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About Jeremias X

We Are Anonymous
We Do Not Forget
We Do Not Forgive
Expect Us.

Jeremias X lives in Conway, Arkansas, located between Toad Suck Daze and Pickles Gap, recently noticed and nearly famous for being the home of American Idol Kris Allen.

He spends his days and many sleepless nights wondering when the world will wake up and throw off the yoke of tyranny and oppression. He recently took a GED course in basic computing and is testing his skillz.


20 Responses to “About Jeremias X”

  1. Wildman said

    Cool cave…..

  2. jeremiasx said

    Thanks…it’s not far from where I live. There are a few around here.

  3. anonymous said

    Sir, I honor and salute you for your astute reporting of the 2007 rainbow gathering.

  4. jeremiasx said

    Anon: Thanks for your support. Keep reading.

  5. Tre said

    Jeremias i must say i appreciate your ability to convey the truth to the lost sheep .My only wish is they will wake up and take back was has been stolen while they slept. I heard you the other night in chat the 26%ers are working hard to keep the masses in the dark.They will perpetuate the lie forever till hell freezes over or they get the magic carpet ride to the pearly gates aka counterfit xtians and zionists .The globalists have laid out thier plans in PNAC.why dont people go and find out for themselves what has been planned for their future and the generations that come after us.WE must stand and be COUNTED NOW or forever be shutup and forgotten forever yell LOUD and PROUD brother I salute You. I admire your courage .

  6. Sarah said

    Hey Jeremiah, I appreciated all your coverage of the gathering… if you will email me, I’d like to give you some of my input on it…

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Micheal Oglesby said

    Thanks for your site and the report on Rainbow 07. I live in Madison County and went for a couple of days including the 4th of July. 37 years ago on the 4th in 1970 I was a 16 year old at a huge festival in Georgia listening to Jimi Hendrix. I saw many seeds of those days at Rainbow. By the way enough of us contacted Kyle Mooty at the Madison County Record complaining of his biased and vigilante reporting on the gathering and he was decent enough to say he would not mention the “Rainbows” again. Thanks again.

  8. cadeveo said

    Peace, Jeremias. Glad you stopped by my site so that I could discover yours. It’s good to know we’re not all alone in seeing the stuff going on about us.

    I’d love to hear some inside information on the Rainbow. I hope to go to my first one next year. Feel free to e-mail me on that. And keep up the work on this site!

    Peace to you, your son and wife.

  9. Anonymous said

    Interesting page…I have enjoyed reading the witty commentaries! I found you as I was researching genealogy. I am looking for information on Benjamin Hensley (civil war soldier), John (Jackson) Roberts (1800’s), Nancy (Holland) Roberts (1800’s) and other family members. These people were buried at the Radford Freewill Cemetery. Keep up the good work of intelligent communications! Best Regards

  10. Jeremias X

    Thanks for reposting our video of Poker Face playing at the Browns – “LIVE FREE OR DIE” concert, on your blog here:
    paul and poker face

  11. Jason Barr said

    Greetings and peace to you! I came across your site while searching for FOX News and Iraq/Iran and saw the video you posted from FOX Attacks. I am much impressed with your writing, and I will definitely add you to my feed reader (there’s something about the idea of adding someone to one’s feed reader that makes me uneasy). Feel free to stop by my site sometime – I write from a more overtly religious perspective, but I think we’re concerned about a lot of the same things.


  12. MatureKid said

    What a beautiful family!

  13. Hayduke said

    Miss the posts!

  14. jeremiasx said

    *sigh* me too…been working a lot lately…

  15. 🙂

  16. Capricorn22 said

    Nice site Jere..I havent had time to read everything,,but will soon.

  17. tucherb said

    Pretty good deal… good information
    just passing thru

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    I wrote, “In My Life” to get people to think and feel…

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  19. autum said

    just wanted to know if you and your family still around

  20. We are waking up, just a bit behind you. I’m catching up fast, and so are a few of my friends.


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