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Scientists Gather To Blast Bush Administration…

Posted by jeremiasx on May 14, 2007



The Bush administration has interfered with the work of scientists to such a degree that they have rebuked his efforts in one of the strongest shows of patriotism and fervor for the truth that I have seen in many years. They gathered in a forum today in Washington to discuss the need for more protection for whistleblowers and to attempt to shine the light of accountability upon the villainy of the current and past administrations and its corporate cronies.

The collusion of the US Government and various industries (tobacco, health care, and many other various product industries) stretches the line between criminality and complacency to new limits from time to time, and some of the most celebrated cases were again brought out to tell us what we’ve known but not seemed willing to do much about for years. We’re all being duped and lied to and the current administration along with many in the past have set up the population to remain uninformed or misinformed about a variety of simple truths.

Historical allegations aside, I’m trying to remember a time when I ever heard of any type of serious interference on such a level throughout the scientific community, other than localized instances and even then usually dealing with well-known ethical issues or the government generally refusing to fund projects. Those effects were damaging enough to the pursuit of science, but to understand the scope of the current level of interference I think we should pay attention when we are told by credible academics and other notable members of the scientific community that over 450 climate scientists claimed there was a demonstrable interference with their work for obvious political reasons by the Bush administration. That is just ONE sector of the scientific community, and those numbers along with thousands of others from several agencies paint a grim picture of a government which is not acting in the interest of the people by suppressing and altering the truth. The Bush administration was the focus today, and the evidence overwhelmingly indicts them as meddling partisan dimwits who believe the scientific community is filled with pushovers and geeks who would quietly submit to its egregious and unsolicited influence.

In a free society, how can the truth be known if the truth can not be sought out without the manipulation of partisan political influence? In matters of public interest, when there is a compelling reason to do so (such as not allowing the live dissection of death row inmates…I know that’s preposterous but it illustrates my point while not being as “grey” as stem-cell research) only in those instances should the government interfere in ANY level of the scientific process.

The other factor alluded to by today’s participants, and I reiterate it because it is applicable to the lives of some of my friends…is a chilling effect when it comes to pursuing careers in the scientific disciplines. Imagine you are a recent graduate of a university with a science degree and an ambition to study the world and report newly discovered truths or evidences to your fellow man…if you are entering the job market in the next two years of the Bush reign of intellectual perversion and subversion what can you expect to encounter upon your quest? Maybe something like what’s happened to most of your contemporaries who make these continual allegations…grants being pulled without cause or notice, people with questionable academic credentials refuting your work for the sake of political commentary, or just getting completely shut down with ideologically misguided legislation or even simple signing statements by the Executive Branch…is this a viable milieu for the fostering of scientific progress? Who wants to grow up to be part of a phony political agenda as a puppet or a paid (or muted) mouthpiece in the scientific community instead of being allowed to pursue the dream of all those who dream of exploration, discovery, and innovation? The inherent danger is that the will of the government might supplant the necessity of discovery and the dissemination of truth with its own questionable agenda and that is unacceptable on any logical level in the context of education or scientific research.

I’ve traditionally imagined what a government-manipulated scientific community would look like as something distant such as in the times of the Inquisition or the repression of the schools in ancient Athens. There was obvious exertion of undue influence by the government in those eras upon the wills and characters which were involved in those times and instances…history accounts, indicts, and forewarns of all these mishaps and travesties… I never imagined such a repressive environment existing in my own time and generation. It’s like a bad Twilight Zone episode. Though we may sometimes be unaware of our destiny, it’s not hard to envision the consequences of allowing this type of evil to continue without rebuke and revolt. The scientists who gathered today to speak out against it are heroes.


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