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Rainbow Gathering 2007: Further Commentary

Posted by jeremiasx on June 28, 2007

So what do you get when you gather a couple thousand people in the forest for the promotion of world peace? A pretty good time so far, that’s the word from the “regs” attending the “national” gathering of the Rainbow Family of Love and Light.

Other than the usual delays in getting set up for the event which have largely come in the form of undue police harassment and inclement weather, things seem to be going pretty good down there. In my time at the gathering I didn’t witness anything negative happening at all, as a matter of fact. I would have liked to have seen more tarps up by the time a torrential downpour sent my family scrambling for cover to “Kiddie Village.” We DID find shelter and fire and plenty of friendly folks, though. Nice people, indeed.

I suppose it vexes the imaginations of those who sit in a nine-to-five routine to try to comprehend the lifestyle that most of these people lead. Many of them have no permanent residence, they don’t participate in the credit culture (system), and they don’t aspire to be the world’s next millionaire. Some might label that as giving up but sometimes I wonder if it’s not good plain sense. We certainly seem to live in a world gone mad. Why not just drop it all and head for the hills? LOL

Rainbow Family members come from all walks of life and various socio-economic backgrounds, but the one thing I’ve found that they all have is a consensus that peace, not war, is the way to human evolution (seems to make sense, we can’t very well evolve if we’re all dead) and that there is another way of living this time we’ve been given on Earth which I have found to be quite fascinating.

The regs don’t really deal with money that much. They mainly barter, just like in the “good ole days.” But like any person who actually had to haul cartons of eggs down to the general store to get dry goods will tell you, it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be if your main concern is CONVENIENCE. I feel that most folks in this country are obsessed by the concept of convenience, so bartering doesn’t work for most people. It’s just easier all the way around to throw out stuff you bought and don’t like in a yard sale and take the old credit card up to the Wal-Mart and buy new schtuff. Fabulous.

Have there been reports of malfeasance on the part of individuals who have come to the gathering? Sure…about 198 of them (violations), according to the last figures I saw. Are these offenses “serious” or not? I suppose if you think it’s worth the taxpayers money to house hundreds of extra law enforcement officers at a Best Western (roughly 40 miles from the gathering, at the SUV rate of fuel consumption that works out to about twenty bucks a day per vehicle, just for SHUTTLING the LEO’s out there…) to issue a couple hundred tickets for minor drug charges, unlawful parking, on a forest road, and using park services without a permit…do you see what I’m getting at here?

Do we really need to have the Forest Service spending what will certainly be tens of thousands of dollars to prevent these terrible “crimes?” Is that reasonable, or logical in any way? Need I remind you that while they were busy covering this Rainbow event that a campground host at the Buffalo National Forest DIED AND WAS NOT FOUND (IN HIS RV, AT THE CAMPSITE) FOR A WEEK by park officials who were too busy checking if people had “all four wheels fully off the forest service road when they parked.” I haven’t seen this story in the MSM yet. Maybe someone will talk about it.

There have been limited (extremely limited) reports of theft from local businesses, but I’m going to wager they will make their money back and more from the money being pumped in from all sides of this issue. The LEO’s need gas and supplies. So do the Rainbows. Money is being made here in the county…bottom line. Keep in mind, that besides the tourism and forestry industry there is virtually no other “industry” here at all. I’m surprised we didn’t put up a welcome sign at the front gates for these folks. We need their money to boost our economy, undoubtedly.

The Rainbow Family still thrives after nearly 40 years of protest, and hearkens back to the anti-war and counterculture movement of the 60s, of which it is the natural progression…many of you remember those glory days. I don’t. My mother was a hippie, though, and she spoke consistently throughout her life on behalf of the ideals of world peace and brotherly love throughout her life. I say that she was a Rainbow at heart.  Perhaps I am as well?





4 Responses to “Rainbow Gathering 2007: Further Commentary”

  1. SF said

    I attended a Rainbow Gathering up in Missouri years ago. It was one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. I got free food, in return for carrying trash from the kitchen to the main parking area where the Rainbows had set up their own refuse collection service.

    The only bad part about the week was gawkers coming to look at us. And there were a couple of fights in A-camp, where I was sleeping in my car since I forgot to bring a tent.

  2. Eureka Springs said

    Great post, thanks for bringing a bit of the experience to those of us who cannot make it this time. Police working this situation is sort of like soldiers killing children in Iraq.. senseless opportunistic thuggery of the worst order for no good reason.. I am also sorry to hear shoplifting occurs and am sure most good people don’t appreciate their gathering draws a few bad seeds.

    I only hope more people will take the time to experience gatherings of this nature in our great forests.

  3. jeremiasx said

    I sure hope more people get out there and get a first-hand look at this whole deal. It’s a lot of fun. Check my other posts for more info and pictures.

  4. Adriana said

    Where was the gathering in 2007? I went to my last gathering in 2001 in Idaho and went to a few in the late 90’s in California, Arizona and Oregon. My husband and I would love to go to a gathering in the future. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Rainbow. I learned so much about myself, personal strength and the world around me.

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