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US Attorney Hearings Drag On…

Posted by jeremiasx on June 21, 2007

Here’s the rundown on the US Attorney hearings today..

 Ppaulmcnulty.jpgaul McNulty, Deputy AG to Gonzo, was back on Capitol Hill today for another lovefest in the offices of the House Judiciary Committee. The Republican membership opened with a salvo of rhetorical barbs against the Democratic leadership and claimed that the hearings were not important and had no real relevance to anything other than partisan politics.

After a bizarre 30 minutes of batting the ball back and forth on this point of contention, both sides appeared to become in agreement that the committee’s job was, in fact, to investigate the matter because it directly involves the administration of justice within our country, and the hearings were then allowed to proceed in their usual fashion.

Paul McNulty was heavily coached by his Republican questioners, and accolades and honors were equally cast his way by many of them. Most notable of these was a portly, freshly scrubbed face from Florida, Ric Keller, representing the Orlando district.rickeller.jpg I honestly feared at some point that Fatty McRepublican might jump off the podium to try to lick Paul’s boots in his endeavors to portray McNulty’s honesty and candor by citing numerous personal references. Meanwhile, the minority leader (Cannon) had earlier been very combative but began to interject unanimous consent agreements to allow further testimony from McNulty on many points of his talking points, basically giving his side time on both ends of the panel to get its point across. The Democrats were easily snowed into agreeing to this tactic, and seemed confused when not allowed to fabricate “cliffhanger” type moments in their question and answer sessions when they would run out of time and Cannon would allow them to continue.

Numerous attempts were made by the Republicans to paint Monica Goodling, who accused Paul McNulty of lying to the committee in his previous testimony, as an angry ideologue who was a rogue within the Department of Justice…they pointed out the fact that she requested limited immunity and pled the Fifth Amendment as reasons that her testimony would be less credible.

Then a core issue finally emerged in a later portion of the hearing…just when it seemed that nothing else mattered anymore and everyone was completely stoned out of their minds or something and forgot what questions they should have been asking…VOTER CAGING by Tim Griffin, the interim appointee in Arkansas. John Conyers brought up the question to Paul McNulty that if he did know about allegations of voter caging, why didn’t he ever initiate investigations into those obvious infractions of law? Paul, to his credit, made a commitment to “look into it.”

The minority leader, Cannon, interjected to claim utter ignorance of the whole concept of denying voting rights to millions of voters. He claimed that his only knowledge of “caging” had to do with mail-order lingo. Even as Conyers pled for a bipartisan effort to get to the bottom of it, he would not make a commitment to “look into it.” Apparently voting rights for the disenfranchised are not high on the Republican priority list. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

The committee adjourned with no noticeable progress completed in the investigation.






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