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Newly Unearthed Video Of WTC 7 Fire Questions NIST Explanation

Posted by jeremiasx on August 25, 2007

OH YES..there is a building with a lot of damage…but it’s not WTC 7…look at the building they are talking about when they mention the massive structural debris. It’s WHITE. WTC 7 is NOT WHITE. HELLO. Dumbasses. Now look at the FRONT of WTC 7 as it burns…yes there is some BLACK CHARRING but no MISSING CORNER. I’m getting pissed off now just thinking of how stupid they think we are. It even looks like someone edited IN some extra smoke and obscured the corners in the last shot of the building…but just one scene before that you can EASILY tell that the building is structurally INTACT. No giant corner missing. Silly neocons, tricks are for kids!

Where’s the 25% of the building gone? On the backside? We have pictures of that too. Get a rope.

6 Responses to “Newly Unearthed Video Of WTC 7 Fire Questions NIST Explanation”

  1. Steve said

    Where did you get your degree in Materials Engineering or Science? Where did you get your degree in Mechanical Engineering? Where did you get your degree in Physics?

    If you don’t have any of these, then when are YOU gonna wake up?! There was no US conspiracy beyond the hijackers. The buildings fell in a manner consistent with known physical principles. You have been led down the garden path. Do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? I can see it to you real cheap.

  2. jeremiasx said

    I don’t NEED any of those DEGREES to understand what I plainly SEE with my own two EYES in this video. WTC 7 was not damaged in the manner that Popular Mechanics and ALL the debunkers claimed it was.

    Oh yea…learn to spell if you want to “see” someone a bridge, college boy.

  3. Arthur Scheuerman said

    I watched the video 3 times. Most of the shots were of Building 5 not building 7.

  4. Godwhacker said

    Steve is a douche-bag. You don’t need a degree to see if 25% of a building is missing or not. All you need are eyes.

  5. Sean said

    If you don’t have a degree in Physics its easy enough for you to buy several university text books on the science without any enrolment required. you can also gain access to a lot of works by noted scientists if you look for them. If you want to understand them you just have to read them diligently with some degree of dedication and enthusiam.
    Good Luck with your continued self-education!

  6. Hayduke said

    The mind sees what it wants to see. Go Ponder.

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