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Geronimo to Bush: Give Back My Grandfather’s Bones!

Posted by jeremiasx on June 10, 2007

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Harlyn and Karen Geronimo, in front of a proposed memorial for his great-grandfather, courtesy of Washington Post

I had long heard the nasty rumor that the
Skull and Bones society were in posession of the skull of the warrior chieftain Geronimo, but it didn’t really hit me how offensive it was until I read this article from The Independent…it seems that his great-grandson also wants to know if the legendary bones in “the Tomb” on the Yale campus are indeed those of his cherished ancestor. A simple DNA test can most likely determine if they are his ancestors bones, if the society doesn’t “rebury the evidence” which would probably be what they’ll do if it ever comes up. Someone in the Yale administration could probably do something about it…but who knows, that would require balls and integrity.

It would seem to me that there is a virtual mountain of US, State, and local law concerning the proper treatment of human remains that has historically and presently been violated by this shameful display of the skull and femur which the club has long contended are the ones taken by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current President.

There is no statute of limitations concerning the unlawful posession of human remains…the Yalies club itself prominently displaying the remains knowing full well where they came from and that they are not lawfully entitled to their posession proves they are criminally liable for this act.

The county prosecutor up there should be filing criminal charges against the proprietor’s of “The Tomb” for the sake of pursuing justice and assessing accountability against these sick individuals.

MORE IMPORTANTLY…if I was Harlyn Geronimo, I would be hiring a LAWYER to SUE FOR EVERY PENNY I COULD from this Ancient and Despicable Fraternity, which is a poor mockery and unflattering imitation of far worthier and more benevelont Ancient organizations…these guys make me puke. They should be publicly shamed for this type of disgusting behavior, instead of being boosted to higher positions of power within our society.

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Left of the Clock…class pic…George H.W. Bush (41st President)

One Response to “Geronimo to Bush: Give Back My Grandfather’s Bones!”

  1. kathy said

    Im on his side….Iam a white american thats life has been damaged from what they have done in the past to hurt these Indians and other races, and what they have done to the indians is a crime…I grew up with an indian family not related to geronimo and only heard of these people robbing the indians now I know its true………lots of luck

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