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Tyranny Strikes On The 4th of July in Newton County

Posted by jeremiasx on July 6, 2007


Well the family and I had a less than happy 4th of July this year for a few reasons, but the one thing that I’d like to bitch about publicly is the display of callous disdain for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happyness by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department, headed by Keith Slape, who narrowly won a run-off election to attain his office in the first place. I suggest he finds a way to shore up public support and change his ways before the next election, because people in the county are NOT satisfied…especially after the last few weeks. Too much of our county’s money has been wasted trying to run dragnets out in the forest with the Rainbow gathering going on and then on the 4th of July they “took a break” to bring their gestapo tactics they learned from the USFS and USE THEM ON THE RESIDENTS OF THIS COUNTY.

We have a nice man who lives down the side of the mountain a ways who thought it would be a nice gesture to throw a big Independence Day bash complete with a big fireworks display for the enjoyment of the neighborhood and many others. He spent lots of money on the event and even provided portable toilets for the occasion..this wasn’t just some small get together is what I’m getting at.

What was his thanks from the community for trying to show folks a good time? He got ARRESTED on the 4th of July for “disturbing the peace.” What kind of horse shit is THAT? The reason: he hung up on the dispatcher at the sheriff’s office…and was rude in general to her, I imagine…but so what. Some asshole had called the SO complaining that a couple of this guy’s pigs were running loose on his lawn a mile or so down the road, and the guy said he would take care of it TOMORROW as he was currently hosting a party for hundreds of people…a little busy right now, you know? Needless to say the man who was afflicted by the pigs called the COPS and had them call our friend the host of the party. Maybe he was rude…so what. I would be too. It’s our RIGHT to be RUDE if we want to, and to say what we want to…DAMMIT.

Did this situation constitute the necessity of sending out deputies to arrest a man who has had a few too many beers (at his own house, not out driving) and was rude to someone on the fucking telephone? I don’t think so. It is a SAD statement about the feeling in law enforcement that the people must be beaten down into submission by an overbearing system which has little to anemic respect for the rights of the people they SUPPOSEDLY SERVE AND PROTECT.

The party is over. The family and I headed home. Is it just back to business as usual in America or WHAT?

Screw that. I’m sick of it. The government should fear the people and NOT the other way around. It’s time to take our country back.

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