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Why America Is Great.

Posted by jeremiasx on June 4, 2007

I believe that what makes America great is…quite frankly too hard to define in a five hundred word essay…this was a challenge presented to me by a man in a chat room about two minutes ago. He believed that any “liberal thinker” could not possibly write a five hundred word essay about, “Why America Is Great.” My response will take me less than twenty minutes to compose, and forgive me if I tend to ramble:

What makes America great is the fact that we are all allowed to speak our minds about whatever we please…at any time, and in any forum, so long as our speech does not violate any civil prohibitions regarding disturbance of the peace…and even then, the opportunity may be taken so long as it is defended by the First Amendment. I speak regularly to groups of people, small and large, real and online…I speak sometimes when folks would probably rather that I not…but I do it boldly, and I’m unafraid. That is one reason America is great. We only have to be AFRAID if we choose to be. Knowing we are at Liberty to do what we deem best is Freedom at it’s very finest.

The ability for millions of people to live together day by day, each harboring his or her own personal beliefs, however radical or conservative, and that they might live together in the harmony of peace and brotherhood and plenty…that peace which was longed for by generations of men long gone who dreamed of a day when such a world might be possible…that is the collective promise we share.

There is no cause for strife between brothers if one uses their words to cause the mind to consider the most serious issues of our time. Even the good book tells us that we sharpen one another…and great men always seek the advice and counsel of others. Are we so far impressed by the content which is thrust at us in contemporary media to believe that all the great minds and great thoughts out there are exclusive to the realm of professionals?

Of course not, and that’s why we have blogs. Any individual American can sit down and in the space of about twenty minutes put together his thoughts about the world without, hit a button, and publish his mind for the world to appreciate or despise with utter simplicity. Even a monkey can do it. Some do it every day, from what I’ve seen out here in the blogosphere. The freedom of discussion even in cyberspace…makes our country great. Again…that word, Freedom.

We are entitled to live quietly, going about our business and never rocking the boat…we can idly sit by as our country does things we deem personally reprehensible on the most basic spiritual level…OR…we can go into a forum and speak our minds about what we perceive to be the wrongs and injustices of the world without fear of reprisal from our rulers for if it is true that this is a nation of the people, by and for the people…then it must be so. The silence that is pressed down upon a nation under despotic tyranny is an abomination to the very idea of Liberty. Liberty is what makes this country great.

But even beyond all of these…the Freedom to live in the way that we choose…and this is why I can’t stand abbreviated essays, it’s so hard to fit in everything…that is indescribable…a man is the master of his own destiny, and may choose to extend the points of his compass as widely or as narrowly as he wishes, and so long as he is prepared to accept the consequences of throwing the dice…he may.

I’ll have to do another post to really expound on this topic. I love this country. God bless.

26 Responses to “Why America Is Great.”

  1. Jeremy said

    We’re great because of our integrity. I’m not afraid of putting my money in banks like I would be in South America. I’m not afraid that there will be riots in the streets after an election.

    Good article.

  2. WD said

    I’m impressed.

  3. jeremiasx said

    I like to write…this was off the cuff, by the way…under twenty minutes from start to finish. I think it’s ok for speed posting. (I’m laying claim to that term, “speed posting” in case it’s ever popularized. LOL

  4. Anonymous said

    it’s hrd to find an article on why america is so great. all you find is all this “america sucks” “we love war” crap. I love this article!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous said

    how about telling us why america is not a possetive role model for the rest of the world any more?!!

  6. luminog said

    You will prove your greatness if you allow CHANGE to happen – face up to the truth that for not only just the last eight criminal years when you have been conned as a nation into supporting dishonest military-political positions on a scale I once thought unimaginable for such an open society, a time in which a few crooks have coopted Washington to disenfranchise so many innocent people around the world, and in your own country as well (people don’t want to ruled by oily military industrial creeps and criminals based in Dallas) – and face up to the truth of your great history which is that prejudice and political dishonesty have no place in a truly great society.

  7. Anonymous said

    yeah i like america

  8. luminog f u said

    your statement is more politically charged then i though possible with so few words and im from dallas you ever benn there didnt think so its a very nice place to live as amany criminals as any other city i have this small felling you dont live in america because if you did you wouldnt have written that comment if you do i hope you pack your bags because you have no right to be here

  9. Robert said

    America is great because the Word of God has been taught here without restriction. America is great because people have been taught to pray to a real God. (not a statue, idol, virgin,etc.) The Word of God has produced people of faith. People of faith study, organize, teach, volunteer, work hard, invent, construct,and lead. They pray and their prayers are answered. A great country is formed. The people who settled here came for freedom. They did not come here looking for gold to send to Rome.

    • Chen Solomon said

      America has a law that separates church and state, does it not? America has no official religion, but America clearly doesn’t practice what it preaches. America values above all else Christian values, it is a country based on those beliefs that tolerates other religions purely because they are forced to. It is a country of confused unenlightened people who believe in a fairytale, they even started counting time, as if nothing before this event mattered, from the point that an small lie about an affair when way too far.
      Americans have the audacity to believe that their way is the best and that is why they will never elect a Jewish president or a Muslim president but they will elect a half black president purely because they like to cheer the underdog and be a part of history.
      America is a Christian country that won’t admit it to themselves. In GOD we trust is printed on every dollar bill yet your own constitution supports the right of people to believe there is no god. So why do these people (atheists, agnostics) which make up 17% of the country being forced to use a currency that forces a religious belief upon them?
      America is confused, it’s confused even on what it agrees on, Christianity is split up into so many different forms that fight with one another when in essence they all believe the same thing. In fact all religions are based on the same basic truths, just with different interpretations. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, with all the information at our finger tips, we still haven’t figured that one out. All religions are created to support us, to give us something to believe in, to get us thru the bad times when we’re not strong enough to do it on our own. So why are we all fighting about the small details? Who cares what your God is called, who cares what you believe happens when you die, who cares?
      Grow up, open your eyes, relay on yourselves to make your own decisions. Be strong enough on your own and if you can’t, well then, that’s nature ain’t it? The strong will survive, the dumb sheep that follow blinding will eventually die because they didn’t prepare enough food for the cold winter (the ant story). There is a reason why the uneducated tend to be poor while the educated tend to be rich. Education is the key to success, free thinking, creativity, questioning ones believes, choosing your own path, that’s how you succeed. You can be the smartest person in the world, the one person who could have invented the cure for cancer or solved the world’s energy problems- but if you are unfortunate enough to also be a Muslim woman in Iran then you’re SOL and so it the world. Why? Because of religion. Because of your beliefs or the beliefs forced upon you by others you will never fulfill your true potential because you will never be allowed to truly think beyond the box.
      Don’t get me wrong, if you went and studied other religions, other beliefs, heard and considered other options and still came to the same conclusion that your initial belief is right for you then great! I fully support you in your right to believe in anything you want, worship a carrot for all I care. But educate yourself, don’t close yourself off to the possibility that you may be wrong. Don’t dismiss scientific proof on the stop, allow yourself to be open to change your mind. If after all of that you come back to Jesus then you’ll know it’s your true belief and no one can tell you you’ve been brainwashed or influenced by society.

  10. Anonymous said

    dude we might need change, but not the “change” that our president wants

    • xxxFathead07xxx said

      you are right Obama’s change is changing America for sure but his change that hes saying to us is totally different what he doing right now borrowing money we dont have we just print,print, and print more and more money and that is hurting our economy horribly,bailing out companys that, print more money. Cash for clunkers is a joke too but im tired of typing America was excited about Obama’s change in November but a few monnths later when he was elected everyone is against him. WOW But still pray for him and are leaders to make better decisions until we get a new president. “DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT POITICIANS SAY WATCH WHAT THEY DO,” they say alot of stuff that makes us happy but they dont do it cause all they wanted to do is be a pres. or governor.

      And yes very good essay jeremy thank you for your report on why America is great we need more peope to stand up for our country and our freedom some people take it for granted.

      • jeremiasx said

        In watching what they’ve done and the dozen ways from Sunday that the media has tried to sell it…yea. It’s still the same game.

      • xxxFathead07xxx said

        yah your right and Obama is getting himself in a bigger and bigger hole that he can’t get out of with his universal healthcare.

      • Chen Solomon said

        It’s a real shame all the people who really know how to run a country are busy driving taxis, cutting hair and writing comments and blogs on the internet (yes, myself included).
        Here is a shocker- Politicians are corrupt! Government sucks, some news… Go do something about it, like you know- vote! If all the educated people who dare to complain would make their voices heard together maybe something will change. For now as long as most of you stay at home and moan during election day- you get what you deserve and you have no right to complain.

  11. Russia is the best.

  12. nowooski said

    I say we are great because of the little things, like free refills.

    • jeremiasx said

      You BETCHA!!!

    • Chen Solomon said

      No, that’s why you are a country of fat people. If it was the little things like- free health care services including nutritional advice, that would be really something.
      I’ll give you back your free refills America, any day… if it means I can go back in time and not have to battle with my weight since I was 12 in a culture built on super-sized meals and fast food and size zero celebrities.

  13. Sean said

    America is really funny because you have so many mindlessly patriotic people that think all patriotism is, is throwing an American flag in front of your dwelling and saying you love freedom. Well let me break it to you, you have no freedom, you have no say in politics, and you’re all caught in a criminal banking system that’s long since bought and paid for the senate and congress, and they make the real decisions. You probably think I’m crazy but let me ask you, how did we get the money for the bailout? As a matter of fact how did we get any of our money? There’s no gold to back it, there’s no resources to back it, there’s absolutely nothing that gives our money value except what each and every one of you are willing to accept as current value. If we can just print money all that does is take away from the value of the money you already have. It’s called inflation people and they’ve been doing it since the goldsmiths started printing paper money in medieval Europe. But forget money for a minute let’s talk about our freedom. The only freedom i see is we have the freedom to listen to whatever the TV or our corrupt education system tells us. Its called programming, it’s the illusion that we have a choice in the polices that are put in place and the actions taken by our government in world events. Why do you think we have been in 10 major since the founding of this country. I’ll give you a hint…. money. There is no greater debt a country can generate than the debt created by war. a country will borrow at interest any amount of money to win the war. That’s why WWI WWII Vietnam and even the War in Iraq/Afghanistan were all started in government and central banking interest. The greatest scheme though is how they sold it to us. WWI- The Americans originally didn’t want to get involved in the war, but in the pursuit of profit we were led into the war. The RMS Lusitania was sent into enemy waters deliberately although there was plenty of fore warning that if a ship was traveling through a war zone it would most likely be attacked. Sure enough on may 7th 1915 the Lusitania was attacked by German U boats. 1,198 people died that day and the people of America had all the reason they needed to enter the war. Right after the war the first talk of a one world government was formed. The league of nations was an idea drafted after the first world war, but it was not popular to the rest of the nations….yet. WWII- The war was in full swing and our government saw huge profits. They knew the only way to get the American people behind the war was to set up an attack against America. On December 7th 1942 the Japanese attacked pearl harbor, this attack was known weeks in advance and it was actually provoked by our government. The fact is Henry Stimson FDR’s, secretary of war, had a documented conversation with Roosevelt on Nov. 25 1941 saying “the question is how should we maneuver them into firing the first shot…it would be desirable to make sure the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt as to who were the aggressor. They carried this out through stopping all japans imports of American petroleum, he froze the Japanese assets in the U.S., he made loans to china and gave military supplies to the British, all the enemies of the Japanese. All of this is in direct violation of international war rule, and three days before the attack Australian intelligence warned the government about a fleet of planes heading towards Hawaii. The most important aspect at the end of this war was the creation of the U.N., and therefore one step closer towards a one world government. Vietnam- the reason we got in the Vietnam War was because the alleged attacks on U.S. destroyers by Vietnamese P.T. boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. There’s only one problem with this, the event never happened. Former sec. of defense Robert McNamara came out years later and stated that this was a completely staged event, along with this many other high ranking officers came out with the same thing. Now we get to the war at hand. War on Terror- Even if you don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job you can’t deny that the war has consequently taken away many of our civil liberties with polices such as the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and the Military Tribunals Act. This is all fact and there’s a lot that I haven’t gone over, but the most obvious truth is that our government uses deception tactics and a corrupt media to dominate their global and monetary interests. If you still think the bush family was righteous in their quest for war and they were on the side for the good of humanity, tell me why Prescott Bush, GWB’s grandfather, helped Adolf Hitler in funding and war materials for his fascist dictatorship. My real point in all this is to try to get people to realize what really happened in our history and to see and expose these people for who they really are. There is no two party system the game has been rigged the tables are tilted. republicans, democrats, liberals, and conservatives are all the same, and nothing will change until we wake up and stand up. Don’t let them take your human rights, don’t let them take your money, and don’t let them take your life

  14. Anonymous said

    well america kinda sucks there is alot of mcdonalds

  15. Chen Solomon said

    Look I’m sorry in advance but I have to call you on this one…
    Every single thing that you have listed here as a reason to why America is great can be refuted. Also these are ideals that exist in almost any democratic country, it doesn’t make you great, it makes democracy great.
    I’m from Israel, I’ve lived in NY for 5 years and in several other countries including the UK for 3 years so I think I’ve earned the right to boost an educated opinion. Since you’ve allowed yourself to generalize greatly so will I and lets agree that there are obvious exceptions to every opinion mentioned-

    Americans are brainwashed, from the day you are born you are bombarded with patriotic propaganda aimed at enforcing the ideal that America is the best and you need not question that fact.
    The only reason America became the superpower that it is today is due to advancements done in the 1940’s thru the 70’s (i.e. the moon landing, the atom bomb, etc). Since then you have done nothing to prove yourselves worthy of the title “best country in the world”.
    You are not number 1 when it comes to Education, health, government, economy, etc. All the things that really matter in my humble opinion. I’ll give you military strength, which is due to shear numbers alone, not in any way an accomplishment to be proud of. And I suppose most sports, except football (soccer- cause you gotta be different) and movie stars.
    In any case what bothers me the most is that most Americans completely ignore these facts and are happily blindly following false information.
    I mean if most of you just stop for one minute and open your mind up to the possibility that there are other countries that can do it better I think you’ll be blown away.
    Case in point, a country that elects a president like Bush twice is clearly misguided. A country where most people knew that the president is making the wrong choices yet still voted for him is, for lack of a better word, dumb.
    I wanna be clear- I’m not anti-America, I’m anti-dumb-Americans. I know that my country would most likely not exist if it weren’t for American support. I also know the reason America support us is not out of the goodness of your hearts… Jew control the money in America so America must support Israel. Israel is the only strong military force in the middle east and when the next war starts the missiles are gonna fly from here in my backyard and not from Florida.
    Regardless I’m not going to be one of those ignorant people who support a country blindly just because it supports my country.
    America is so confused, it’s a country that has “In GOD we trust” on it’s bills but has a law to separate church and state. So which is it? Cause it can’t be both…
    It’s a country that believes above all in freedom of speech yet it arrested it’s own people who dared to express an opinion that was even slightly anti-American post 9-11. It’s easy to allow free speech when you’re at peace, it’s when you’re at war that it really counts.
    I wanna know all the facts and make up my own mind and so should you!
    I don’t agree with much of what my country does, I really don’t, I’ve learn to express my opinion when I don’t agree with certain actions Israel takes but that doesn’t make me any less patriotic.
    What you guys got in 9-11 is what we have to deal with in smaller doses every single day since we got own independence.
    We are a Jewish state, we are based on our religion yet I live, work and have friends that are both Muslims and Christians. We do co-exist, most of us anyways, most of us want the same thing- to live in peace and raise our children in our own country in safety. Unfortunately what you (the world) hears is not what the majority want but what the extremist minority does. Believe it or not most people on both sides do not wish to destroy one another but it makes for better news coverage if a bus full of children blows up or a boat full of “peace activists” get shoot.
    If you ask me it can one of two ways- either we all blow each other up and start evolution over again. Or we grow up and realize that we need to stop fighting and just live. Personally I believe that if we let women run the world there will be no wars, each country will just be mad at the other and not talk them based on principle. Either that or let my 12 year old cousin run the world, she learned the lesson about fighting with words, not hands years ago. Anyways enough about world peace, I could be elected Miss South Carolina (if only my IQ was closer to my shoe size).
    My advice to you is this- Travel, read, watch channels other then FOX news, educate yourselves and then come back and argue that you still believe America is the greatest country in the world. I swear to god (Allah, YHWH, Jesus, Buddah, dammit I’ll follow Tom Cruise as the one true god, whatever)
    that you will not be so sure anymore…
    Sorry for rambling on, I’m feeling particularly intellectually combatant today.

  16. Pritish Ranjan said

    I am not an American by nationality but I love America more than anything.It is the birth place of infinite things on which the rest of the world depends.It is not just a leader in science and technology but also a country filled with great human beings with great virtues.
    America should not be analysed according to its political complexities but by its great people,magnificent places,great culture,intergity in diversity and above all freedom.
    America is not just another country,its is the leader of them all as it should be.
    I love America.
    God Bless America.

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