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Commentary: The Ed and Elaine Brown Standoff

Posted by jeremiasx on June 8, 2007

Death and taxes…this is a story which may eventually include BOTH in what could turn out to be another Waco or Ruby Ridge standoff. Ed and Elaine Brown were surrounded yesterday by federal marshals in APCs and ghillie suits. No arrest took place, but roads were blocked off for a mile around their residence in Plainfield, NH, in an attempt to keep media and the public at a safe distance, “just in case.”

Ed Brown states that there is no law which requires us to pay income taxes, and he’s put his entire life on the line to make his point. As a part of the anti-tax movement, he represents the most extreme and zealous of its membership, yet the drama unfolding causes me to ponder what the harm would be in the government being more forthcoming in their responses to their allegations of unconstitutional income taxes. It would certainly SEEM to be easier than making a big issue out of it and endangering peoples’ lives.

The government has shown it’s veracity in enforcing the laws throughout history, sometimes with lethal force…Bonnie and Clyde, the James gang, etc…but this particular situation involves a non-violent “criminal” who merely refuses to present himself to be imprisoned for a law that he believes to be unjust.

What happened to the idea of someone being a tax protester without having to fear the loss of life and limb? What about the quiet and peaceful protest of Henry David Thoreau? He sat in jail for a year in protest of paying his property tax because of a moral objection, yet we don’t really villify him in retrospect, nor does it seem conceivable that violence should even factor into this whole situation. Why is the government willing to kill these people for tax money?

Yes…they are willing to kill…the government was there yesterday, in ghillie suits and armored personnel carriers, doing what was probably a test run for an armed incursion onto Ed Brown’s property complete with the blood and carnage of a Ruby Ridge situation.  Somehow, the mainstream media is complicit in their silence. Too much Paris Hilton right now.

So to recap for you, in case you’ve missed the basics:

  1. Ed and Elaine Brown (a dentist and his wife, who worked for him) did not pay income taxes for 10 years and do not believe their wages are taxable.
  2. They went to court to argue their case, but were not allowed an impartial trial, judge or jury, and were not allowed to cross-examine witnesses or even bring up the constitutionally questionable issue of income taxation.
  3. Fed up and in disgust, they quit participating in the trial, and were sentenced in absentia.
  4. Federal agents are involved in a virtual siege which included alleged firing of weapons, APC carriers, and armed incursions into the Ed Brown property in an obvious attempt to elicit a response, which was foiled by a friend of Ed’s who was walking the dog and alerted them to the police presence.
  5. Transmissions from Ed Brown and his wife (via the Internet, Satellite Phone, and HAM radio) indicate that everyone on their property is in good health as of this time.

The mainstream media hasn’t said a word…but local stations have been reporting dutifully to the best of their ability. There are a few clips available from yesterday which show the roadblocks and heavily armed police…you can follow this story either on the Internet on the Alex Jones website (ugh, I hate plugging him because of his NWO stuff but he’s got the most available sources right now for the story) or via internet radio underground.  Revolution Live Radio is a good source.

Ed and Elaine appear to be perfectly willing to die for their cause. Even if their cause ends up being a foolish one…it sure does inspire the rest of us to question how far we are willing to go to ensure liberty as it applies to our own lives.


16 Responses to “Commentary: The Ed and Elaine Brown Standoff”

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  2. Elvis Allen said

    Read the constitution (no taxation on wages earned by individuals) it’s a set of standards The United States of America is governed by and those that govern are the sovereigns and that my friend are the people, read the Declaration of Independance and the Articles of the Confederation.Those three documents are revolutionary and the foundation America was built upon.

  3. Sandor said

    Ed and Elaine Brown represent the tax HONESTY movement (not anti-tax as we’ve been brainwashed to believe). Their moral stance and conviction is what we need more of. The method they choose brings out the beast, unfortunately

    . A more lawful method for keeping all of your earnings can be learned at where over 2.2 million dollars in refunds have been posted since 2003. Peter Hendrickson has written a book on the subject, aptly titled “Cracking the Code: the Fascinating truth about taxation in America.” Read it and free yourself from the chains of government control without fear of retaliation.

  4. American Patriots keep complaining but forget that there is simple way to change the oppressive status quo of our illegitimate government: VOTE ALL THOSE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE AND BRING IN THE PEOPLE WHO WILL LISTEN TO US.
    Very simple way or stopping the aggressor but somehow we just keep complaining and getting the raw deal,tyranny and death dictated by those who should be serving us.
    As in this case of the Browns,regardless of whether or not they have legal or constitutional grounds for not paying taxes, they should not be surrounded by heavy armed police ready to kill them if they don’t surrender just because of a non-violent, minor conviction which should carry nothing more than a fine and an admonishment as first time non-violent offenders and not a 5-years prison time or a death sentence by an assault army.

  5. WL Mackenzie Redux said

    I concur with your sentiments entierly. If the Browns and the tax truth people are so wrong, why the totalitarian tactics?

    If the feds are correct on this issue, show the public in an open unbiased presentation of the facts in a legitimate law court and under scrutiny of a fully empowered jury… is a civil abomination when government deals with dissent as it did at Ruby ridge and Waco…regardless of what the Browns have be alleged of doing it pales in comparison to the belligerent war menality the government shows towards citizens exercising their right to disagree with it.

    I, like you, think guys like Alex Jones are a little too off the wall to be fully credible, HOWEVER, when I see peaceful protesters and dissenters with the same sentiments (9/11 truthers, tax truthers, anti war, monetary reformers etc.) treated like “terrorists” I can only conclude one of 2 things:

    1) The Government is as messed up as these folks say it is

    2) Government brutality has replaced public dialogue as a way of confronting dissent..and we are in some defacto martial law state.

    In either case, my trust and opinion of the federal institutions and enforcement agents involved has been totally devalued by their actions.

  6. dmorris said

    One doesn’t vote anyone OUT, one votes people IN, and it doesn’t matter what political Party they represent, politicians are basically cut from the same cloth, slightly different pattern.

    Perhaps everyone who disagrees with the present system of governance and taxation, should take a page from the Natives of Canada, and lobby for their own nation within a nation, and run things there to their satisfaction.

    Probably result in chaos and small wars.

  7. jeremiasx said

    Great comments everyone…I’m glad so many people are reading this post!

  8. Mike said

    “a non-violent “criminal” who merely refuses to present himself to be imprisoned for a law that he believes to be unjust.” There is NO LAW!

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  10. Donald Trump said

    I am sick and tired of supporting all you “entitlement” creeps.

  11. masterofjack said

    “Perhaps everyone who disagrees with the present system of governance and taxation, should take a page from the Natives of Canada, and lobby for their own nation within a nation, and run things there to their satisfaction.”

    Well…that was tried once before almost 150 years ago. How’d that turn out?

  12. ryanjen said

    Here’s what I don’t understand: If the Browns are completely wrong, why doesn’t the government just point out the error(s) in their thinking? Why not be forthcoming and upfront about the legality of taxation? The government’s unwillingness to allow the Browns an impartial trial; unwillingness to address the broader issues they raise (irrespective of the crazed Illuminati, Masonic, ramblings); and its extreme readiness to employ the use of force in corraling (to date) non-violent offenders; speaks volumes about the validity of the “offenders'” position. I am not only sick of supporting the ‘entitlement creeps’ but am also sick of supportive career politicians; wars I don’t believe in; sacrificing security at home for international force; paying taxes that cover the non-citizens who take up space here; and on ad infinitum. If the Browns are wrong, then the government should show why they’re wrong. But they can’t because there is no law for the confiscation of income via taxation. If the Browns’ plight isn’t evidence that we live in a police state, then I don’t know what is. Their trouble has broad and sweeping implications for all of us, but these people get portrayed as nuts and the government is shown as some good entity that is trying to be measured in its approach. This whole thing is so wrong and everyone of us has an obligation to call the government to task on this one. Instead, the ordeal is confined to local news and the Browns are portrayed as nuts. We’re the ones who are nuts — for allowing the government to take our income in a wide variety of ways for the purpose of inflicting its will in an equally wide variety of ways; ways with which the public-at-large disagrees.

  13. Samuel Dean Slagle said

    Everyone has a point but are missing the point. If you want real change in this country to put it back to a republic “and to the republic for which it stands” then start an honest party based on that. Second thing is put people outside every poll to have people sign up that they voted for your new party. Two kinds of people do things in secret crooks and politicians, and the difference is ……….. We can communicate without the major media and when they refuse bycott them they will turn on the powers that be for 30 pieces of silver. If we honestly elect a new party and they refuse to accept it we will have the whole world behind us. The new parties platform should be to go back to the way of the founding of this country, honest taxes will turn the majority of americans and bringing our troops home will turn the world.

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  15. payourtaxes said

    hey guys here is the deal while you talk about income taxes think these things over

    1) you are taxed on all things you do totals of your earnings 50%
    2) you are forced to make war for fake causes
    3) big biz runs your life and government protects their income only not you
    so while you play their game they change the rules, they only win
    It is now illegal to smoke in a public park!!!!
    so sit there a believe what you want but you are not free but a preprogrammed puppet who thinks it is all nice nice

  16. Bob said

    The Brown’s situation cannot be compared to Ruby Ridge or Waco! Totally different circumstances…

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