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Why Hasn’t Rep. Tom Feeney Been Indicted?

Posted by jeremiasx on August 13, 2007

This is amazing…how is it possible to have sworn testimony accusing former Speaker of the House of Florida turned Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) of hiring him to compile a vote-rigging program without an A FULL AND THOROUGH INVESTIGATION BEING CONDUCTED? Where does the madness end? This is OBVIOUS ELECTION FRAUD…including testimony that claims the code could be erased after the fraud was committed to HIDE THAT IT EVER HAPPENED. ALERT TED KOPPEL!!!

2 Responses to “Why Hasn’t Rep. Tom Feeney Been Indicted?”

  1. sobiop said

    Because the request does not equate to vote tampering. It was presented as if it were an effort to examine the possibility rather than to enact it.

  2. jeremiasx said

    No you should watch the video AGAIN because it sounds like he was looking for EXACTLY that…a program to fix the vote. Not just for “prurient interest” either…

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