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Unsung Deaths During The Rainbow Gathering 2007

Posted by jeremiasx on July 9, 2007

I had to wait a day or two to talk about this. I’m so freaking mad I could just spit.

Two days ago I saw a man die down at the Buffalo River at the Hasty access and it took nearly 30 minutes for the Park Rangers to even get there. I’ve never talked much about what I do for a living but I think it has a little bearing on the current situation. I make my living on the river…it’s only a part-time job, and it doesn’t pay a lot, but I really enjoy it because I get to help people have a great time (normally) when they float the mighty Buffalo. I work for a canoe service and run people out and bring them in and carry canoes (our Olde Towns weigh about 80 pounds dry…they’re kinda heavy.)

I got to Hasty access in my usual fashion to begin picking up groups as they came in…I went to park in my usual spot down by the trail to the beach but there was a young man who was terribly upset and he asked me to please move because an ambulance was supposed to be en route to assist his brother, who he said was dying on the beach.

I parked it, and ran down to the beach to see what I might be able to do to help. I have had military combat lifesaver training in the past and have been CPR certified several times since I was a teenager. Upon arriving, I noticed a small crowd of folks gathered around a local man who had just drowned. They were his family, and they were very distraught (understandably) and were attempting to resuscitate him using mouth-to-mouth and CPR…but I didn’t think the guy doing compressions was going to last much longer so I offered to jump on and help until the EMT/first responders arrived…which I assumed would be much quicker than it actually was.

Between our small group of family and bystanders, we all kept looking up at the parking lot, just sure that any MINUTE there would be some official help in the form of a Newton County Sheriff’s deputy or maybe even a Park Ranger…I mean…those guys are usually around when someone is drunk or disorderly or if they think they can get a couple tickets written for “walking on poison ivy” (ludicrous stuff in general) and they should have been Johnny on the Spot…RIGHT?

WRONG. It was 20 minutes from the time this man stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating before a first responder got there. (I find this pretty much ok because first responders do their best based on their availability and proximity to a location.) It was 25 minutes before an ambulance arrived. (It had to come from by my house which was about ten miles away up the mountain…again…understandable) The Park Service got there 30 minutes after. Newton County Sheriff’s Department? A NO SHOW. What gives?

I’ll tell you…in case you haven’t figured it out already. The Newton County Sherriff’s office and the Park Service were TOO DAMNED BUSY HANDING OUT TICKETS AT THE RAINBOW GATHERING to be available to help SAVE THIS MAN’S LIFE on the other side of the county.

We were unable to ever get a pulse or breathing started, though I heard that they did in the ambulance en route to the hospital for a short time…he did, in fact, die.

I can’t help but wonder whether he might have LIVED if the Park Service and S.O. didn’t have their brains completely overwhelmed by the prospect of busting hippies and running them out of the county at the end of the Rainbow festival.

This makes the SECOND death during the Rainbow festival in which the Park Service and the Newton County S.O. have been shown to be DERELICT IN THEIR DUTIES TO SERVE AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTY.

Sheriff Keith Slape…we, the voters of Newton County, will not forget that you chose to spend our tax money on useless, draconian law enforcement ventures and chose to have our county employees participate in unconstitutional dragnets. Park Service: the people of this county will not soon forget how you misplaced your priorities and allowed a campground host (at the Ozark campground, the week before the festival when you were busy doing training maneuvers with the national rainbow response team) to DIE AND REMAIN UNDISCOVERED FOR A WEEK because you were focused on the Rainbows.

This is BULLSHIT. Bottom line.

I’m done for now…but more to follow.

Footnote: After reading a highly derogatory comment which blasted my lack of support for the officials who DID respond…let me say that it actually goes without saying. I appreciate the service of each individual who is serving the county. I DON’T appreciate STUPID POLICIES. Don’t get so caught up in the fact that rural response times are generally long anyhow…the point is that the focus should not have been all on the Rainbow festival across the county. The feds brought in 500 extra personnel to handle the event. Our county should have stayed out of it other than enforcing laws as usual in the area instead of trying to milk our tax dollars due to this “phantom menace” of veggie-stealing pot-smoking hippies running around ‘nekkid’. That’s the point. Blaming the Rainbows is a bad argument too. They aren’t responsible for the ludicrous response of the authorities.

9 Responses to “Unsung Deaths During The Rainbow Gathering 2007”

  1. buffboy said

    You should get your facts straight before you start ranting about things you don’t know any thing about. Given you were a looky-loo at Hasty, I guess you think you know what you are talking about. Did you think to ask where the rangers had to respond from, ever think that they might have been all the way at Steel Creek? I guess since you are a boat ape, you know everything there is to know about the park service and its rangers. Something else, writing about a dead campground host to shamelessly validate your point of view is in very bad taste, shameless you might say.

  2. jeremiasx said

    I wasn’t originally going to allow your comment when you posted it anonymously, but since you have the decency to repost with a name I’ll humor you.

    BUFFBOY: It is POSSIBLE that the rangers had to respond from Steel Creek…but I know for a FACT that there were plenty of them out at Fallsville as that particular time.

    I never claimed to know everything about the park service or the rangers. I like most of the ones that I have met and deal with, and don’t hold ANY of them PERSONALLY accountable for any of this. I just don’t like their policy.

    Writing about the dead campground host seemed like the thing to do because NO ONE ELSE has mentioned its relevance other than I. It’s also relevant because the whole week he was rotting in his RV down there at Ozark the Park and Forestry service were staying VERY BUSY with their advance training for the Rainbow Gathering…I THINK IT’S RELATED.

  3. Hayduke said

    We would all be better off if the Feds put in port-a-potties at the Rainbow Gathering and then left them the fuck alone!

  4. Randy said

    Man…I read the reports in the newton co times about how the river was so infected from the rainbows. I thought it strange that the hole below where they were had high levels of bactirea but the next hole down river was fine, it also showed the NORMAL campgrounds downstream also were a little high. Bottom line, when people swim they piss,hippy or tourest. I remember back in 72 when the Gov took the Buffalo and stole everyones land for the greater good. Im upset that we lost all the taxes for the schools cause the Gov doesnt pay taxes. Most people who come from here drive old trucks and cars while the Gov has new trucks and get paid very well. There are no jobs here to speak of. I think the Gov would love to run everyone off that doesnt come for vacation. I picked up several Hippies and found they were just people. Some good and some maby not. i also believe if the Feds would shake down every campground they would find booze,pot, acid and even some people who piss in the woods. I agree the Gov should have set some tolits and maby had a few cops down there to make sure nothing bad happend but this is a little overkill. IF the rainbows come here agian i hope they get treated like the regular tourest. Sorry Rainbows..were not all like the law dogs that treated you all bad. Randy

  5. Jacquilyn said

    I got one of those deliberate falsification tickets at 11 PM at night and spent two days in a makeshift court room set up without public phone/fax, public legal observer, or lawyer present. It was all about “tribute pay” after speedy trials. Many times the Magistrate said “he didn’t care” during my trial. He refused to answer questions I had. I also wanted to know the next action to be taken to have Officer Gretchen Lampe removed from her post for perjury and unecessary physical force she used on me and others I know. This just gave this USFS Incident Team the okay to continue even more aggressively without any consequences or having accountability to anyone…the rainbow family thus was “open game with no boundaries” to do what they wanted to us (tasers/police brutality unprovoked) in the woods of America in the daylight in front of our children. I know if I appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, like other rainbows who have, the result is our cases have “no merit”. I reminded them all during the citiation writing and in court that time will come when they will have to answer to the Creator. I will find peace and freedom when I am walking the streets of gold and no one will ever falsely shame me and be grabbing my wrists in submission hold.
    FYI a new incident command team law enforcement agent – Ofc Kogsted was found with another male officer with cammie netting over video camera in the woods secretly taping rainbow sisters/women/females until a male rainbow warrior snuck up and asked the officers how their gathtering was going in which one said not so good and they hurriedly took off. I would like for those officers to also be removed from their posts.
    What needs to be done to have the Justice Dept cut off the funding for this task force so it will end and we can gather in peace without harassment? The next President of the United States must have his attention called to this, not that there aren’t enough problems and complaints to address in the U.S. and world. We will continue to gather for global peace and are all the more encouraged for a more better world.

  6. […] blog comments were to be believed. (Yes, that’s a swipe at some of the comments made on my PAST posts, and it’s […]

  7. keith said

    I think they should leave the rainbow ppl alone what the hell are they hurting. I went to the gathering in the Ozarks in 2007 I happen to injoy it very much. When else to you see so many ppl from so many backgrounds helping one another as much as they do.




  8. hillbilly said

    I am a full grown Local, of Newton County.

    The Rainbow family showed up, lookin for fun.
    The Feds did everything BUT help them.

    1. A friggen port-o-potty would have been the easiest thing they could have done.
    2. Deaths would have not occurred if they had been payin attention to the peoples lives, instead of SUCH important traffic ‘violations’.
    3. Soon the society as we know it will end, We will rule the world, and those that are a thorn in our side, will soon die.

  9. Jim said

    All these groups are the failed society of obeying rules and laws to co-habitat. Who owe’s you a porta toilet? Who owes you anything? Haven’t you the decentcy to take care of your own waste? The reason most complain is how they feel they should be left alone to run amuck and the example they set to thier kids what will be the failing future society. The original post started on the fact of what happened and now look it turned into who owed who a porta potty. As for the ” full grown Local fo newton county” Society will not end and you won’t ever rule anything in your entire life as it is now and always will be. Your talk of ignorance screams for more school funds to Newton County to advoid ignorance such as he described.

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