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Skateboarding Kid Gets A Beat-Down By Bad Beat Cop In Arkansas

Posted by jeremiasx on June 27, 2007

So the beautiful “Spa City” is in the news again…this time for law enforcement officers being unconscionable jerks to teenagers.

If you follow the video and note the rabid enforcement by Officer McFuckhead (Williams) of a minor skateboarding ordinance, one must assume that the priorities for “serving and protecting” seem to have been long forgotten down in the Spa City…or at the very least…extremely confused.

Bottom line: Even though it is expected for law enforcement officials to enforce the law…it is NEVER necessary to rough up kids during an arrest process. It’s not ok to choke people…and it’s not ok to show utter disregard to the safety of their person and property.

I know that they generally enforce the laws and most cops aren’t necessarily “Bad People” but some of them…including this guy…give all the others a big ole freaking BLACK EYE because they don’t know how to control their temper. This is national news today. I hope the Hot Springs Police Dept. is proud of the new image that the country has of one of our more fair cities and tourist draws. Good job, boys.


13 Responses to “Skateboarding Kid Gets A Beat-Down By Bad Beat Cop In Arkansas”

  1. Satchmo said

    You know, the merchants are taking up for the cops. My question is, what sort of swag does the cop get from them while he hangs out in their shops everyday. Sure, kids on sidewalks are sometime bothersome, but I’d rather them be skating than gangbanging or doing burglaries. Let them skate.

  2. rob_star said

    It has always been my opinion that some of these towns in Arkansas and across this great land need MORE crime. I have never been harassed by the cops in any town larger than 100,000 because they have better things to do. I am officially calling on criminals across Arkansas to make a special visit to Hot Springs and start a real crime wave. What Hot Springs really needs is more robberies, assaults, drunk driving, arson, and of course drunken gun play. Come on criminals, get creative and let’s see what you guys can do to make Hot Springs citizens truly mortified!

  3. Christi said

    What I’d like to know is how all those people watching this transpire could stand by and watch a 200+ pound man choke a child.

    If I was the parent of this child I would file a suit against the police for Child Abuse, Child Endangerment and any other thing I could possibly think of. I’d have that cops badge.

  4. A stunned Australian said

    Please note this news has gone global – I live in AUSTRALIA and found this incident to be most disturbing indeed. Those children (no child) deserves to be manhandled, choked, pinned to the ground, by any upsized male – whether or not he is a police officer. Sorry but Hot Springs Arkansas is famous NOT for Bill Clinton, but more for this Go Skateboarding Day disaster. Congratulations Officer Williams on your public relations career!! NOT.

  5. Christopher said

    Man. Maybe if those kids were obeying the law and DIDN’T run from the cops, it’d be different.

  6. I truly hope this fucker gets what he deserves, prison and a good ass rape by a mob of real law breakers, not petty skateboarding children! And believe me if he gets any jail time at all he’s gonna p.c. up like the bitch he really is.

  7. that christopher puke is probably a sym-pathetic cop.

  8. […] blogged on this story a little when it first happened…then I wrote to the Hot Springs Chief of Police but never […]

  9. joe mamma said

    be a smartass to your parents, fine. Be a smartass to your teachers, fine. But a cop will break your ass. Grow up you cunts!

  10. jeremiasx said

    Joe: YOU grow up sir…what monkey mentality gives you or any other person the right to harm another individual without just cause or legal basis? This case demonstrates the need for aggressive restraints on the police before they decide YOU are the problem and beat your ass, in which case you’ll be crying about it just like this kid did. Think about it. What if the tables were turned?

  11. nick23 said

    Let them skate their just kids theres no need for force like that . you dont fuckin go all out on a teenage girl and a few teenagers . like the comment before me id rather have them skate than gang banging and doing other crimes

  12. Datzhott said


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  13. jack loring said

    honestly if that fat cop arrested my friend i would smash my board over his head and knock that fat fuck out. then fucking run

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