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Does Ed Brown Deserve To Die In Standoff?

Posted by jeremiasx on June 12, 2007

Here we are three or four days into the Ed Brown standoff, which has evolved into a shadowy game of cat and mouse between the government (IRS, US Marshals, ATF) and a tax protester and his wife, Ed and Elaine Brown, which has drawn the interest of millions of Netizens who get a more diverse fare of news than that available to the majority of the country.

I’ll warn you up front…be prepared to have to do some heavy explaining to folks if you try to relay to them the story of Ed and Elaine Brown. Almost no one has heard of them in the general public. The mainstream media has barely covered this story…other than a LITTLE BLIP on Fox News back in JANUARY… it’s worth watching, actually. One of their less slanted pieces, since they most likely think Ed is a nutcase and are licking their chops to report his demise…at least that’s the impression I get from Fox. All about the GORE, eh Rupert? (lol I hope some of you caught the double irony of that…) Ok ok quit reading just watch the damn clip.

The local media has been far from silent as well…in fact, they reported on the mixup last week when the police set up the roadblocks and were rolling on Ed with APCs and shit…check it out.

I’ve spent more time listening to alternative (underground?) radio in the last few days than I have in my entire life. Interspersed between the commercials for  products which  I’d never heard of like resonant-frequency cure alls and solar panel kits (you CAN get solar panels, which make ENERGY from the SUN…it’s like magic or something) yes…in between the long breaks for the barker to plug carnival sideshow products…we hear the mic key up and there he is, larger than life, Ed Brown, on the Alex Jones radio show, speaking from what the dreamers probably consider the Lexington and Concord of modern times.

Talking about the freemasons being behind all of his, and the world’s screwed up situation…SCCRRRREEEEEEEECHHHHH…HALT. Full Stop.

Bullshit, Ed. The Freemasons are not behind this…or anything else other than a lot of benevolent causes and charities worldwide. Ed…the Masons don’t have a political agenda. They don’t support political parties. They don’t even talk politics in lodge…it’s an unspoken rule. Religious indoctrination into some dark realm of anti-Jesus occult worship? IXNAY on that one too, buddy…religion is also a topic of conversation strictly verboten.

Ed…I don’t blame you for thinking this crap though…it’s a result of a Chick Publications/Fundietard jihad against a very harmless fraternity.  The sponges who soaked all their wisdom up one afternoon in a bathroom stall at the Wal-Mart during a two-flusher session of self-enlightenment and didn’t question the source…some of them are apparently a little too influential in the “truth movement.” This bullshit gets broadcast with no counterpoints and no objectivity but everyone needs a straw man, don’t they?

But who is the real enemy here? Do you really believe it’s a fraternity whose members were violently opposed to English and general tyranny (Paul Revere, George Washington and his entire general staff, ETC.) and collectively they have somehow mutated into fiends of Baphomet who want to persecute you for tax evasion? It doesn’t add up to me, my friend.

Not when there are OBVIOUS shadow government entities like the NSA, CIA, and FBI which are much larger threats to general liberty. Let’s keep it close to the realm of the real, ok Ed? I know you’re the body of God and all that but so is everyone else so we can be foolish or we can talk reasonably.

Does a man who believes there the income tax is unconstitutional deserve to die? Hardly. The government has already seized his business and backed him into a corner, so to speak…how much more blood shall be required to prove their point? Like I said in my earlier post…this is a pissing match between David and Goliath and we all know who looks bad and who looks good at the end of those Rocky and Apollo type matches.

Even if you can take the leap that the government isn’t pretty much a bunch of evil bastards…you MUST CONCEDE that they are foolish for the way they’ve tried to handle this situation. Is there anything the feds can’t screw up lately?

“You’ve been doing a heckuva job, Brownie.”


2 Responses to “Does Ed Brown Deserve To Die In Standoff?”

  1. Elvis said

    It’s not the free’s the talmud knuckle dragging jews that are hell bent on one world government.Beware Christians the American concentration camps in Alaska and nothern virginia are for you this time and your friendly neighiborhood zionist friends that you must worship because there the chosen people and isra(hell) must kill all the pallestines and have there own state for jesus to return , Bullocks ! they’re running the show. Wake up you fools.

  2. where i can read about massons? i heared that usa presidents are massons

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