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Ed Brown IRS Standoff Benefit Concert (Video)

Posted by jeremiasx on July 24, 2007

(Background: Ed Brown is currently involved in a months long standoff with US Marshals after being convicted and sentenced in absentia to income tax evasion…he has holed up on his property with armed supporters and he/they refuse to be arrested. His situation has drawn national interest and a wide range of supporters from all over the world.)

You just KNOW that it pisses the feds off to no end that not only is there a “fugitive from justice” hanging out happily at his home in Plainfield, New Hampshire, but that he is in good company with hundreds of supporters hanging out, grooving to resistance music by Pokerface, and mocking the DHS chopper as it hovers overhead…

Much thanks to Mark Yannone and his blog for keeping on top of the situation…


2 Responses to “Ed Brown IRS Standoff Benefit Concert (Video)”

  1. Don Jorensen said

    Call you Senator to use this as a reason to support “fair tax”
    If you use this to advertise fair tax, tax on purchases not income, you can do a great cause a great service and use your trouble to a good. You can offer a solution!!!!!

  2. я думаю: бесподобно!!

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