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Free Speech Under Attack: 3 Current Cases

Posted by jeremiasx on July 28, 2007


In what seems to be a disturbing trend in aggressive authoritarianism in law enforcement (usually at a local level, but not always) we find three cases of infringement upon people’s right to political speech.

1: Jeff Zurawski, 39, of Downers Grove and Sarah M. Hartfield, 45, of Naperville were initially charged with disorderly conduct for displaying a banner that read “Impeach Bush and Cheney – LIARS” on May 6 on the Great Western Trail above Interstate 355.

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HERE for the full story.

2: A couple who said they were protesting the state of the country by flying the U.S. flag upside down with signs pinned to it found themselves in jail following a scuffle with a deputy Wednesday morning.

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3: Korey Rowe, a producer of Loose Change: Final Cut was arrested on charges of desertion even though he had an honorable discharge and the Army had no basis for charges. He was released subsequently after a massive call-in/write-in campaign to the DoD on his behalf.

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2 Responses to “Free Speech Under Attack: 3 Current Cases”

  1. daredevil92103 said

    that’s just the beginning. wait a few more months, and i have a feeling it will be much, much worse.

  2. Carls Blog said

    Im glad i found this blog, will be sure to keep an eye on future

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