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Rainbow Gathering Arkansas 2007: In Pictures

Posted by jeremiasx on July 1, 2007


We knew we were getting close when we saw strange signs of Rainbow activity on the sides of the road. Eerily reminiscent of “Blair Witch” but in a cool and groovy way.


As we walked further along the road, we saw this bus and were sure we were in the right place…


About a couple miles down the road, which was mostly level to this point (thank God because you WILL be walking if you go out there…parking is all the way to the highway now) we encountered this lovely roadblock. I must admit, the rangers were pretty laid back at this point…except for the guy drinking on the tailgate…


Officer McBuzz looks like he’s got a hard-on to bust a hippie…at least in this photo. LOL…


After the grueling road march all the way down the hill, even with limited gear as we were only day-tripping and not camping overnight, the headwaters of the Buffalo were a welcome sight. Plenty of people were out and about taking in the sun and enjoying the crisp, cool waters of the river.


This is an impromptu stone art abstract we encountered on a section of the river not far from the main camp. There were many others along the beach, but I found this one to be the most impressive personally.


Though the clouds threatened (and delivered, eventually) rain there were hundreds out enjoying the river and right before we left they gathered to dine as a group…all the people you see above (and MANY more who showed up after the conch was blown) were fed and the process seemed thoughtful and orderly to me. Any who had a bowl and a spoon were welcome to eat, for free. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?


 All in all it was another fun and strange trip into Rainbow Land…I plan to go out at least once more for the big 4th of July “auming and meditation for peace,” most likely with the family in tow. Hopefully the weather will be a little dryer and the paths a little less muddy next time.  We enjoyed the views on the short drive back to the house. I love my “neighborhood.”



39 Responses to “Rainbow Gathering Arkansas 2007: In Pictures”

  1. Sara said

    HI! Thanks for your blog. Find your views interesting, and all the posts about the Rainbow Gathering have been very informative. About the Gathering: we’re locals from Russellville, and we’re wondering if you can tell us how it looks up there if we were to come in this evening. Any idea how long (specifically) the walk in from parking will be? Any idea if there would be a place to put a fairly large tent? Any info you have, or even a guesstimate would be most welcome. Thanks!

  2. jeremiasx said

    You’re welcome. Glad to be of service. The walk is specifically VERY LONG…3 miles or so. Here is what I suggest. Have your friend(s) drive you all the way to the roadblock. Disembark there with all your gear. Send the driver way back out to park and let them walk back down to the roadblock. There, you can catch a shuttle (if you are willing to wait 30-45 minutes, we weren’t) which will actually take you the last mile and a half into the main camp area. There are plenty of places to put up a site. Enjoy yourselves!

  3. Kimberly said

    great pictures! we’re leaving little rock tomorrow afternoon and will camp out (in the rain, apparently) tomorrow and Wednesday nights, returning to the city Thursday evening. I’m not too concerned about the walking ~ I just hope I can find a place to park!!! We convince a friend to drive down from Tulsa to meet us, so I’m excited. Anyone have an idea of where the IHOP tent is located and best way to find it?

  4. jeremiasx said

    Thanks Kim…to find the different sites I would suggest going to INFO it’s up from the bridge (in the picture) and anyone should be able to point you there if you get lost. Look for the new map they put up of the entire site. A kid was hand drawing it the other day but he was taking it off a geological survey map and it looked to be fairly accurate. Best of luck to you! Enjoy your “welcome home.”

  5. Anonymous said

    “Damn Hippies” Cartman

  6. Anonymous said

    I love the pictures. Got any more?

  7. Kathleen said

    Thanks for the first hand look at Rainbow Family life. I am a Mom about 3000 miles away wondering what Rainbow Family life is like for my daughter who’s camping for a week. I felt so “there”. Looks and sounds like such a neat time. Thanks Kathleen in Florida

  8. Rainbow Trout said

    Really like your photos of the 2007 gathering; wish i could be there… There is always a smaller regional gathering after the national one; here in the Mt. Shasta,Ca area… Impeach the Bush/Cheney crime family for war profiteering,crimes against humanity; Bill and Hillary must be prosecuted for the same …

  9. swan said

    Thanks for the pictures! I’d love to see some more . . . swan . . . .

  10. Pixzyeyes said

    Hey Now !
    Just got back from gathering nice photos!

  11. anya said

    Just what I was looking for. My husband & 3-year-old went alone this year for some bonding time. I’m sure they are having a great time no matter what the weather! I Read your blog posted on the 6/28 & I’m just hoping they got away with no tickets (we got ticketed last year & it was a total waste of time & pain in the ass & in the end – 13 hours later – our tickets were thrown out!) I have more to say about that, but another time…Just in case you run into them (weirder things have happened!), it’s Sam & Jasper & they are probably somewhere near Turtle Soup, but I could be wrong 😉 Have a great time out there & I love you!

  12. Erica said

    If anyone sees Whitney, please tell her that her mom sends sunshine, kisses and hugs! Peace

  13. Erica said

    Just in case there is more than one Whitney at the gathering, she is the one with the great dane named deboe and a dog named penelenep. Enjoy

  14. sandy j said

    Thanks a last some pixs of the Gathering! I wish I could have made it this year, but, alas …work! My daughter and her boyfriend are there and I was hoping to see what it was like this year. Welcome Home!

    Sandy J

  15. Mary Hogue said

    Hello to daughter Jamie Kirton and Crow , the gang of twelve. Have a great time…Mia is doing well . We are picking up Eris today and Aubrey. Eris is leaving Tuesday. Have a safe and fun time. Travel back safe. Peace from White Buffalo Calf Woman & Mom

  16. caroline said

    I Was at the gathering….I got a ticket from some asshole cop and a mandatory court apperance…. Fuk that I didnt even show up. I live soo very far away so they can kiss my hippie ass. Alot of people there were getting robbed and getting thier stuff stolen and cops did nothing about it. especiaally in A Camp. So much for peace eh?

  17. Grandee & Jessi said

    Thanks for the great photos. If anyone sees Benjamin Perrywinkle tell him we love him and hope he is having an awesome time. It makes us feel closer to see the actual place where he is.

  18. kathy said


  19. Dee said

    I just got home to Texas from The Rainbow Gathering earlier this evening~ it’s great to see some pics up and posted already! They capture alot of the true essence and spirit I felt while we were there. I hope you made it down to the river for the July 4th celebration ~ it was amazing! I hope you and your family can make it to another Gathering again. We are city dwellers and take off about a week every couple of years to live in this wilderness world of love, peace and sharing. Makes you think twice about what’s really important when we get back to the “other” world we live in day to day.



  21. skeetertrader said

    Another worried Mother, was told that my girls were leaving camp on the 5th but they never made it out yet. I have a Grandson waiting in Bella Vista at Great Grandparents house to go home to Iowa and I haven’t heard from either of “the girls” since Tuesday. At that time my youngest 26 years old was becomming ill with bronchitis and I know that the oldest 33 years old had already taken 15 to the hospital and none of them went back to camp. They either went home from there or were still in the hospital. Seems many had caught a staff infection (some very serious) and my girls were helping care for others. I am becomming worried about them. They are Misty Cornelius and Mynette Carlson. If anyone has seen them please let me know. I can’t contact her on the cell due to bad reception.
    Down there. Thanks for any news you might have. Anyone know how to check hospitals or police down there?
    Thanks Karen

  22. Namaste from WV. More pics PLEASE!!
    We love you…

  23. skeetertrader said

    More information from the worried mom… I found out that my “missing” girls had been staying in Montana Mud camp. I know that they had also been working in one of the kitchens. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with them please let me know. I just found out that Meningitis is now in the camp. Both of the girls have very low immune systems but big hearts so if someone was sick they would care for them before worring about themselves. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
    Thanks so much,

  24. skeetertrader said

    News from worried Mom, they just called grandson! Whew!! They are on their way back to civilization (and cell phone service) soon! Thanks for listening!

  25. HeartChakra said

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. You captured much of my experience at the beautiful Headwaters! and thank you for your fine reporting and activism. People like you make me proud to be an Arkansawyer!

    luvin’ you from Madison County,

  26. TJ said

    I live in arkansas and had never heard of the rainbow tribe or gathering. I wanted to respond to the Arkansas police being Nazis. If people were not running around naked and jumping on the hoods of cars in Wal-Mart parking lot the police might have been nicer.


    To Tj another good ole boy republican i see or good ole girl.Arkansas police are self serving maggots.I have lived in arkansas some 20 years great state bad police bible thumpin meth heads they are.Have you ever wondered why cops hang out with cops?well because nobody else would hang out with them.Most cops are your highschool tattle tails that everybody use to beat up.Now they have badges so now they just think they are somebody when in all reality they are still the losers they were in high school.

  28. Anonymous said

    How come there’s always one ignorant person in every crowd? Huh David? You must not have any cop friends…too bad! It probably has nothing what so ever to do with your attitude. Grow up! Quit whining!

  29. Anonymous said

    I’m not sure if I am writing to the right source but I am looking for my son Benjamin Damon age 24 who is from Taos NM and left Taos by bus for the gathering June 28th. I heard people have been sick at the gathering and I have not heard from him and I am worried. My email address is and my name is Holly. Thanks so much

  30. offtosleep said

    Thanks for the pics! If you have more, post’em!
    Didnt go this year as 2500 miles was a little too much impact on the Earth and wallet…
    Love you!

  31. Yup was a great time little on the wet side but hey what’s a gathering without a little troubles from mother nature right???? See you all next year too in what I guess was counsel Wyoming?

  32. PICS:

    and – MAIN – The PICS

    Tradin’ Bill a.k.a. Fla_Hippy

  33. Donny/firestaff said

    Hello im so excited to see great pics of my 1st gathering ,,,Blessed Be

  34. dan said

    Rainbow children and hippies are the best I loved the gathering this year Me and Dr.D usally have Christ Cafe but this year we had very little time to get enough food and supplies to do this gathering but if any gatherings are coming up and if anyone could inform us of upcoming gatherings please inform our web site is and our contact info is enclosed

  35. angry said

    please do not ever come back to Arkansas. I saw pictures of this gathering and evidence of what you did to our nations 1st nationally protected river. Your mission statement states “we have a strong orientation to take care of the the Earth.” Unfortunately, your actions do not fit your claims of taking care of the earth. I cannot believe how a group who preaches what you do can be so ignorant of your actions and be so environmentally unsound. The aftermath of your gathering has implications far beyond the time you spent there, and has certainly left a filthy imprint on one of our most pristine natural bodies of water in this state. Shame on all of you. Mass gatherings should not take place in sensitive ecosystems, you should know this. You have polluted our waters, killed natural vegetation, compacted soil so that plants cannot grow, and increased soil erosion. Please please do not ever come back to Arkansas and destroy our national forests. And please, educate yourselves so this doesn’t happen again.

  36. brahim said

    how are u ? im brahim im very like rainbow i now best palys in marooco you welcome im from maroococ

  37. batesville said


    […]Rainbow Gathering Arkansas 2007: In Pictures « Views From Within[…]…

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