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Preview Of The Coming Police State

Posted by jeremiasx on September 29, 2007


Our BEST DEFENSE from what things could easily become in OUR OWN COUNTRY if decent, honest, patriotic Americans don’t stand up to the incessant encroachment upon our God-given rights…may be cameras and bricks, as the protesters in Myanmar have had to make do with. What is worth fighting for? Home…and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. THIS we’ll defend…to the death, if need be.


9 Responses to “Preview Of The Coming Police State”

  1. LP said

    While I agree Big Brother only seems to get bigger each year, it seems at best improbable that America is becoming a police state.

  2. jeremiasx said

    LP: You obviously haven’t visited DC or tried to attend a protest of any type lately…have you? At best improbable? Shit.

    I’m gonna lay a lot lower odds that this WILL happen in our country because of people (like yourself) who think it’s “improbable.

    I’m also pretty damn SURE that the folks in 1930s Germany thought the coming Nazi state was…improbable. WAKE UP, brother.

  3. Diane said

    There apparently has been an epidemic of police brutality lately. Or perhaps we’re just noticing it more, thanks to the advent of cell phone cameras and YouTube.

    However, as far as protests are concerned, a lot depends on how well-organized the protest is. If there are well-trained volunteer parade marshals who can help keep order, this goes a long way toward reducing the likelihood of dangerous confrontations with police. In my opinion, every protest organizer needs to recruit and train parade marshals.

    Anyhow, I agree that we are indeed in a dangerous trend toward dictatorahip. We certainly do need to keep an eye on and object loudly to the Bush administration’s power grabs.

  4. whiteguy said

    The day before Republicans gathered in New York City for their national convention, more than half a million citizens opposed to the Bush administration participated in a massive legal demonstration — the largest protest ever at a U.S. political convention. While the GOP heard endless speeches and nominated George Bush for re-election, many thousands of activists took part in smaller more militant actions targeting President Bush’s decision to wage war against Iraq and his economic, social and environmental policies. During the course of the week, police arrested 1,821 protesters, reporters and innocent bystanders in sweeps launched against dozens of demonstrations and civil disobedience actions. Many of those arrested on minor charges were taken to a city-owned warehouse at Pier 57 dubbed by detainees as “Guantanamo on the Hudson.” Some of those arrested complained that while at the detention facility they were exposed to toxic waste that caused burns and respiratory problems.

    Civil liberties groups charge New York City police unnecessarily held those arrested for excessive periods of time — a deliberate policy some activists say — which was implemented to keep protesters off the streets until after the GOP convention concluded. Hundreds of protesters were released from custody on the last day of the convention after New York Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo threatened to fine the city $1,000 for every detainee held past 5 p.m.

    Adding to the concern of those observing the protests and police reaction were the comments of New York City Mayor Bloomberg, who likened protesters who shouted at Republican delegates to terrorists.

  5. Hayduke said

    It is a police state! Any one that speaks out is marginalized, shut down or punished. I am not a GD democrat or republican. Both parties are motivated by greed and power.

  6. jeremiasx said

    Excellent comments! Thanks for contributing!

  7. LP said

    If you must know, yes I have been to DC, and the most recent protest I’ve attended was at Columbia University about a week ago. The reason I doubt that we are in a “police state” is quite simply because of blogs like this that contain wildly dissenting political views. As for police brutality, it hasn’t increased at all…you can ask almost any cop that’s been working for 20-30 years. But the power of the media has increased so sharply in just the past decade that sensational police brutality stories make it to the news faster and to a much larger audience. I doubt America will become a police state (at least not for very long) because of people like you (and myself) who would do everything in their power to ensure that sort of thing does not happen.

  8. jeremiasx said

    LP: Ok, now we’re not so far apart…

  9. Stephen said

    Let us not forget that the real Antichrist will, when he comes on to the world scene will be very popular. He will be very charismatic. So the point is when we look for the “Antichrist” we shouldn’t be looking for a villain. We shouldn’t be looking for a bad guy, for that is not how he is going to appear, not to most people, at least not at first.

    In fact he is going to appear as a savior. He is actually going to be responsible or seem to be responsible in solving some of humanity’s most intractable problems. Perhaps he is going to be responsible for curing some disease, or develop ways to make things grow on barren land.

    This is why I am guessing that he will be an industrialist because only an industrialist could have the infrastructures to develop such technology. Obviously what pushes this guy into the world stage would be the continuing success of his company.

    And from there his success and charisma is going to pull him into politics. I say pull but it was his plan all along, though like the best of politicians he will make it look like he only begrudgingly entered the political sphere.

    I believe he will become the head of the European Union, an entity that right not isn’t that strong, but since I see see this as happening from 30-50 years from now I see that by then the organization will have risen in strength.

    I still believe we have a generation or two before he arises, but in the term of human history a generation or two isn’t that long from now.

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