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We’re Using MORE Gas?!? Huh?

Posted by jeremiasx on May 22, 2007


Ok, which of you assholes out there is being a hog and driving MORE now that gas has risen by another 15 cents a gallon JUST OVER THE WEEKEND? Oh you say you aren’t driving more, but less now? Well that’s not what the oil companies are saying…check it out.

The oil companies are giving the following three reasons for increased gas prices.

  1. Refinery Outages
  2. Lower Fuel Imports
  3. Higher Consumption by Consumers

Ok…so we’ve all paid in an extra $20 BILLION dollars this year in added fuel costs, as a nation…what are they doing with all that extra money? Are they building refineries? Are they repairing existing facilities? What the hell is going on here?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The jump in U.S. gasoline prices this year has so far drained consumers of an extra $20 billion, or about $146 for each passenger car in the country, the Government Accountability Office told Congress on Tuesday.

The national price for regular unleaded gasoline hit a record $3.22 a gallon this week, and is up $1.05 since the beginning of February, according to the Energy Department.

It makes me sick to think of all the money we are collectively being forced to turn over to these robber barons who are bending us over and making us like it. Somehow I don’t think that the present administration is going to do much about it. Enjoy the high gas. Suckers.

One Response to “We’re Using MORE Gas?!? Huh?”

  1. Anonymous said

    its a bunch of bull shit

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