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Open Letter To My Congressman

Posted by jeremiasx on May 2, 2007

To The Honorable John Boozman,

George Bush has suggested sweeping changes the the 1978 FISA act that he CLAIMS will allow our national intelligence resources greater leverage and latitude in pursuing “terrorists” to “secure the homeland.” I strongly oppose this amendment to FISA…the administration of George Walker Bush has already proven itself UNWORTHY of the tools which were given to it to “fight terrorism.” The war on terror has largely been a farce (it’s a snazzy name for doing things we’ve been doing for years, coupled with a staunch militaristic nationalism that borders on overzealous neo-fascism.)

We have seen the FBI abuse National Security Letters, we’ve seen the NSA abuse wiretapping cases without operating through existing FISA laws (even though FISA turns virtually NO one down for a warrant) and it seems to most level-headed Americans that this Executive Branch has overstepped its authority and constitutional powers by a level which confounds reason and inspires great distrust by the common citizen against his own government. Was this an intentional outcome?

George Bush is a criminal and MUST BE IMPEACHED (I thank you for your response to my suggestion in my last correspondence, and though I know you’re probably walking that partisan line – at least you honored me with a response, and I appreciate that.) If you in Congress are hell-bent on allowing him to stay in power, then he must not be allowed to further subvert the civil liberties of our citizens by yet another attempt at shredding safeguards like FISA. If he is successful…if you allow this…there WILL be consequences. People are getting VERY fed up. I have written our Arkansas senators to let them know that they stand on the verge of losing the confidence of the American People if they can not stand up to this petty tyrant, and I’m going to extend that promise to you personally.

Congress needs to do it’s job…the upper echelon of society is doing well enough and the military-industrial complex is fat and happy, and the investors are doing cartwheels…now, so the legislature should turn it’s attention on how to help the other 90% of society… NOW…you’ve alienated the REST of the country, and WE are the majority. Some of us are NOT silent, and will not be. Justice shall be served. I swear by my own blood that I will not rest until the level of criminality that is pandemic within our current government apparatus is exposed to the masses and rectified by the same…that Truth and The People may prevail. (By the way, I always use nonviolent methods of expression so don’t worry about my fiery rhetoric…it’s harmless until people who listen to me decide they’ve all had enough of this game as well and refuse to operate within the due bounds of law…but I always suggest people obey the law, of course.)

Thank you for your service to the people of Arkansas and I thank you in advance for your defense of the principles which were clearly laid out in the Constitution of the United States of America. We The People deserve adequate representation, and that means that YOU will have to stand your ground against the Executive Branch to insure a reasonable expectation of privacy for all law-abiding US Citizens (which is the problem with the new “anti-terror laws” which devolve our society another step closer to a POLICE STATE…they allow too many transgressions upon the rights of the people without oversight or any type of NORMAL jurisprudence.)

I’m very concerned…we all should be.


Jeremias X (real letter was signed with my real name, of course) (carbon copy)

One Response to “Open Letter To My Congressman”

  1. hairybeast said

    Still flogging that impeachment dead horse, we see.

    Well, the Beast says go for it! Never mind that the Dems only control the Senate by one seat (one forgets -how much of a majority does it take to convict a Prez? Two-thirds?) Well, then there’s the inconvenient matter of actual crimes – not imaginary political ones, like Plamegate; real ones, like perjury and such. Oh and lets not forget the time issue, What with Bush due to leave office in about nineteen months or so – think Republicans can tie that process up for a year and a half or so? And wouldn’t that be a triumph – liberals toss Bush out of office two months before he was slated to leave anyway! That would really be worth the effort, wouldn’t it? Exccept for the fact it won’t happen because the Dems don’t have the stomach for it and they don’t have the votes either.

    Anyway, good luck with that! (grin)

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