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Brit Hume Punks Out For The Government

Posted by jeremiasx on June 29, 2007


I honestly wanted to title this post, “How To Be A Good Little Bitch-Boy By Brit Hume” but I was afraid that might be somewhat crass, or in poor taste. I wanted to at least hold myself to the same standards as Fox News itself. So…what happens when a government shill talks about what it’s like to be a target of CIA surveillance? Do you think it might look something like this? I’m sure the government would LOVE it if most folks felt this way. They DON’T.

(Excerpted from Fox News interview)

Q: What were you doing at the time that attracted the CIA’s attention to you?

BRIT HUME: I was working for Jack Anderson, the syndicated columnist, who had received a large collection, a really large collection, of highly-classified documents, among which were documents that made it clear that the Nixon administration, while publicly neutral in the conflict that was then ongoing between India and Pakistan, had secretly tilted toward Pakistan, which was a very controversial development and was obviously not known to the public, and these papers disclosed a number of things, but they disclosed that.

And, um, there was considerable alarm about these documents. I actually hadn’t had any role in the story but they didn’t know that, so everybody in the office, not everybody but I think all of us who were reporters and Jack himself got spied on.

Q: Did you know at the time that you were being watched?

HUME: I had no idea.

Q: And when did you find out?

HUME: We found out about the outlines of it sometime thereafter, and then we found out a lot of details when there was a production of documents pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act suit that somebody filed. I didn’t, I wasn’t party to it, but when the stuff came out I saw the documents, and there were photographs that the CIA operatives had taken from a nest across the street from Jack’s office on K Street, and there were pictures.

We found out they surveilled my house and followed my wife and kids when my wife was driving them to school and they followed me to work apparently. And I guess they tapped the phone although I don’t remember the details well enough to know that.

But I was leading a pretty humdrum life in those days, and I didn’t have any skeletons in my closet or any girlfriends on the side or any secret drug habits or anything so I was not much alarmed when I heard about it. It seemed so farcical, in a way, and I knew I wasn’t the guy who — that they couldn’t have learned anything about it from me because I didn’t know how he got those documents.

So basically Brit doesn’t mind people sticking a camera up his ass and his wife’s ass…maybe they should have been in po—oops…there I go again, being crass. Anyhow Brit LOVES the camera on him. No wonder he has no problem being “The Truman Show” as a young fellow…never mind what his wife or kid might have thought about government agents stalking them for no good reason. Brit is a good little boy and doesn’t ever want the big, powerful government ever suspecting him of ANYTHING…why he even denied having anything to do with finding this stuff out…good boy, Brit…good boy. You’ll go far.

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