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Posted by jeremiasx on August 4, 2007

I guess if you are able to control the media you can keep things like THIS from getting out. Water powered cars, y’all…since the 80s…and they have kept it secret and killed this man, Stan Meyer, who tried to free us from our bonds. I’m getting VERY VERY VERY MAD now. You should be too. Do you really wonder why the world is in the state it is in when the “horse and buggy cartel” are running things? Do you really think they wouldn’t use the BILLIONS of dollars, pesos, lira, euros, yen, and anything else they could use as currency to suppress the truth if at all possible? Are you tired of getting BENT OVER by Big Oil and Big Brother? I KNOW I AM. Time to evict the traitors to the sandbox of the Middle East, where their alliances OBVIOUSLY ARE.

So here’s a guy who I don’t THINK IS DEAD JUST YET…let’s get this story out there so he doesn’t meet the same fate as Stan Meyer. PASS THIS ON!!! The freedom of all mankind depends on it. If you can translate into foreign languages, then do that and post it overseas as well. It’s time for a TRUTHMITZVAH and a RECKONING. 


3 Responses to “Water Power BEING SUPPRESSED!!!”

  1. dnafrequency said

    I will stand up with you!

  2. jeremiasx said

    Thank you. It will take us ALL standing up and sooner rather than later would be best. They have almost legislated a dictatorship, but if we stop them now we can hold them accountable for a LONG history of abuse and tyranny.

  3. Schufafrei said


    …Fein schufafreie Sachen …

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