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Attorney-Gate Continues

Posted by jeremiasx on May 12, 2007

WELL…we’re into several months now of the scandal which has been dubbed “Attorney-Gate” by the majority of the blogosphere and MSM…and what do we know so far?

1. 8 U.S. Attorneys were fired in an unprecedented mid-term “Saturday Night Massacre” style by the Department of Justice, headed by former Bush counsel Alberto Gonzales.

2. In attempting to explain the misrepresentation of an interim appointment to Arkansas senator Mark Pryor, Alberto Gonzales and the higher-ups at the Justice Department lied to a member of Congress about their intentions for the placement of Tim Griffin, close friend and associate of Karl Rove. Mark Pryor has called Alberto Gonzales a liar on the floor of the U.S. Senate, a charge which Mr. Gonzales has denied vehemently, saying he did not “lie” but “misspoke.”

3. Attorney General Gonzales “misspoke” to the entire nation in a press conference that HE called to claim complete ignorance of the attorney firings, a charge which he now admits to, after reviewing the mountain of evidence which points to the fact that HE knew and OTHERS knew both in the White House and the DOJ that the attorney firings were going to cause, “political fallout.” Senator Arlen Specter called Gonzales to task and called him everything but a liar in a congressional inquiry.

4. Monica Goodling, graduate extraordinaire of Regent University, a right-wing college founded by Pat Robertson which ranks in the lowest tier of law schools yet boasts the highest number of Bush administration appointees, will be compelled to testify after being granted immunity by Congress and pleading the Fifth Amendment. (Presumably to prevent herself from being prosecuted for CRIMES in the firings or their cover-up.)

For those of you who haven’t kept track, it’s been an interesting play and there have been plenty of bombshells and resignations, but the ultimately guilty parties still walk around in the halls of power with impunity. C’est la vie.

I hope for a little more illumination and a little less bullshit in the coming week of the investigation. Let’s see if Goodling can deliver the goods on Gonzales. (I like that.)

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