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Though I Go Barefoot And Bareheaded…

Posted by jeremiasx on September 9, 2007



I am leaving on a monumental journey (for my own life and time here) tomorrow morning. I’m quite anxious about it and I felt that writing about it might help a little. Most of you know absolutely nothing about me. I don’t talk much about myself usually. I will tell you a little about who I am in this post.

I’m 30 years old, happily married, and have a wonderful family. They are the light of my life and I am eternally grateful for them whenever my mind shifts to gratitude for all the blessings in my life, which is not nearly as often as I’d like.

I live in a beautiful place high atop a mountain in the Ozarks of Arkansas…the scenery is breathtaking, even from my back yard or up on my roof on a starlit night. We moved up here a little over a year ago and it’s been a tough area to make a go of things, but we’ve managed to cling to our little piece of the dream pretty well despite numerous setbacks.  I’ve learned that the people in this part of the country are much like the trees that grow on the side of the bluffs, for what that’s worth…rugged, to say the least. I’m glad we stuck it out, and the wife loves it here, so I’m especially happy for her.

One thing has constantly irked me over the last few years though, and that is the realization that all of this…this American dream which was bequeathed to us as a people.. could be quite possibly taken away from us if we stand idly by and do nothing as we watch our civil rights and even our most basic God given rights become a thing of speculation or fancy instead of the concrete certainty they were intended to be by the Founding Fathers.

It is due to this constant pain, this inescapable certainty that if we do nothing then the results will befall us to our shame and regret…that I intend to strike out tomorrow on my cross-country journey to NYC and DC for the protests on 9/11 and 9/15 respectively.

I originally wanted to do a protest right here in Arkansas but there wasn’t enough local interest to get a really big one going…then I thought to myself…self…there are already massive protests planned for those dates so why not just get out of my comfort zone, get off my happy ass, and walk a mile (or a thousand if need be) to make sure that when I look back in the twilight of my life that I am certain that I did everything within my power to make a difference or speak my voice when I felt it highly appropriate, NECESSARY even…to do so. Before my mother passed away (from throat cancer) she told me she believed it came from all the things she meant to say but was afraid to…and she told me to go forth and fulfill my purpose, and not be afraid anymore. I took that to heart. I will be true to myself, and true to the memory of those wise words from one of my greatest teachers while upon this Earth.

Tomorrow I will set out upon the road with my faith and my determination alone to guide me to wherever God’s will would have me to be. I’ve been at this junction many times…though without much direction or focus in the past. However, with a plan of action, and the certainty that God is always on the side of what is right, I do not have any fear for my own life or safety. I plan on hitchhiking, which is always an enjoyable and memorable experience…and I’m sure it will be everything that it’s supposed to be. I’ll update you all either on here from the road or when I return in a week or so. I’m taking my camera and will try to get plenty of good shots if I can keep it in batteries and if it doesn’t crap out on me (fingers crossed, it’s a few years old and was the cheapest HP model available at the time, 3.1 MegaPixel but it works OK…sometimes…when it wants to. Hehhehe.) SO…time for me to “go forth.”

For now I’m going to tuck my 4-year old son into bed..then the wife…and try to deal with the pain of the coming separation from my family…I will miss them and they will miss me while I journey. It’s always so…but I don’t venture far from them usually, and I’m always here in my heart. I enjoy my time at home. Home is…after all…one of the things in life worth fighting for.


2 Responses to “Though I Go Barefoot And Bareheaded…”

  1. Eureka Springs said

    Hello, I read your comment over at AR blog and thought I would reply here. Like your blog,btw. WordPress is all class compared to the others.

    In case this protest experience is semi new to you, I am going to throw in a piece of free advice. Hope it doesn’t offend.

    Be prepared to be arrested for just being in a protest/demonstration. You don’t have to do anything wrong at all. Cheap little camping type taper candles drip on your hands a bit but make nice gifts to hand out to others who you are near while protesting.. so consider buying a couple boxes ahead of time. Bubbles are fun in certain places too. I like to take little colored star stickers for kids etc.. Props are fun.

    Okay, I am jealous and delighted to know of someone bear who has the time and inclination to go… Wish I could too..

    All the best… Send Max pictures if you can! I will also look here for updates.

    Most of all have fun!


    Eureka Springs

  2. Eureka Springs said

    P.S. near not bear *blush*

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