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How Do You Explain THIS???

Posted by jeremiasx on August 10, 2007

Seems pretty ‘real’ to me, folks. We’ve been seeing the lights for a while now…and wondering when they’d get a little closer…military project? I doubt that Haiti has the type of capacity for this technology…I’m going to say that either this is from a superpower or not of this world…furthermore, the YouTube submitter joined for the sole purpose of submitting this video, and has no history of submitting other “hoax material” like many others out there…I have some friends in CG animation who I’m asking to take a hard look at it.

UPDATE: OK so we have a video on YouTube that now explains how this was done…proof positive that videos that appear authentic can be faked. *wink*

3 Responses to “How Do You Explain THIS???”

  1. ppedersen said

    Unless you are making some kind of Star Wars movie, I would classify these as UFOs. Do you have any more videos like this?

  2. jeremiasx said

    Sure there are tons of videos on the internet of UFS’s online on YouTube and I’ve seen some lights similar to what you see towards the end of the video (the ones in the triangular formation)…so it peaked my interest more than any of the others. It also seems to be one of the most ingenious fakeries I’ve ever seen…if it is indeed a fake.

  3. jeremiasx said

    UFO’s even…sheesh.

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