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“When Jesus Denies Your Claim”

Posted by jeremiasx on August 1, 2007


I came up with this little quip while listening to the right-winger nut jobs who claim that they personally believe in the basic moral concept of Christian compassion for all…while trying to jerk CHILDREN’s health insurance because they don’t want to help the poor or afflicted with their precious tax dollars…who are these assholes trying to fool? Without an active Jesus, the churches can’t save us from physical ailments or death. Benny Hinn has not been proven successful to date.

Speaking of the miracles…I don’t recall Jesus ever turning anyone away for their “inability to pay…” I don’t recall him telling people to “get a fucking job.” I BELIEVE the Bible actually says that He told people to forsake the physical riches for spiritual ones.

Jesus DENIES your claim that you are a Christian if you say with your mouth that it’s good and moral to help the poor but then spew abusive commentary about the poor…and if you get hit up for a handful of change and you spit at the person and say, “Get a job…” or if you think that Jesus would support the UNLAWFUL WAR AND OCCUPATION IN IRAQ… guess what…Jesus Denies your CLAIM OF FORGIVENESS AND YOUR FAITH IS DEAD…

One Response to ““When Jesus Denies Your Claim””

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