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Open Letter To Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR)

Posted by jeremiasx on September 27, 2007


I can not BELIEVE that you voted lock-step with Joseph LIEBERMANN and John Kyl on the amendment to designate an entire DIVISION of the Iranian army as terrorists. I read the amendment and the reasons given, such as the misleading testimony by Petraeus and Crocker, and I can’t believe you FELL for that NONSENSE including vague allegations and questionable links to the Iranian central government. The larger issue is, of course, that if we were not IN Iraq, and if we hadn’t GONE there in the first place, this would not be a problem NOW.

Do you understand the ramifications of war with Iran? The Russians and Chinese have ALREADY stated they are sick of our intervention in South Asia and the Middle East.
The Chinese can single-handedly tank our economy if they want to dump the trillion in debt they’ve amassed from us, and I’m sure they’d be happy to after we screwed them over in the stock market, embarrassed them due to our own lack of vigilance in the CPSC regarding toys (some of which my son played with) and are probably about to embarass them yet again concerning Myanmar and the coming 08 Olympics. Even if they didn’t hit us physically, they could still make life a living hell here for us.

But let’s get HONEST for a change.

If you support the idea of an AMERICAN EMPIRE then please SAY SO and I’ll know it’s time to leave this country. I’d rather myself and my family not fall victim to a needless (and most likely nuclear) demise.

Your performance on Middle Eastern issues has bordered on pathetic and while I think you did a great job at getting rid of Gonzo…that’s about ALL I’m proud of you for (in the national political spectrum) and please understand that I know you are good at getting money for our state…I appreciate that. Anyone can do that though. To that end, I’ll run against you MYSELF if necessary to show my displeasure with your actions, like Sheehan will run against Pelosi next term. How many third party votes will it take in a state election to make your chances of re-election difficult, Mark? I turned 30 this year, so I guess I’m plenty eligible.

The American people are SICK of this game. I have talked to people ALL AROUND the nation and the sentiment is almost universal. Why, oh why, do we condemn undemocratic process in places like Myanmar (Burma) when it SEEMS the people have no representation in THIS COUNTRY. We obviously have the best government that MONEY CAN BUY.

I am prepared to go to any lengths to see that the American people are able to reign in this unconscionable and miserably inept Congress that so far has managed to do NOTHING in regards to fulfilling their promise to end our intervention in the Middle East, Iraq particularly. Pfft…no one voted you into office to see us go to war with Iran.

I am rapidly approaching utter disillusionment with the government of this country and so are MANY of my fellow citizens. You (Congress) are treading on thin ice…and you stand warned. (Politically, don’t freak out…there are ways of altering and abolishing the government that don’t require violence, and I’m getting interested in those more and more each day.)

Ever heard of an Article V Convention? I have. Maybe we should lobby on the state levels to get something done since Congress obviously CAN NOT OR WILL NOT.


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