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Is The Fed Writing Checks Their Ass Can’t Cash?

Posted by jeremiasx on August 15, 2007

I have only a VERY CURSORY knowledge of basic accounting principles…but I still can’t…for the life of me…see where the Fed has come up with all this money to pump into the banks and the markets over the last week? Where does it come from?

I’m hoping some smart person can help me figure this out…I’m just a dumb hillbilly and all so try to have mercy on me if I seem “unduly alarmed” about this. By the way…I know these are 2006 figures…but if you look at it projectively from 05…I don’t think they had THAT big of an influx in one year, did they?

Maybe I’m just interpreting the document incorrectly??


One Response to “Is The Fed Writing Checks Their Ass Can’t Cash?”

  1. Troy said

    The federal reserve prints the money and delivers it to the recipient. The recipeient (U.S. Treasury) then owes the federal reserve the total about PLUS INTEREST. Now, that is where our income tax pay the INTEREST on the money loaned to the Treasury.
    Youtube has some GREAT Videos on how the American people are ‘not informed’ on where and what the dollar is. Don’t feel bad, there are MILLIONS of people who do not realize that the federal reserve note is backed by NOTHING! Not gold, not silver, it is backed only by FAITH that the American people will continue to ‘spend’. Ron Paul has some GREAT speeches on youtube that goes into depth.

    Ron Paul 2008 dot org

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