)

I’m very concerned…we all should be.


Jeremias X (real letter was signed with my real name, of course) (carbon copy)

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